happy new years and bon voyage girls and guys!! i will see you all in a week! miss ya...

now onto something a little different - CHRISTMAS FUN!!!! (I'm getting in the mood now...)

For those of you still at work today, hope you're able to find stuff to do to fill your day. I don't know how I'm going to last if we're here til 4:30pm! So in honour of those of us trucking away in the office today (excluding Sal who gets to eat and drink and exchange presents!) I'm finding some holiday-themes goodies to try and help us pass the time...

This is a longer Christmas quiz, but you need to write your answers down on a piece of paper!

A quiz about Christmas in movies!

Answer questions about Christmas carols!!

Name the mixed up christmas carols!

This one's for Sal - a quiz dedicated to 'The Nightmare Before Christmas'

One for Mr. Robertson!!

Another one on Christmas music - it's a bit tougher!

So I think that should tide you over for a bit - just got an email saying we can go home early! Yesssss.....early afternoon can mean 10:30am, hey? Kidding...I don't know when I'm going to be posting during the holidays, so if I don't see you, have a wonderful Christmas - relax a bit, play a bit, but be safe a bit!

Merry Christmas everyone!

p.s. one more: Yeti sports - my favourite is the Penguin smack!


HAPPY BIRTHEDAY TO YOU. (insert long harmonious melodies here!)

Hope you have a fantastic day with the girls today - see you tonight!


a little christmas fun...

i wanna hippo for christmas! (needs volume)

hump day...finally...

Christmas has been so exhausting for me this year - as much as I enjoyed doing Operation Red Nose, it certainly knocked my internal clock/sense of energy off its kilter. I really can't believe how tired I've been! But only two and a half more days of work and I'm done for over a week. I'm so excited to read and read and read. Work's going alright - a previous minister of community development is coming by the archives tomorrow to open a time capsule from 1955. can you sense my excitement through the computer screen? I mean, we're talking postcards, posters, stuff to do with square dancing AND Indians (their words, not mine!) And I even get to take photos of the event! Seriously, my life is awesome.

So I hope everyone is ready and waiting for Christmas now...I've got one more stop to make at lunch today (Sal, don't even ask!) and then I think I'm officially done! Tonight I'm at Save-On and I'm absolutely, completely dreading it. You would not believe how many fruit baskets are made before Christmas! the department was so filled with boxes of crackers, cookies, and fruit there was a foot of walking space. That is, if you could even walk without your shoes sticking to the ground because of all of the grapes that were squished and now sticky. It was so gross...can't wait!

Have a good christmasy wednesday - listen to lots of Christmas music, and eat lots of sweets and baking. I'm not kidding when I say I've probably gained 10 pounds in the past week or so. Christmas is bad for me so far....talk to you soon,


dedicated to anonymous

oh dear! well i have been in the house for a solid 3 days! that is right, i have yet to step outside! i am cooped up in here studying for my final exam in physio!! fun fun fun...but it will be all over tonite!

i really have nothing to say. i study and watch popular, my new fav show, at nite. "ms. glass, sir"..."she smells like teen spirit"...it seriously cracks me up!! lol

my family decorated cookies on monday. that was actually quite amusing as nobody was going to help my mom in the decorating. so, being the preschool teacher that she is, quotes the little red hen. lol it was so funny! "not i said the duck, not i said the cat, not i said the dog" then the little red hen needs no help when eating! my dad and brother then helped...i know i am the dog that didn't help...but i was studying! :)

that is pretty much it guys! have a good wednesday! see you all tomorrow!
wow...can you believe it's only 6 and a half days left until the big day? I have the majority of my shopping done now - just some small gifts left, thank goodness! Drove past Kingsway saturday afternoon and could not believe my eyes! Cars were literally lined up for blocks waiting to get into the parking lot! I'm going to try my luck tonight after work when it will hopefully be a little quieter. hope everyone had a good weekend...Christine, I've got the receipt for the game so we'll have to get together this week.

hope your monday is going alright...I'm toying with the idea of taking a nap in my mom's van sometime this afternoon...

have a good one...

this blog will not die

well i really have nothing to say but i do feel sorry for whoever gets my secret santa gift. i believe it is the ugliest wrapped present alive! lol but it is nice inside, i swear!! obviously i just finished wrapping presents...so much fun! i love it! and now for........
.....christmas question part trois!!!

what is your favourite christmas movie(s) to watch?

~mine is a muppet family christmas, as not only are the seasame street gang united with the muppets but the fraggles too!! ooo but i also love it's a wonderful life and miracle on 34th st (old school).......and i like little women, because it is about family! :)

see ya tonite!

snowflakes, continued...

I sent off the link to the snowflake website to a guy from work and he called it a 'time-sucking vortex!' I can relate - I spent so much time on it yesterday!

ok ok ok

Man, J9 you are so demanding!

I'm sorry I haven't posted - I'm just so damn tired. Operation Red Nose is knocking me for a loop and I can't keep up with my lack of sleep. Now for some reason, my brain is not responding to my alarm clock and I've slept in every day this week! Very frustrating...and I haven't been to the gym for weeks which has made me even more sleepy! But waking up this morning to snow on the ground made me feel a little bit better...I was even humming Christmas carols as I was walking out the door! I've also almost finished all of my christmas baking - just a few more experiments.

What is everyone else up to? I'm at save-on tonight so that means I'll be able to catch up on my personal calls...I love part-time jobs.

But that's it for now...my boss just caught me on his computer so I've got to go.
Promise I'll write tomorrow.


this post is dedicated to jeaninne

well today is a milestone for casey! this is the officially the 180th post. too bad i really have nothing to say! i will ask a christmas question though! what is your favourite christmas tradition that you have with family/friends/or others?

exams, cheaters, a bus gripe...oh my!

so i am in the middle of the crazy exam season...this morning i took my first one. it went blah...but i encountered something that has never happened to me before. a girl was caught cheating. the girl was about 5 seats away from me and the prof said "if you are going to make it that obvious, i am going to take your paper away" and then the prof looked at her name and i don't know what after that. the crazy thing is i sat beside that girl in lecture once and everytime i wrote down something i saw her eyes wander towards my paper and then write what i wrote. it drove me crazy so i avoided sitting beside her after that. i don't understand why you would cheat...obvious out of desparation but in university!! it is crazy serious as you can be expelled and it goes on your academic record then everytime you apply to a school they will see what you did and most likely not accept you. SCARY!!! when you think of it, drunk drivers get away with more than cheaters.

and on jeaninne's bus gripe note i have my own. i don't mind taking the bus, i know it is a rarity. in general the sherwood park bus crew are pretty nice. one guy, ken, even knows my stop on the dial-a-bus route b/c i am a regular mon-tues-wed nite taker. what bothers me soo much, like jeaninne, is the complainers. i was taking a local bus last week that fills about 30 people. it was stacked full. i got on and a lady, who reserved a seat for her dear purse, kind of looked disgruntled when i asked to sit there. PEOPLE, seats are for human beings, not shopping bags, bookbags, or your feet!! anyways as we puttered around town, and me being the last stop, i didn't know the bus etiquette. meaning more and more seats became empty but i was unsure if it was rude to move away and get my own seat, so i stayed where i was. the lady then proceded to tell me that she needed to get off, but it wasn't for another 5 stops but apparently i must smell :). she then complained to the bus driver about the smallness of the bus!! for goodness sake, not one person was standing, everyone had a bloody seat and furthermore if it is that horrible, drive!! and if you can't afford to drive, or choose not to, then humble yourself! i am done on that one!

and finally the oh my of subject....if you think you have problems...i was overhearing this girl in my nite class about how she must go on this school trip even though she cannot afford it. her reason is that a girl is going that is after her boyfriend, and if the girlfriend isn't there, this girl will slip ruphees in his drink and rape him! wow!

well that is it for now....see you all on friday! talk to you later!


Ok...this site is very cool. If you're bored and have a few minutes, you can make your own snowflake! It is soooo cool! And you can look at ones other people have made. I love it!

Check out the site here!

Christmas question part 1

What is your favourite Christmas/holiday song? The one that really gets you in the mood?

Mine is O Holy Night by (almost) anybody, and All I Want for Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey.


can't see...eyes glued together...

Woke up 10 minutes before I had to leave for work today so that means: no shower. That means, Casey feels like she's still asleep...it's a pretty crappy feeling!

I'm trying REALLY hard to get in the Christmas mood lately, but I find it difficult when there's no snow on the ground and it's so warm outside! But I'm doing lots of holiday baking and listening to lots of Christmas music. We had Sal's christmas party on saturday night, and Tracey, I just want to apologize again to you for calling while being so inebriated. I also want to thank you for having the cell phone so I can call you so late; Jeaninne, you're next!!! I've decided that I need to have more self-control while drinking, and just because the alcohol is free doesn't mean I should try and shove as much as I can down my throat! It just leads to vomiting in somebody's bushes (now I know what that feels like, Christine!)

So to get more into the mood, tonight I'm going to sit in front of my tree, maybe wrap some presents, and bake some more cookies. I'm sure that will do it. Maybe make a christmas cd to listen to as well. Hope you're more in the mood than me...
happy monday!
Got these in my email this morning, and wanted to share them (even though most of you got them too!)- pretty darn hilarious! I mean, it's not like we've never heard them before! I have to admit, I did laugh out loud when I read them.

1. Big Rock between you and B.C.
2. Ottawa who?
3. Tax is 7 per cent instead of approximately 200 per cent for the rest of the country.
4. Flames vs. Oilers.
5. Stamps vs. Eskies.
6. You can exploit almost any natural resource you can think of.
7. You live in the only province that could actually afford to be its own country.
8. The Americans below you are all in anti-government militia groups.

And for Tracey and the Robertsons:
1. One way or another, the government gets 98 per cent of your income.
2. You're poor, but not as poor as the Newfies.
3. When listing the provinces, everyone forgets to mention yours.
4. The economy is based on fish, cows, and ferrying Ontario motorists to Boston.
5. No one ever blames anything on New Brunswick.
6. Everybody has a Grandfather who runs a lighthouse
7. Just as charming as Maine, but with more unemployed fishermen
8. You probably live in a small seaside cottage with no television.

I wish you had a lighthouse...

Have a great weekend!



Found this website a while ago - I could spend soooo much money on it. Very very cute stuff.
Check it out here at fredflare.com

I LOVE the internet!

hello hello

hey everyone...sorry it's been so long, but thanks to Tracey for keeping it up! I tricked that Tom Riddle thing and got it back to starting with hello. I'm so sneaky!
As much as I like December and Christmas (I know, you're thinking 'here it comes!' she's sick of it already!), it's a really stressful time of year. It's hard finding any time to relax and maybe just watch a movie at night. I mean, with christmas parties, outdoor adventures (Candy Cane lane, lights at the Leg. grounds), and shopping, it can really get to you. I've got something planned almost every night until Christmas. But don't get me wrong; most of the plans include eating, drinking, seeing friends, so really it's not all that bad after all. I can't wait until Christmas day when I'll finally be able to give out the gifts I've stressed over buying, and then lay on the couch and sleep in between french toast at breakfast and the huge dinner at night. I predict I'll be in bed by 9pm!

So onto my biggest pet peeve of the winter season so far: frickin' Edmonton drivers. I won't dwell as I'm sure you all feel the same, but I shake my head at all of those assholes that still cut me off, swerve in and out of traffic, don't pay attention and have to stop right away, and that take off from being stopped so fast that their back end practically side-swipes me. So frustrating. And just because you've got four-wheel drive doesn't mean you're invincible and can stop as soon as you think you can.

ok...I think I'm done...

So hopefully everyone's alright...Tracey now you only have final exams to worry about! Yayy! And Christine, you've only got your ENTIRE family coming to worry about. Me? I've just got the damn poinsettias at save-on to worry about. I'm so sick of Christmas plants and flowers already. It's going to be a long month....

have a good one,

if you are a little lonely...

be wary but have fun!

december 6, 1989

i knew about this, but didn't understand the details of it until i learned it in class today. it is the 16th anniversary of the montreal massacre. quite sad...
if you want to read about it click here.

tomorrow, tomorrow, i love ya, tomorrow!

omigoodness, omigoodness! it is amazing how cold it can get so fast...i passed by salisbury high school on my way to school and they had it at -16C...crazy and that is when it wasn't windy! it looks like it is going to get warm fast though because i heard it was suppose to be 1C on thursday! brrrrrrrrrrrr....but i must admit...it feels christmas-y! sooo many people have their christmas lights up...and i passed the leg. grounds and it looks beautiful....i love it!

so...because everyone was talking about christmas shopping i freaked out about how little i have done but, as of yesterday, i am, alas, done! there is a few small things to get, but i am finito. although at the expense of my test that was tonight...i guess shopping and watching annie put me over the edge...but, when it comes to annie, i can't help it. i always wanted to be that orphan! i do think i did fine all the same. even if i got 17% on the exam i still go into the final with a B...and i know i did better than that.

thanks everyone for the bday wishes. it was a nice and laidback weekend. i had fun calling case on sat. nite as she drove aimlessly around the city...actually she did have an aim! i will let her tell the adventures she had though!

well i better go...my bus will be coming soon...dress warm and wear cute mitts!

I love december

Reasons why I love December in Alberta:

~there's usually enough snow on the ground and chill in the air to really make it feel wintery and Christmas-y
~December is always cold enough that you HAVE to wear those cute mitts and the scarf you bought on sale last year!
~the lights put up at the Legislature buildings make it so nice to walk around outside
~Candy Cane lane comes out in full force, and gives us an excuse to walk around in the blistering cold (when we normally wouldn't), drink hot chocolate and baileys (which we love!), and also gives you an excuse to wear your comfy snow pants outside of the ski hill!
~when December 1st comes around, you can almost guarantee half of the houses out there have turned on their christmas lights and put their trees up!
~I celebrate two important birthdays in December (Mom and Tracey!)
~I'm pretty sure it's the most beautiful time of year in the mountains!
~have I mentioned hot chocolate and BAILEY'S yet?
~I love coming out of the cold into my nice warm apartment, and then crawling under the covers of my huge duvet!
~It's so much fun planning and going to those many Christmas parties and dinners and having cookie exchanges!

...but that's just me.
What is your favourite thing about December?

have a great weekend!


oh boy, i am tired today. i got up at 7am to workout, but i couldn't find the butterfly clips (that is what i call them) to hold the weights onto the bar...so i gave up and watched a taped oprah. it was about men addicted to pornography. ick!

i haven't been up to much lately. i am getting all my marks back, and i have just one more exam on monday and then finals!!! semesters always go by so fast, craziness. ooo i did learn last nite not to hold in your pee. when you have to go, go, as it could in later life lead to urinary incontinence. yes that is rite everybody, i brought this site to an all time low!!!

i saw rent with my mom and my (fake) auntie carlene last friday. i really liked it but if you don't like musicals you will not like the movie. the transitions aren't as smooth like chicago.
actually another toilet related story. i started using my foot to flush the toilets in public bathrooms, because i found out my mom, and karin do it all the time. i figured i am getting all these foot germs on my hand on top of all the rest, that i may as well use my shoe too. well don't wear slide on shoes. i almost lost mine!! it was touch and go for a second....but alas, shoe is safe at home recovering from the near fatality.

that is it for now folks!! talk to you later!


I can't help it, I'm getting excited already. I found out today that the christmas quiz night is December 22. Hopefully that's not too close for everyone but it should be a good time. I plan on getting, as they say, 'rip-roaring drunk!!' as my shopping stress should be done by then! Feeling much better today - just a small case of the food-ickies entered my body so I'm back to work, in the dark, dancing to my music.

that's all for now...can't believe it's already wednesday...

not much of a post today - sal and I are both home sick with the stomach flu. so so gross...hopefully everyone got their secret santa name. let sal know if you didn't - have a good one.

...aka casey


FIRST AND FOREMOST: CONGRATS TO THE EDMONTON ESKIMOS FOR BRINGING HOME THE CUP!!! I've had the Eskimos Fight song in my head all morning. What a fantastic game that was! I stayed home yesterday and watched it on my couch, and found myself screaming out loud a couple of times. Such a great game to finish the season. My goal for next year: Go to more than one game and actually try to watch it with Jeff!

I must say, I'm quite proud of myself lately. I've been going to the gym in the morning before work regularly now. The following is my morning routine:
~I DRAG myself out of bed at 5:55am
~I ask Sal if he's going to get up and come with me (knowing full well what the answer will be, but I feel obligated to wake him up anyway!)
~I change into my gym clothes, usually forgetting my socks
~start my car (ah, sweet sweet automatic starter...)
~brush teeth and wash face
~put socks on and grab water bottle, iPod, and sweater

The most entertaining part of the gym in the morning is seeing those girls that actually take the time to put on make-up and do their hair. Actually, I dream of being like that sometimes...

Hope everyone had a good weekend - I found a new favourite boardgame: Settler of Canton (I think that's the name - we just called it Settlers). I know it sounds like a conservative Christian game (at least that's what I thought) but it's so much fun. We'll have to have a game sometime...maybe after Christmas!
Anyway, that's all for now...have a good Monday, if that's possible.


Question of the Day...

apparently there is going to be a sin city 2...after seeing the first one, would you see the second? in the theatre? lame question but i am curious...

its a sad day in the world...

...when nick lachey and jessica simpson announce their separtation...(sigh) whatever....

so i saw walk the line this week...i am still unsure i liked it. i was never really a huge fan of johnny cash (although i did like his last single "hurt") so that may be why. joaquin pheonix and reese witherspoon were tremodous singers but it lacked something for me.

my grandma has officially been activated on the world wide web!!! congratulations to her!! although i was talking to her last nite and she is already frustrated with the mouse...lol...cute grammie!!! i told her that computers are evil and i think she agrees...although i was a horrible granddaugter and sent her attatchments in my email of my mom's bday so it is just another thing for her to figure out. but i have confindence she will get it!! can you imagine how overwhelming that is? to never have a computer and to get one....i guess it is hard for us since we have all grown up with computers in school...

ahhhh....did anyone catch lost last nite...i am not a fan of ana lucia i must say....but i loved bernard and rose and sun and jin being reunited...ahhh too cute!!!

well that's all folks....talk to you later

Oooooo Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree....I don't know the rest of the words....
but you look so nice and so bright
its because of your beautiful lights
Oooooo Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree....la la la la la la la

I am officially decorated for Christmas!!!


when do you start decorating for Christmas, and Tracey, do you have yours up yet?
I'm so happy it's Wednesday already - this hasn't been a really great week. Went to bed too late sunday night, got up and went to the gym yesterday morning (which was good!) but then didn't set my alarm at all this morning so I slept in and didn't get to go to the gym at all! I HATE when that happens! And I'm so sore today I can barely lift my arm to drink my coffee. I really worked myself hard at the gym and then by playing racquetball last night! This "exercising" isn't very good for me!!!

So we saw 'Just Friends' at a sneak preview monday night - it was so so so funny! Ryan Reynolds is such a hilarious actor, I loved it! There were parts where I was laughing for probably five minutes straight. It was great...but an unfortunate thing happened after the movie. I was in the grocery store, and my favourite fleece jacket broke. Just a note to those of you who have or are looking at jackets that have the air vent zippers on the armpit of your jacket: it's just another zipper to break! I was walking around the whole night with my jacket wide open. Really annoying. So I bought a new one last night which I LOVE!!! And I just realized I didn't check for armpit vents. Shoot!!

With Christmas falling quickly upon us, it's time to start thinking about presents and decorating! I've recently discovered a new favourite Christmas treat: Starbucks has these little cookies in all different flavours which have been dusted with icing sugar. My faves: the chocolate and peppermint. Oh, so good with my gingerbread latte - it's like heaven in my mouth. Well, this has been a bunch of rambling today, so obviously not much is new with me. Talk to you soon!


p.s. Janey, I'll call you later today and give you my email address, or Tracey has it

"Harry Potter makes me sick"

...according to this guy. I thought I was a bit disappointed in the movie but this person is hardcore! I must admit that I agree with some of the stuff he says but I thought that this was so heart-felt and intense I had to share it with you fans! (If you didn't watch the movie or haven't seen it yet and don't want to know what may happen, or if you really just don't care about it don't read what follows this.

"This movie...makes me physically ill. Today, my aunt and I went to go see the movie. And of course, being HUGE Potterheads, we were extremely excited to view another year at Hogwarts. But we were sorely disappointed. There were so many plot gaps that it SLAUGHTERED the book! The whole premise about Winky being caught with Harry's wand was COMPLETELY left out! We don't even get to MEET Winky! I mean Harry and Hermione never even TRIES to figure out who sent the Dark MArk into the air! Barty Crouch's plot was completely glossed over. He didn't even die! They even left out Percy! How are they supposed to explain how Percy and the Weasley's are estranged in the next movie?! And in the part where Harry goes into the Pensieve, it was supposed to be in black and white, and Crouch Jr. was supposed to be denying it until the very end! We didn't get to meet any of the other Death Eaters. Also, WHAT THE HELL WAS WITH THE TRIWIZARD TOURNAMENT?!?! It didn't even show it at all!!! That was infuriating! And they REALLY glossed over the whole part about the Dark Mark! That was an important part in the story! At the very end, Voldemort is NOT supposed to know why he can't touch Harry! Dumbledore is supposed to tell Harry that he can't touch him because of the love his mother gave him by sacrificing her life. Not to mention, they didn't do the Weighing of the Wands, so we don't find out that Harry's and Voldemort's wands are kin, and that's why they repelled eachother. Also, when Voldemort comes back, the Ministry is supposed to deny it immediately! The whole movie was dark and gloomy! Sure, this book is dark, but it was still written relatively light-hearted. Not to mention, that in the other movies, it still had a plethora of color and life, and this movie was drab and depressing. None of the characters beared even a little resemblance to the characters portrayed in the book! Krum was supposed to be thin with hulking shoulders, always slouching and shuffling his feet, with low self confidence. Fleur was supposed to be devastatingly beautiful with snow-white hair and fair skin and Madame Maxime was supposed to be thick as well as tall. The most disgusting part in the movie was Dumbledore's behavior. HE WOULD HAVE NEVER EVER PUT HIS HANDS ON HARRY! Dumbledore never let his emotions run away with him!! He ALWAYS had a calm and decisive demeanor. This Dumbledore is waaaay too eccentric and angry, and completely ruined the movie for me. Hermione was extremely huffy, and never had a good time in the movie. Fred and George lacked luster. Sure, of course the movie HAD to have some things cut out to save time. But Winky, the changed Dumbledore, the Triwizard Tournament, and the stuff about the Ministry was all too much. This was horrible...and TRUE Harry Potter fans would be outraged at JK Rowling for giving this piece of crap her okay. "

oh monday

...have I mentioned how much I don't enjoy mondays? Anyway, had a pretty good weekend. Finally saw the muchly-anticipated Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I'm interested to hear what everyone else thought of it. I don't know if it's because we had to wait so long to get in, or if it was because the movie started as late as it did, but I'm going to have to say that it was probably my least favourite of the four. And here's why:

-I know you're never going to have a movie as good as the book (most of the time) but this one seemed really...I don't know...it just focussed on the one thing (the Triwizard Tournament) and really didn't focus on anything else!
-Lord Voldemort was a bit of a disappointment - I thought he was going to be much scarier than he actually was, but really, he was just a guy in a nightgown!
-all of the scenes were really short and didn't invest anything in the story (see my first point)

So all in all, I did enjoy it (minus the times when my eyes shut all by themselves). But you know. I'm so hard to please!! So let me know what you thought!

So what did I do for the rest of the weekend? Spent it with my friend Lynette sewing stuff at mom's, then watching a movie, eating out and eating chocolate, and then spending THREE HOURS at Ikea. Why three hours, you ask? Because that's how much time a three-year old needs to wander around and explore every single playhouse they have in that ENORMOUS store. It was exhausting and I didn't even do anything! It's going to be really interesting when we babysit for them in December. At least Emma can talk now and I don't have to worry about that 'awkward' silence! (p.s. Tracey - please don't plan your b-day for December 3...I've been committed to watching the little terror!!)
Then last night I settled down to watch my favourite show on the telly right now, 'Grey's Anatomy'. So good...oh, Patrick Dempsey...

But that's it for me - here's a really funny commercial that will hopefully brighten your day.

Click HERE to see the video.
HARRY POTTER IS HERE TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
...i am exhausted and it is not from working on my paper titled "what is a slut?" (that's rite, this is what i learn about in school)...it is because when i finished my paper at 12am i felt the need to watch lost (that i taped)...it was cool to figure out who was on the end of the radio (when boones was asking for help)...my theory now is that these "others" are the surviving kids of a government progect gone awry....

...in other news

IT'S MY MOM'S BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMA!!!!!!!!!!!! (i am just like grammie on what she calls her mom)
I'm sitting here tapping my feet to a new internet station I found: it's all Cole Porter music and currently I'm listening to 'Let's Misbehave' by Elvis Costello. Wait - now I'm swinging from side to side! So good - I need a little excitement in my life right now as I woke up too late this morning and am still feeling like I just woke up and it's already noon. I'm in trouble...

Tomorrow I'm registered in (and don't laugh!) a defensive driving course. The only reason I registered is in the hopes that my insurance goes down a bit. Here's hoping!!! The only thing is that it is six and a half hours of talking in a classroom about driving. I can only hope that it's not like my original driving in-class instructor Merv who wore loads of dangly gold jewellery (he even had a pinky ring!!) Then it's back to the grind friday here in the darkroom, and then that night. Aaah, Harry Potter. I don't know why we're all so excited. I mean, it's not like it's a surprise as to what's going to happen! I guess it's just seeing it on the big screen and comparing it to what we pictured in our minds. When reading the book, I have to admit that I imagined the mermaids to look something like Ariel. I think I'm going to be disappointed.

This is going to be a big month for movies for me! Monday night I got free passes to see 'Just Friends' from work. The lady predicted it to be a 'stinker', but I think it's going to be hilarious. Even sal who hates Ryan Reynolds (oh, *sigh* dreamboat) really wants to see it. So I'll let you know how it is after we see it. So that's about it for me for now. Did any of you try that brain teaser about the raft that Nikki sent out? It took me ten minutes to do, but it's frustrating when you first start out! Try it today...let me know how it went.

Happy hump day...dont' forget to watch Lost and America's Next Top Model!

I've Got My Letter from Hogwarts!

...yes you guys, i am the ultimate nerd when it comes to harry potter and i am not ashamed to admit it. the sad thing is you all know....i told jeaninne i have a surprise for the opening of the movie and her reaction, and i quote, "you are not going to dress like one of them, are you". i think there was a little bit of fear in her voice....ahhh alas no....but i am freaking excited and we will see if the surprise actually comes thru!!!!

i don't know how i am going to wait. i am failing this weeks tests as we speak because i cannot think of anything else....ha ha...kidding mom!

well anyways just thought i would write this little diddy (because i am 60yrs old, ha)

to all of you who are buying advance tix...which better be all of you!! make sure to make two copies just incase your house burns down....because really if your house burns down, you need some cheering up and harry potter will be just the ticket!
WOW...it seems like it's been forever since I've posted on here! Had a lovely but busy weekend. Friday I spent the day taking photos! Who would have thought?! It's been so long since I've held a camera, I almost forgot what it was like *sigh* Then we went to see 'Pride and Prejudice'. Easily my favourite romantic movie; yes, it has taken the place in my heart above 'The Notebook'. Oh, Mr Darcy...he still makes my heart beat just a little bit faster. That is until I actually saw the actor at one of the premieres - he doesn't look so hot in person, but man, with that long hair and blue eyes and funny-looking long trenchcoat, wow! I think I need a minute...

But I digress...

Sunday was a little anniversary in my life - celebrated by dining at the Keg (oh sweet New York tenderloin steak...) seeing another movie (not as romantic, but still enjoyable: 'Jarhead') then finished off the night with a chai latte from Starbucks which I proceeded to spill all over my pants and beautiful long coat. But other than that it was a nice night. Then back to work yesterday. I'm anticipating the fact that we are going to get really busy here in the photo department quickly with staff and the public wanting photos for Christmas presents so I'm beginning to brace myself!
I have decided that a new lifestyle change is in order so this morning I started off by actually going to the gym! (I've attempted to do this twice before in the past two weeks but ended up turning the alarm off and getting up at the regular time or actually getting up, standing up at the end of the bed, then proceeded to hop right back in!) I feel good today - I don't even remember getting up, AND I have enough energy to last at least until lunch. (I've already had a mini-crash 10 minutes ago!)


have a good one,

Let Us Not Forget...

In Remembrance to those that we have lost on a personal level and on a national level...

All I have to say is...

...7 more days!!!


here's the poster Sal made:

and the award for the clutziness goes to...

...ME! so i was late for my morning class yesterday, getting organized in my seat and i threw my pen at the girl next to me...ahhh...kind of funny. then in my afternoon class i was writing notes and i looked up and my hand went up and i pen swiped the person next to me (so she had a pen mark all the way up her shirt sleeve)...i think she noticed too b/c she would "discreetly" pull her sleeve to try to look but i pretended not to notice....horrible person!!! finally i did as i always do, i was walking to class and i tripped on my feet!!!!!!

what a disaster!!!! lol

wanna do a good deed?

Hey all,

As we all know now, the winter season has finally arrived, which means cold nights and wind-burned faces. Sal and I have decided that we are going to start up our own little clothing drive for the Mustard Seed church here in Edmonton (one of our mom's volunteers there). So this is what we're going to do: I've attached a poster that Sal made listing what is really needed. I know that you've all got jackets you don't wear anymore and clothes that don't fit - these people need them more than you do!
The Mustard Seed is the last stop for them before they're on the street, after the shelters and food banks!
For food, please try to avoid pastas, as they already have so much! Baby and adult toiletries are always needed (unused, please!!) Anything you can give is welcome! So what we can do is get all of your stuff together and then meet somewhere next week, say thursday or friday night and we'll get it all so it can be taken in one load.

If you have questions or anything, just let me know. Think of this as a really nice (early) Christmas gesture.

thanks, guys!


...I am getting closer to becoming the biggest suck in Edmonton.

This weekend I cried not once, but twice while reading 'The Time Travellers Wife'. I couldn't believe it! And not just one tear - there was easily six drops coming down from my eyes each time! Did you end up reading that book, Christine? Actually, maybe I don't want to know as you will judge me.

That's all again...for now...*sigh*
Ok - I hate to make you all jealous, but this is going to be one of my favourite weeks of the year. Didn't work yesterday, and I have friday off due to Remembrance Day! A freakin' three day week! I love my life sometimes. We had a good weekend in Medicine Hat visiting my grandpa. The weather was good but for some snow sunday morning, although we didn't get half of what Edmonton got. And we were also really lucky with the condition of the roads. We had no problems. Some Edmontonians weren't so lucky sunday night. My sister said that her friend's boss left Calgary at noon and didn't get home until 7pm. I know, I know, I thought it was an exaggeration too, but I guess the roads were that bad. Hope everyone who travelled down for the football game made it back ok!

So that's my life in a small little nutshell for now. I'm busy printing again today which makes the day go a little quicker. I'm already starting to think about christmas gifts and what I can do now to get them done! I refuse to leave everything to the last minute again. It's way too stressful! Hope everyone is having a nice week so far! If you're not, cheer up - you know what tomorrow is!

Hump day, hump day
Every Wednesday is hump day!

have a good one...

did you know...

that a canadian band called the wyrd sisters went to court to have harry potter goblet of fire banned from all canadian theatres. I KNOW!! i guess their name matches that of the band in the movie and until warner brothers changed it, they wanted the movie banned!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH...but don't worry guys, the court said its a no-go and the movie is still on!!!! (relief sigh)

friday friday friday friday!!!

Just wanted to say have a good weekend, one and all.

I'm off to Medicine Hat, aka the Hat, aka the Desert of Alberta tonight with my sister and her boyfriend. It should go off without a hitch if we don't kill each other. But I'll probably be too busy to fight as I'm going to be watching movies on the boyfriend's DVD player the whole trip.

Have a good one...be safe in the upcoming snow!



...for bringing that up as I was going to mention all of those glorious things about winter today as well! Even the frost on the grass and trees (which, in fact, is called hoar frost) is pretty when the sun is rising and setting. but since Tracey has already talked about this, I'll move on...

We found out today that Kodak has stopped making photographic paper, and we just happen to use that paper here almost everyday! It made me really sad knowing that this huge mega-company has given up on us traditionalists and are focussing solely on the digital side of photography. I can only guess that the other companies (such as Ilford - product plug here!) will be following suit within the next couple of years. What does that mean for the Archives? Soon we won't have a choice but to produce things strictly through the computer. This makes me feel sad and somewhat abandoned. I know, I know - Casey, stop being a drama queen! I can't help it, and I haven't really bitched about anything in a while so I fell as though I'm due for a ranting session.
So needless to say, my boss and I were talking today about printing and toning, and I found out that he has a bottle of 'gold chloride', which when used with photo paper will turn it either a goldy-purple colour, or just a brown/yellow tone. But I guess a tiny vial of the stuff cost over $100 years ago so who knows how much it would be now!

Talking about this stuff all morning has gotten me to really miss printing and doing my own creative photography so here's what I'm proposing:
~starting next week, I will start doing custom photography for you, my friends and family. Basically I will photograph whatever you want a photo of! Your favourite flower, a still-life, you in a dramatic moody pose (Jeaninne), WHATEVER!
~I will have to charge you a bit for my time and supplies, but overall it won't be too much. So think about it! Christmas is coming up soon (less than two months now!!!) You know how to contact me! (as I'm not giving my phone number on here!)

And speaking of Christmas, I can't wait! It's already less than two weeks until Tracey's room becomes a winter wonderland and that's where it all starts for me.
Take care...one more day til the weekend...

Procrastination...my best friend

so i should be reviewing for my midterm rite now as i am taking it in approximately 2.5 hours but i just thought i would say hi....HI!! :)

i was really ambitious today as i got at 7:15am - i know all you work people are saying "boo-hoo, i get up at 6am everyday" (well shut it!) ha ha...i actually got up to workout...that is dedication my friends (please)....and guess what happened to be on tv while i was doing my sit-ups....dawson's creek. you know, as lame as that show was, i love it. i wished and still do wish today that i could have the vocab that they did at 15 years of age. and yes people, i know it is not real, but still...ahhhhhh. the ep i saw was when joey was in a rough biker bar singing in charlie's band....ooo and they hated her and charlie had to step in to help joey out by singing a duet, and the bikers cheered...and it all ended in happy dawson fashion, sigh!

casey called me yesterday, to tell me how exciting it is that winter is approaching. i was thinking about that on my way to school and i agree with her. we may get winter longer than we get summer and it is colder out than warm but think of all the things we can participate in...mainly and most importantly, SKIING!!! i am soo excited....the sun shining down, as you swish down the moutain (sigh). not to mention sledding, and all the potential stuff we never do but would be fun like building snowmen, and making snowangels (except for me and christine that one year). ooo and the way the trees look when fresh snow has fallen, and your yard when nobody has yet to walk on the snow...it is so tranquil and peaceful....not to mention the staying in under heated blankets, and wearing mittens, scarves, and hats, and drinking hot chocolate....ahhhh it is kind of exciting.....the only person who will not find it enjoyable is jeaninne, who i know will have dissed this winter loving theme before even getting to this sentence!!

have a great day! :)
Happy birthday to you...
Happy birthday to you...

Happy birthday dear Jeaninne - JenHo - J9 - Auntie JenHo and Assmar - Big Red -

Happy birthday to yooooooouuuuuuuuuuu............

Hope you have a good 2-5 today

Hope everybody had a frightful Halloween...I know I did! Julie and I watched 'House of Wax' and 'Hide and Seek'. Robert DeNiro is soooo good, and I'm really over Dakota Fanning! And I don't even want to say how many times I jumped in House of Wax! but I do have to say that I didn't think Paris Hilton was as bad as I thought she was going to be! At work yesterday we had a big potluck lunch and watched the first half of 'Young Frankenstein' - now that movie is a classic! Gene Wilder is pretty hilarious! I was full all day after that lunch!

I have recently discovered (again!) one of the many downfalls to actually owning a car: buying new tires! I must admit, going to Crappy Tire was last on my list, but they were really nice and got finished pretty quickly. I'm seriously considering taking the bus this winter (...now that I've got these brand new tires...)

Sunday night I had a nice visit with my childhood friend Christine from Calgary. It was so much fun and there was so much to talk about. She has been everywhere in this world except for Europe...I'm so jealous. So I guess I'll go back to my little job now scanning photos - actually, today is going to be spent in the darkroom dancing to my music. Hmmm...today I think it's going to be 'august mix'.
But after coffee of course....

Happy Tuesday!


hope everyone has a great halloween and you all eat tons of chocolate....that is what i will be doing! ha ha ha (evil laugh)

Pumpkin Carving is FUN!

It was a good ol' fashioned pumpkin carving party last nite at Jeaninne and DJ's place. The first official party at their brand spanking new place and wow...it was a shaker! :) We carved pumpkins (hence the name), and watched House of Wax (new one)....it was pretty gross and gory!! yuck, eg. the finger....ahhhhhhhhhh!! My only advice from this weekend, don't do a Spongebob pumpkin because it is too time consuming or as Jeaninne said, I was grumpy! :) well here are some pictures for you all of us enjoying the festivities.....Thanks to Nikki for the pics!
DJ making a cut....
...Christine with a patched up pumpkin but hey she never gave up!
DJ and Dan's pumpkins....oooo...spooky!!!
yeah...Christine's pumpkin had a little mishap...Christine is like a pumpkin serial killer!
A Hottie! :) lol
Nikki's ghost pumpkin....
.... Jeaninne's spider....
....My Spongebob pumpkin and Jeaninne carving below...having loads of fun!


found this guy online today. It really makes me fear for the future of the human race when I read about people like him...bicep implants???
ok ok ok ok ...I'm posting already!

I'm so glad it's friday - this seemed like a nice little fast week that just flew by. I guess when you're busy doing stuff every night it will go by like *that!*
Got free passes to see 'The Family Stone' last night - I actually really enjoyed it. Not really the hilarious romantic comedy I was expecting. More like a (and I hate when people use this term-) dramedy. It was definitely different. And as much as I'm in girl-love with Sarah Jessica Parker (or as Sal refers to her: horse-face), I wasn't really crazy about her. And I can't believe I'm going to admit it, but I cried THREE times!!!! I am definitely a suck now!

Our neighbour came over last night and showed us his halloween costume...he's going as a raver, and it looks so funny. He's got the huge flared pants, the plastic beaded bracelets, a pacifier, tight t-shirt and plastic visor. It's really funny, and made me even more glad that I never got into that scene. So tonight is Fright Nights - did you know it's outside? Not only am I going to pee my pants from fear, it's going to freeze onto my jeans! If you guys want to come out after the pumpkin party, just call my cell phone. We're heading down around 9pm or so.

So that's all for me, for today. Have a great weekend -
ok...I'm totally cool with watching scary movies and being alone in the dark. In fact, I enjoy being scared in movies and that kind of thing. But I'm not so sure I'm going to be able to go to Fright Nights and come out of it ok. Just going to the website freaked me out a little bit - now that's embarassing!

Nice to see you on the bus yesterday, Jeaninne! Did we scare you? how's the job going? call me on my cell phone this afternoon if you're free!

so I'm reading the newspaper yesterday and I came across this article about these two 13 year old girls in California who are white supremacists and are recording their second album (their band name is Prussian Blue). They're songs are about making sure good white babies are born, as well as a song in dedication to one of Hitler's right-hand men! One song is actually called 'Aryan Man Awake!' I couldn't believe it - and their mom is upset that people are criticizing her children. She said her girls just want to sing about their German heritage and Vikings. The thing that gets me the most is that obviously these girls are not writing their own songs about the Resistance. Take a look at their website if you don't believe it. I was pretty much in shock.

Speaking of the whole white supremacy thing...Rosa Parks died a few days ago. Remember, she was the lady that didn't move to the back of the bus when a white man wanted to sit down in her spot. The very beginning of the Civil Rights movement started that day. It seems to me as though our society has begun to digress back into the mindset of the 50s and 60s again when it comes to feelings towards other races, no matter what colour your skin it!.

...but then again maybe it's just me.
Happy hump day!

wanna keep yourself busy for a while??

...try this website.

I was on it for hours!!!
ok everyone...this one's going to be short as I'm busy printing.

J9, I can't go to your pumpkin carving par-tay, as I've already made plans with a couple of girls from work - we're going to the Fright Night on friday! But I can't wait to come over and see your place - maybe I'll invite myself over for a coffee some ice cream out of your homemade ice cream maker. I've heard it's fantastic!!!

Keep your chin up everyone - it's almost the middle of the week, tomorrow being hump day and everything...


trivia for halloween...

great ideas for halloween guys...i am trying to convince jeaninne to have a good ol' fashioned horror movie playing while we carve our good ol' fashioned pumpkins (cue spooky music)...i don't think she is buying it, but while we are on the subject...

what is or was the scariest movie you've ever seen?

mine i would have to say was lost boys...i know it is a dorky movie (and i am not scared of it now) but i saw it when i was 12 and it made an impression on me. i kept on having visions of vampires flying towards my window (shudder) it is kind of weird, since i have seen a lot of scary movies since then.....oooo except for the only one i haven't dared to see: the shining...(cue scary music again)

on a side note, christine i think you would appreciate lost boys b/c it has corey haim and corey feldman!


As Tracey has already mentioned, the new Harry Potter movie is being released in less than a month now - very very exciting!!

What movie are you looking forward to seeing before the end of the year?

For me, I think 'The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe' is going to be pretty cool!
If it was up to me (and I'm pretty sure someday it will be...) I would ban people from working on Mondays. It's never a good day, I'm always tired and in need of coffee, so I get sick later in the day from a caffeine overload. But that's just me...

Had a pretty good and relaxing weekend - did nothing friday night except went for supper and bought stuff from Ikea I didn't really need! I also finally had the 99 cent pasta from there, and it wasn't too bad. It was so hard buying the cheap pasta because everything else looked so good. My favourites are the Swedish meatballs, but I had to try the pasta! Then last night we went out with the family for Indian. My advice - don't go to an Indian restaurant on buffet night if it's your first time trying it. Too many dishes means too many flavour overloads which means too much spice! All I could think of was Ben Stiller in the movie 'Along Came Polly', minus the sweating, dripping, and bowel movements! It was pretty good, but I have to laugh everytime you go to those authentic buffets because they've always got a nice little plain macaroni salad and some kind of standard dessert - last night was carrot cake!

Sunday I spent the day with mom doing crafty stuff - what did I learn from craft day, you ask??
1. Craft day frequently turns Casey B. into a super-bitch sorry mom!!
2. Craft time should span no more than 3 hours at a time on any given day Double-sorry!
3. Crafts should not be expected to be completed in one day and therefore should not result in said super-bitch I love you!!

So that was my weekend. Hope yours was just as eventful and contained only harmony and good vibes!!
have a good one...

Only 25 More Days.....

i am soo excited! :) Guess why?

just one more...

...especially for Tracey.

At Accuradio.com they have an internet radio station that plays only Broadway music!!! Just wanted to pass that on.

I personally listen to the 'Listening Post'...

too funny...

I posted a new link on the right - you've got to check it out! These two girls take bad photos of celebs and make fun of them, and they also take shots at those who may be a bit more badly dressed. It's sooo funny!

Here it is: http://luckycrackers.blogspot.com


ok -
I know I've been a bit obsessive about my bands lately, so now you have to join in:

~what song or artist are you playing over and over again right now?

Me? It's the song 'Come Pick Me Up' by Ryan Adams specifically. But I'm really into all of his music right now. Hear a sample of the song here; click on the headphones beside the one by Ryan Adams.
ok, I know I said I love thursdays, but I think I'm in love with friday's a little more! or maybe that's just because I'm all alone up here today - not that it's any more stressful with Dennis here...nevermind. Hmmm...plans for the weekend...I think tonight is going to be nice and relaxing as sal has some stuff to read and I'm going to work on some stuff around our place. maybe rent a movie or too...then tomorrow I'm back at Save-on for a few hours - so we got these new tills there which are all touch screen and very high-tech. But believe me - they are going to cause way more trouble than is worth...all I know is that I'm happy I'm just in floral and not on the front end anymore. I dislike customers enough as it is now!

I've got an idea for Hallowe'en - I want to go see a scary movie in the theatres and scare myself so bad I scream! There's that new movie with Ewan McGregor (*sigh*) and Ryan Gosling (*double-sigh*) called Stay I'm not sure if it's supposed to be good or not, but I do want to see a scary movie! It's either that or try to get away with going trick-or-treating and I think I would get yelled at too much if I did that! So that is the plan. If you want to watch a really creepy movie that's on video, check out The St. Francisville Experiment. It got pretty bad reviews, but it's the only movie that has ever made me scream out loud out of fear.

Ok, anyway, have a good weekend everyone. See you next week!
things I love about thursdays:

1. It means there's only one more day until the weekend
2. It's the day after America's Next Top Model is on so I get all the gossip and can look at all of the new photos
3. Our volunteer, Albert, usually comes in and he's always good for some stories living in Glenora with his young lawyer neighbours and his new dog
4. CSI is on...and who doesn't love Grissom and his little bow-legged walk?!?
5. It's turkey day at the little sandwich place I like.
6. You can start to plan what you're doing for the weekend because it's the start of the three-day forecast.
7. It's just my favourite day of the week!
p.s. I really love today's Art quote of the day:

In life, as in art, the beautiful moves in curves.
-Edward Bulwer-Lytton

did you even notice it's there at the right?

query o' the morning

what's your favourite sappy romantic film?

tracey, besides the Notebook?


...it's really been a long time since I've written on here, and I apologize. hope everyone's having a good week so far! Me? It's alright - it's pretty slow at work right now, orders-wise, but I try to keep busy doing other stuff, like going to Tim Horton's, reading some magazines, screwing up some negatives...you know, the usual! It's actually nice and quiet around here with everyone at conferences and meetings. Really nice and quiet!

glad to see you've finally arrived, Christine! It hasn't been the best week with me not posting on here, but what can you do! I just want everyone to know that I'm going to be throwing a baby shower for Katie Holmes and it's going to be a 'Scientology' themed party. I was just thrilled when I found out she was pregnant! I mean, how can you get any luckier? A career that's going nowhere, a crazy husband-to-be! Wow...

I watched the Notebook last night, and I'm pretty sure it's my favourite romantic movie EVER!! It's probably the third or fourth time I've seen it and I still cried. And not just one little tear falling down, I was crying! It's so happy-sad!!! I want to move to North Carolina and find Noah and the house...*sigh*

So that's all for now...hope you have a nice hump day.

oh man, hump day.


I must say, I really do love....

Orlando Bloom.....what a hottie!!! Saw Elizabethtown on Friday. Good movie...for more than one reason (sigh). AHHHHH....I got home at 1:30am...and because I was a little wired, I watched Supernatural on tv. That show is just sooo freaky!! I will NEVER say bloody mary three time in a mirror!!!! It is too scary on what could happen!!

I then slept in till 7:45am, yeah that is right, slept in, because I was suppose to be at jeaninne's parent's house at 8 to pack. SOOO I then had the brillant idea that since I was running late, I should meet them at her new house! SUPRISE, I got lost...so I went to her parent's house at 9....whatever...

Got home, and instead of doing schoolwork, I am ashamed to say that I fell asleep for two hours. Pathetic, but I ordered panago pizza for supper so all is good in the world. I was talking to Case, about going to her house and vegging but instead I chose to veg at home....so, alas, that is why I am writing on here!

Have a Happy Weekend!
I just don't think I can ever say enough about fridays. Really, after a week of work it is the best feeling in the world knowing you've got two full days off to do nothing. or something...whatever you're doing. This week I feel like I've done nothing but go go go. between save-on and painting and moving our furniture it's been pretty hectic. now, I just get to relax (a bit).

'Open Water' wasn't actually as bad as I thought it was going to be. besides the shitty acting it was ok. I know there was one part where I had my shirt pulled up to my nose because I was so nervous! Sal and I watched Fever Pitch last friday and I really liked that movie - it was cute and funny. I ran across some guy's website today and he's watching and reviewing one movie a day until January 1st. It doesn't really sound like much at first, but that's two hours out of your life each day. And I thought I had too much time on my hands!

Tracey, I'm very excited for you. Can't wait to hear about how much you're going to love December 31st now after your trip. No more sitting around and bitching about how much you hate it. Besides, that whole hating New Years was getting a bit old and dull :)

So that's all for now...having the parents and Megs over for dinner sunday night so you know what that means: Sal the cleaning Nazi is going to be out in full force starting at about 5pm today. Did I say it was going to be a relaxing weekend? Maybe next week....


Greetings Shoppers

Hey All,

You guys, it is time to celebrate!!!! I am officially done exams for a week!!! YEAH!!!!....I have to write a paper in that time and study for a midterm....but who cares....no midterms next week!!! Hip Hip Horray for me! :)

Glad you had a fantabulous thanksgiving....I did too, as I filled up on pumpkin pie and apple crisp....oh yeah and turkey too...turkey always makes me sooo sleepy!!! (sigh)

I managed to see Open Water this weekend...that's right, Casey, her rocking mom, and I saw the greatest movie in the world!! EXCELLENT, FOUR STARS!!! ha ha...I now want to see Aliens of the Deep, but I think I am on my own for that one, as Casey has no interest!!!

Also I have decided I am leaving on New Years Eve...that is right I am leaving the country!! Stupid New Years...ugh!
(okay I think I am a little exclamation crazy rite now ~I better go)



...because we haven't had one in a while...

-what is your favourite dish of Thanksgiving supper (besides turkey?)
mine is my mom's stuffing and the yams...oh baby!
oh, and I love mom's bland runny gravy - really! Thanksgiving isn't the same without it! :)

and all of you that just read here and don't comment, you are more than welcome to answer - I know you're out there!!
I can't believe it's already wednesday! I LOVE short weeks at work! It's been a relatively slow week at work so far - lots of printing to do, which means a lot of dancing around in the dark listening to my music while I work! New band/singer of the week: Ryan Adams (and no, still not the guy who did "Summer of '69") He's more of a rock/country sort of guy - really fantastic stuff!

I'm feeling like I'm setting myself up for a bit of a disaster today - I'm doing an order for a man who wants 16x20" prints done from a 35mm negative. That means a really big photo from a really small negative, which means a really fuzzy and grainy photo. I'll explain in more detail if you really want me to - but nothing is going to be started until after coffee!

Hope you all had a great long Thanksgiving weekend - talk to you later!

p.s. the excitement of my week: I got a work email address.....in the witty words of Napolean Dynamite: yesssss.....



PARTY PARTY PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
finally, it's friday!

I don't know the last time I've looked forward to a long weekend as much as I am for this one. Can't wait for sweet sweet turkey and mom's broccoli casserole. Picture me salivating this very moment...I'm taking the afternoon off today at the encouragment of my boss for having come in last night to do photos. so I'm going to go buy myself a new winter jacket as a reward for snagging the new job. can't wait, as it's feeling more and more unlike fall and more like winter outside these days!

trace, I love reminiscing about old music I love. I haven't listened to Dave Matthews in a long time, but I know what you're saying about the instrumental bits. It was pretty cool at the last concert i was at, as they would open a song with about 10 minutes of just music. My favourite is 'Two Step'.

so that's all for me - wish me luck, as I'm going to be making a pie tomorrow and it always makes me a little nervous.
good luck studying, Tracey.
have a good weekend everyone...

I Just Felt Like Writing A Little Something, Something

Hey Guys!!

Well I have now officially done two exams for the year. I have one test and another midterm next week!! That is right boys and girls, I have officially emerged myself once again into school! But enough about that as it is boring....Let's talk about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes....just kidding, I am still grossed out by the thought that they are pregnant. There goes my theory that he is sterile!

After Case has talked about Arcade Fire, it got me thinking of all my old fav bands. I still am a die-hard Jack Johnson fan...the ultimate I think, but I am starting to listen to good ol' Dave Matthews again.....ahhhhh so good!!! I just love the instrumental parts of there songs....It's so nice!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Okay so this is a really boring blog and I absolutely apologize for it! :)

Hope you all have a fantabulous Thanks-giving...and eat lots of pumpkin pie!! YUM!!!
hey everyone!
ok I'm done raving about that band - on to bigger and brighter things...ummm...I'm taking pictures tonight?!? there's an event going on here at the Archives and I've got to stick around and be the 'official photgrapher!' wow - exciting.

nothing is really new since yesterday, I guess. Glad that hockey is back, and I wish I would have gotten tickets to the game last night, as I heard it was pretty incredible. and to top it off, the Oilers won! Who would have guessed? I was at Save-On and was amazed to see how many flowers come in before the Thanksgiving weekend. This is probably the busiest week of the year for the store! I was pooped after last night, but not enough so I couldn't stay up to watch 'Lost'! SO good!!!

so that's about it for me today...as a parting gift, enjoy this photo, entitled: 'Why help took so long to get to New Orleans'.

have a good one!


so as you probably know, I'm not much of a cusser (heehee), but that concert last night was f**cking amazing (ignore this, mother!) But seriously - one of the best shows I've been to! so much energy, and a fantastic vibe! too bad it was in crappy Red's, though! I won't forget last night anytime soon, that's for sure! check out the Arcade Fire website here. It's a pretty hot website just to look at and explore!

so that is the latest of exciting happenings in my life right now. I want to drive down to Calgary tonight and see them again, but I've got to work at Save-On. Somebody has to groom the plants! so have a good one...see you soon!

I'm sooo excited about tonight...Sal and I are going to see the Arcade Fire live in concert - the only downfall?? It's at Red's and it's an all ages show. Stupid kids...work is going good - making some negatives today and am about to go down for a coffee break! Sal and I have also been going to the gym a lot lately which is good, but I think we're going to have to start going in the mornings so we'll be able to go every day! Ah, Tracey, remember the days we went "working out"?!? (and I use the term working out very loosely?) showering in our bathing suits...ah, the life we used to lead...so that's about all that has happened since, oh, last night.

go HERE, down towards the bottom of the page to hear clips from the Arcade Fire's latest cd. My favourites are 'Neighbourhood #1', 'Crown of Love', and 'Rebellion'.
I'm so excited!

right...so as probably all of you know now, my contract was renewed here at the Archives, which is really exciting but also made for a pretty bittersweet weekend. Sadly Katie isn't here anymore as only one of us got to stay on. so it's sad and feels kind of crappy being here at her expense! But I do still have a full-time job! great!

had a good weekend - was going to go out celebrating friday night, but I fell asleep on our couch and missed out on some major boozing, which was most likely for the best! spent the day at mom's on saturday relaxing and doing a little bit of sewing, then celebrated DJ's 30th birthday! oh, what? he's not 30 yet? hmmm....my mistake!! watched Lords of Dogtown which I enjoyed much more than I thought I was going to. it was pretty funny...then after a not-so-fitful night of five hours of sleep, I was up to go to the Run for the Cure for breast cancer. I felt really good after doing it - makes you feel pretty wonderful knowing that you have contributed to a pretty worthwhile cause like that one. It was pretty emotional at the beginning, though! a bunch of people had lists of names of the people they are running for, as well as some even had pictures of people who had passed away. it made me feel pretty fortunate that I haven't known anyone who has died of breast cancer - just running for a cure!

so that was my weekend, and I'm back at the office now trucking away. there's a big re-naming event here as the reading room is being re-named in honour of the previous Director so Casey has got to take some photos - kind of like being a press photographer, except most of the public showing up are going to be little old ladies, and the staff! so I'll talk to you later...have a wonderful monday!



So I was writing in the comments box....

Okay so I, like Mrs. Becker, was writing in the comments box saying I have nothing to say, but then it just go too long, so I thought, just blog it!! (that is my new catch phrase by the way, "blog it"! )...because apparently I do have some things to say!:)
I have taken my first test of the year on Monday. It went fine, although I don't know what I got. But as I was looking over my schedule I noticed that I have either a test/midterm/essay atleast once a week till december 12, then I have finals. So this means I will see you all next year! :) ha ha!
Also, as class ended early last nite, I thought, "YEAH, I can go home early!" So I ran to go catch the bus, but I had just missed it. I literally saw it leave (sob)! And because I already mooched a ride from my brother on Monday, I couldn't call my house. SOOOOO I called Casey! :) ha ha...I went down to Timmy's had a sandwhich and Casey came down for a couple of minutes to say hi!!! Oh what fun!! She asked me where I catch the bus, and I told her it was a 10 min. walk away rite by the campus but across the street. And an exact quote from Casey, "You're brave". Well Case, I will have you know, there are very interesting people out at nite!! (warning to moms you may not like what I am about to write)
As I am walking the five blocks back, I see people staggering around on the sidewalks/roads (which I thought was quite weird since the ADAC meeting just got out), and then an older man with a huge flourescent light and radio on his bike stopped at the lights and was telling me how cool his light was and how far it could project!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH, downtown......gotta love it!
Good luck ladies for the walk/run for the cure. I will be thinking about you while I either work/study (I don't know when I am working yet, so I will see) And maybe I will see you all on Friday!
being at work and knowing that your job may possibly be ending is a bit depressing, and makes it very hard to get motivated. luckily it isn't too busy this week so no one's getting stressed out at all!

so - Friday night - looks like Jeaninne and Christine are in. J9: no worries! there is going to be a lot of dancing and drinking, as well as some debauchery mixed in. I'm pretty sure we're going to go to Hudson's as I had a lot of fun there last time (I mean before sal got kicked out - remember that???) He still swears they're going to recognize him and not let him in.

besides the news you already know, not much is going on. I guess megan is sick with a cold and a bit of the stomach flu. mom said it's not a very good time to have a puppy so they're putting Buddy up for adoption til she's feeling better! (just kidding megan!) so I'll keep you all posted about friday. til then...

ok...so I'm feeling a bit better now - still just a little stuffy. but now I've got a nice little chest cold...no, not a little chest...hahahaha...I must be feeling better now that I can joke around a bit!

For all of you that are interested, I'm going to go out friday night to celebrate my unemployment as of friday afternoon (I'll explain more later - the job is still in lieu!) So I'm going to ease my depression by getting into a ridiculous and drunken stupor! Hopefully some dancing will ensue, so I'm thinking Hudsons?!? Let me know if you're up for it! Jeaninne, maybe you'll be able to ease some of your pain too!

So besides my sickness, not a whole bunch is new. I had a fantastic dream about Brad Pitt last night ~ maybe that means I'm going to really see him soon...ah, *sigh*
Thanks for keeping this up Tracey!



hey guys...just a little excitement before i go back to my readings...casey's blog has been visited 808 times!!! yeah, congrats!!! i say we have a party when it reaches 1000! :)
so I stay in all weekend so I can get better, just to feel worse the day I have to go back to work! Sore throat, coughing, sore chest. I'm a mess! And to top off the weekend, we watched one of the most awful movies made in the past 20 years - easily!!! Stupid 'Alexander' with stupid Colin Farrell, trying to be greek, performing the worst acting job ever! Man, it was sooo bad!

So that's it. I wish I had more to say but my weekend was really uneventful. Here's a short breakdown:
Friday - stayed at the parent's place and watched t.v.
Saturday - went for breakfast with Sal and stayed home all day watching movies and sewing (yes, sewing ~ don't call me a grandma!)
Sunday - worked at Save-On, then watched some more t.v. at mom & dad's then went to bed.

How do you still get sick after all that lazing around? Only I would, I suppose...
I'll be thinking of you while I'm coughing up my lung!

lessons (pretty much courtesy of CNN)

I found this on the internet today and thought it was quite funny/true-to-life in one degree or another!

warning: sarcastic and politically-incorrect humour/opinion ahead.


1. New Orleans was devastated and no other city or town was affected by the hurricane.
2. The hurricane only hit black families' property.
3. Mississippi is reported to have a tree blown down.
4. New Orleans has no white people.
5. The hurricane blew a limb off a tree in the yard of an Alabama resident.
6. When you are hungry after a hurricane, steal a big screen TV.
7. The hurricane did 23 billion dollars in improvements to New Orleans. Now the city is welfare-, looter-, gang-, and prisoner-free... and they are all now in your city...and you are paying them.
8. White folks don't make good news stories.
9. Don't give thanks to the thousands that came to help rescue you, instead bitch because the government hasn't given you a debit card yet
10. Only black family members got separated in the hurricane rescue efforts.
11. Ignore warnings to evacuate and the white folks will come get you and give you money for being bleepin' stupid.
12. Your governor wouldn't let the feds in for four days, but somehow, it's all George Bush's fault.

Author Unknown



I wish I was feeling better, this being my first day back! I had a fantastic time in the Jaw, and I did watch as much tv as you had probably expected. I forgot how much I love the food network! And I don't think I've ever watched so much CNN in my life. Me and Wolf are tight now! Please don't think any less of me, but I really think I easily ate three-quarters of my grandma's strawberry-rhubarb pie. I couldn't help it! Ask mom: she make you feel guilty and practically FORCES the food down your throat. I also think I inhaled the equivalent of a pack of smokes a day!

On the flip side, getting home last night was hilarious! Sal and mom greeted me with a sign saying MAIL ORDER BRIDE: C.A. BECKER. It was so funny...but I came in a different entrance than where they were waiting and I ruined the surprise. He was even going to hold the sign a certain way! But it was really cute. I went on to have one of the WORST sleeps of my life. I'm all plugged up and couldn't get comfortable. I got maybe two hours of sleep, then it was back to work. woohoo!!!!!

Tracey, thanks for filling in, but you don't have to leave. we can both contribute and bitch at each other! Or just be nice friends. So that's about all that's going on here - hopefully it will be a low-key weekend so I can start feeling better. It's either allergies or a cold coming on! But I should go - I have to go read up on all of the tv shows I missed and I still have to watch the newest Harry Potter trailer.

talk to you soon (and it's good to be back!)

Farewell Dear Friends!

Well...I think this may be my last blog as Casey is coming home tonite....try not to cry or shed a tear (well, maybe a little tear)! I may be back...it depends if Casey yanks me off the contributer list! :) ha ha....I am sure she will have lots of stories to tell...if not she will have lots of tv to tell you about and all the pies that she has eaten! :)
Speaking of shows...did anyone see Lost? That show drives me crazy, it is so good but I don't think I will ever figure anything out!! Grrr!
OOO, and UPDATE on the study spot...I found one! :) It is in Hub Mall and they have tables and just the right amount of noise for me to work! I LOVE IT! and I can eat there too! :)
Also in news, (ha ha I feel like Barbra Walters, only prettier!) did you guys check out the front page of the journal? Brad Pitt AND Angelina Jolie (with kids in tow) have gone to Galaxyland! Yes, folks, they are both in Edmonton. I kind of feel sorry for them, I guess there were people everywhere, and some guys interviewed in the journal even said they want pictures because they will beable to sell them to some entertainment magazine. I mean, I know, he is Brad Pitt, but at the same time, you feel sorry for the kids. But, who am I kidding, if I saw Brad Pitt, I probably would have accosted him! :) lol!
Time to go!! I will see you all back in the comments section, and I may write once and awhile too! :) LOVE YA!

Stars and other things

I just have to say that my favorite time of day is nite when the sky is clear and you can see the stars!! It is so pretty! It reminds me of the time when we all used to do "traditions" (seriously we could have come up with a better name). When we would take a blanket outside and go to a park and stare at the stars and probably be idiots. Good times! And that one time when some guys from the park came running up to us and screamed...and literally scared the you-know-what out of us (I don't think I can bring myself to swear on Case's blog) because they thought that we were their friends, when we weren't and weren't going to be after that! Ahhhhh, memories! :)
Not much since yesterday, I did see a girl in my sociology class writing on a scrap piece of paper, Rob, with hearts around the name which I thought was funny! Cute-funny, I mean. Ahhhhh!
OOOO, and I did hear from Case, via text messaging, she saw Lords of War. I wonder if she liked it? My parent's saw it and didn't, but who knows?
That's it for today folks! See you later!

Today is going to be a long day...

Isn't it pretty out today? There is no rain and all the leaves are yellow and orange. I love fall! It is a little cool, but nice enough to walk around the campus...ahhhh
Today is my long day at school as i start at 9:30am and end at 9pm....and I have a bunch of spares in between all my classes. That isn't such a big deal because I can do readings but I haven't found my ideal study spot yet....(sigh)...wish me luck! :)
SO...did anyone watch Degrassi last nite...very good! Although I wonder about the realities of a 16 year old getting plastic surgery. I guess it is plausible as it has been 10 years since I have been 16. Next week looks even better! I also taped Oprah, although she is my idol, I must say she is a little obsessed with dogs. Oh well, to each his own, I guess.
I would also like to thank Jeaninne for the lovely side note to my introduction, really appreciated it! It actually made me laugh out loud. You are such a dork, and I would get even, yet I can't think of anything right now. That is by no means implying that you are perfect, so don't get any ideas in the comments section of saying so!!
By the way good luck with your wisdom teeth surgery tomrrow. You will do fine!! T3 is a wonderful thing, baby! :) The greatest thing about it, is that you are completely out of the world when it is being done.
Side note about Casey and wisdom teeth...when I got mine out it was her birthday, and she got hers out on her birthday the next year, then the year after that I lived in Jasper for her birthday, and the following year she was in Toronto for her birthday. I don't know why I thought of that...whatever, just thought you should all know!
Well I better get back to school work now! But before I go, I think I am going to go get a Kitkat bar...which poses the question if you feel like answering...what is your fav. chocolate bar or junkfood??
See ya!

So what did you do this weekend?

I am back! Omigoodness I think I am going to run out of things to say....good thing I am only doing this for a week!
So just thought I would ask....what were you guys up to this weekend? Me, not much. I hung out with my peeps...kidding (well I did hang out with friends but they are not my peeps). OOOO and I had panago pizza which brings up this topic....What do they put in that pizza? It is too addicting, I mean the jalopeno ranch sauce, come on!! YUM!! I want some rite now!
And of course...you know if I am writing on this blog I will bring it up, I watched the harry potter trailer about half a dozen times! IT IS SOO GOOD! Click here if you want to see it! :) http://www.comingsoon.net/films.php?id=4659
Well this is going to be a short one as I have to go study homestasis and the citric acid cycle!! My life never runs out of fun things to do! ha ha...Don't forget Jeaninne, Degrassi season premiere is on today!! I am soo excited! Mannie is going for plastic surgery!
Talk to you later! :)

I Can't Believe Casey Gave Me Control....;)

Hey Guys,
It is me, Tracey....yes very close to Casey, except for the addition of the Tr...and the taking away of the C....oooo and I don't have a s in my name....whatever! I am one of Casey's dearest and beloved friends...and if I wasn't I am now...because I say I am, ha ha! :)
I have known Casey for 12 years but apparently I never made a big impression as she never remembered me in our years of grade 7 or when we were both in grade 9 and in CGIT (that is the fabulous, Canadian Girls In Training...that's right, I was in it and I am not ashamed!) So I guess I have known Casey for 12 years and she has only known me for 9!
Well I guess, I will tell you all a little about myself. I am a student going on FOREVER as I have been in school for 18 years now...(if you count the year i repeated grade 2, then I guess 19). I have a BSc degree in psychology (I think its funny when I say i have a degree in BS) and I am hoping to get into Occupational Therapy which is another 2 years!! That is right folks, 20 years of school! fun fun fun!
I have also travelled a bit, and hope to do more in the future....and I love spending time with my friends! :)
Well that is it for now! I have to go eat! but I will talk more this week! :) See ya!
Ok ok ok!!! There is to be no fighting on here, especially now that I (the headmaster!) am leaving tomorrow. Someone has graciously volunteered to keep this thing running, so anonymous: SHAPE UP!!! (or you might not get any help moving!)

Have a really really great weekend and week ahead - I'll be thinking of you while I'm snoozing on grandma-ma's couch eating platefuls of pie! I'll have my phone if anyone needs to chat.

Have a good one and I'll call you when I get home!

p.s. if anyone talks to Nikki, could you tell her I just didn't get a chance to get the pictures to her? actually, Tracey: could you email the rafting photos to her?

movie quiz...maybe?!?

I'm going to try and put the quiz up here. Bear with me!

Try clicking here to take the quiz!
Go down to the first link named Movie Clip Trivia.xls.
Type the answer in the space and hit enter to see if you're right or not!
This particular quiz has different and more pictures than the one Nikki sent.

Good luck!


hey, hey hey hey

hey stupid! that's a song, you know. So did anybody take that quiz from Nikki yet? I got 30 - I wish they'd tell you the right answer! So I'm leaving saturday morning now which I'm quite excited about. A week of eating and watching t.v. with my grandma...nothing could make me happier! I guess this blog can get a bit boring when nothing is going on in my life. I wonder where jeaninne is, since she never comments but still gets mad when I don't write...hmmmm....very questionable :)

Tracey, if you still want to take over the duties of posting on here when I'm gone, let me know. I've got to show you all the tricks of the trade. It is very challenging sometimes! - no really it's really easy. It's my sister's birthday tomorrow. I can't belive she's 23 already. I think she's having a bar-b-q at the house saturday night if anyone wants to swing by. Have a few drinkies for me! And take care of Sal when I'm gone. Maybe call him every couple of days as he becomes a bit of a slacker when he has to cook for himself - he usually won't eat if I'm not around. It's tough having someone depend on you like that, you know?!?

So I'll be on again tomorrow. I'll try to find fun stuff to keep you busy.
so my week has been pretty boring up until now, so there hasn't been much to tell! There was a study recently put out about blogs, and it turns out that the majority of those that start up disappear within a month because the authors get bored and give up! Look at me! Breaking the statistics! I'm leaving for Moose Jaw either friday or saturday next week, so I'm looking for someone (yes, one other person) to keep this up for me. Anyone interested...let me know!

Until then, I've got some news that might shake up your driving skills a little bit. Turns out that the police force have given up on the ridiculously obvious photo radar vans, and have turned to something a bit more inconspicuous: recycling and garbage bins!
Check out the photos, and watch out when you're out cruising around this week!