remember this?

ok ok...

I'm going to lose it - they're talking about farting now. You've got to check it out!

sweet friday...

so i just got to work, checking my email, and listening to my latest Barenaked Ladies podcast - it really is funny! So far I've laughed out loud twice. When he was talking about the velociraptor seal in 'Eight Below' and talking about the guy stealing the bike and vaccuum. It's my last friday alone which is bittersweet...*sigh* I'm sure I'll be fine - don't worry. But I'm off to the darkroom, and I'm going to listen to the Ladies while I work. Hey - for those of you looking for a song that will make you groove a bit, check out: 'Ruby Blue' by Roisin Murphy. It will make you want to dance and shake your ass. Then tonight I'm checking out the new Costco with mom...woohoo!

have a good one,

lost tidbits

sooo the house that locke was inspecting...the girl he was talking to was nadia...sayid's girlfriend!!! AHHHHHH

and the plane that flew over locke at the hotel where helen left him was a oceanic airplane!!

just a few clues for y'all
so did you catch 'Lost' last night? At one point I was actually watching with my mouth hanging open! What a good episode - although they've been slow in revealing information, it totally pays off! I want to find out what those symbols were that were revealed in the black light! So that was basically my night - sat on my couch watching my one channel while Sal was out doing his good samaritan/volunteer work! What's going on this weekend? Well, in honour of my first weekend off while being unemplyed from Save-On, I'm going out for dinner twice, watching movies, and going shopping! Pretty much what I did when I was at Save-On...hehehe...what's everyone else doing?

anyway, sorry this is a short one...must go put up display photos downstairs!
I swear to god this is not a joke - kind of makes me feel really wierd inside!

And you thought you've seen the real Britney!
here is a link to the usa today article on the post a secret blogger....kind of interesting....also side note...did you know there are blog awards?? i think this blog has a
~this one is my favourite


it's friday it's friday.

Friday's are really special to me because I can come in a little later and I make sure I stop and treat myself for a good coffee (not the shit they make in the lunchroom!) and a muffin and then stroll in to do as I please! Now today is extra special because it's technically Katie's last day (but she'll probably be back) and we're going for Mongolie express for lunch. I'm going to totally pig out! Yeah! And then sunday is my last day at Save-on! I'm totally going to party!

Jeaninne, we're still going to have to plan a post-St. Patrick's day drinkfest maybe next weekend. And I don't know if Tracey is invited because she totally dissed the idea before. I'll have to decide where I want to go...right. I can't believe that I have once again gotten myself hooked on THE dumbest show on tv right now...yup! The freaking O.C. Last night - I couldn't tear myself away. And it is SO STUPID! Damn fake teenagers having life problems in their huge mansions and Range Rovers. I am so pathetic!

Ok well have a good to you soon!


hello everybody!!

soooo i am truly and utterly procrastinating and listening to some podcasts....which one you ask? (i know you are) THE BARENAKED LADIES is actually quite good. some funny stories....and i just found out one of the band members, kevin just got his drivers liscense this year, at freaking 37 years old. soooooo the moral of this story is that i really wasn't that old getting my liscense at 23 years take that!!! :)

that is pretty much it, i would also like to send myself some good luck wishes i attempt to study a bit more before my exam today!!

have a good one!

monday monday

hey all...

hopefully everyone had a good weekend...I'm feeling pretty wiped out today and I think it's because of the lack of sleep I had last night. Was going to go swimming again today but had less than five hours of sleep so I'm saving myself for tomorrow! I'm going to say it and I can't help it: I LOVE grey's anatomy. Admittedly, it wasn't the best episode, but I still loved it. And I love Denny too...he's not a corpse at all! He's a sexy rugged man with a bad heart, and I'm falling for him too, Izzy! And don't get me started on freaking Alex! Which one of you liked him again? Tracey? What a jerk...oh no. Here I go talking like they're real people again. Can't wait for this season to come out on DVD. I never thought I'd buy a tv show on DVD but I have caved. I think I'll go home and start from the beginning (again) tonight.

So not much going on today...just scanning away. I've realized I have less than two weeks now to get my taxes done so wish me luck. Maybe I'll take a day off this week and just get it done. We'll see...maybe I'll rent 'Derailed' and do my taxes. And stare at Clive Owen. Kind of reminds me of a british Denny...oh man I need a life.


i love the weekend...

I can't believe it's thursday already! My favourite day of the week...
So Megan and I went swimming today and looked great in our practically matching swimsuits and soaking chlorine-infested hair and bright red faces. We-are-hot! I love swimming again! There was only one other person in the pool with us which still amazes me! No one uses it in the mornings so we've got it all to ourselves. Maybe I'll find some aquasize exercises to do...know what's reaslly funny? The lifeguard (at least I think he's the lifeguard) was on the deck doing stuff on his laptop the whole time! Nice safety...
Somebody emailed me a link to a video on CBS about this young guy with autism who finally had his moment in the spotlight. A very cool story...check it out (the video is on the right hand side of the screen):
Autistic Basketball Player Scores Big!

what a wonderful day...

Went to the pool and swam laps today...
Actually ate breakfast at home...
Got to work early...
Had Timmy Ho's coffee at 10am...

It has been a pretty wonderful day so far! I'm going to try and get to the pool every morning now - I find it a much better workout first thing, as opposed to sweating my ass off on the treadmill! The only downfall? I smell like chlorine now, but I feel great! News of the day:
First: So for those of you that don't know, Sal has decided to pursue his dream of becoming a firefighter and is currently going to fire school in Sherwood Park. Yup...he quit his full-time job at the book place and is enrolled in school for the next three months. He's so so excited and is so much happier now doing this!
Second: congrats to little Beckie! I gasped out loud when I read that she's engaged. Man - everybody is growing up and becoming adults!
Third: everyone, I did it! Last night I quit my job at Save-on and will be officially done by April 1st! It didn't go badly at all; in fact I think Randi was almost expecting it. So that's done...
Fourth: I'm already excited to go camping so I can't wait for the weather to turn nice. And my feet are ready for sandals!

Have a good to you soon!

re-grouting is fun!

"he's a wanderer, his address is in his heart...he is a bum" ~ Failure to Launch.

so i saw failure to launch on friday. the movie freaking cracked me up. not in how fabulous it was, but how freaking stupid funny it was. there are scenes in that movie that are soo unnecessary but that made it funny...anyways...

so how was everyone's weekend? mine was pretty much the movie. i spent saturday and encountered more ipod troubles with my mom's...but i gave up and let my dad do it as i was sooo not in the mood...although i did watch wedding crashers, again, but with my parents...another stupid/funny movie with my mom.

not much up to today...i have to do some readings and re-grout my fun fun!

have a good day guys!

hi already...

ok ok I'm sorry. I've just been really busy playing internet games!

I lied - I'm really not being monitered...I just like doing crosswords so much. It's an addiction that I know I need to get under control. I mean, they didn't give me a year-long contract to figure out the name of the captain in Moby Dick, did they?

Is there really a way of telling that someone is hacking into your computer? I wonder...I think next friday I'm going to do nothing but play Dynomite online and see if anything happens! Actually today was fun because I got to do something I've never done before: I'm learning how to dub audio tapes which is pretty freaking cool...ummm...maybe that's just cool to me because I'm turning into a bit of a history dork. Who doesn't love listening to a 70-year old man talking about homesteading?

I'm really excited about the weekend - I have absolutely no hopefully it snows all weekend while I'm inside my cozy apartment in my pjs. I just know that come monday I'm going to be complaining about how boring it was! And just so you know I'm serious about quitting at Save-On, I even wrote up my letter of resignation AND I signed it! How about that?!?

I'll let you know how it goes...have a good one!


Friday, March 10, 2006 by Tracey Robertson 5 comments
o goodness...casey wasn't kidding...she is really limiting her internet usuage...or she isn't as lonely anymore now that someone is in her office! :) wassup everyone? how did the declawing go for gary? how are the moving plans? how is the scrapbooking going for grandma? me...i have been stressing. i put way too much pressure on myself and am freaking as a result b/c it is that time of year to apply for i imagine i will be somewhat tense for about 3 mos! i should be fun company! :) ha ha ha. well i guess there isn't much i can do but apply, hey? i have been working out again as a result and was so sore the last two days from my wieght workout! ugh! but as diana ross says "i will survive!" (such a nerd, i know).

well that is it guys...just thought i would add something new! :) talk to you later...have a good weekend!


hope everyone had a nice weekend...once again, sorry for not writing. Had a very nice weekend despite having a nice little head cold that tried to slow me down. The ladies of the Smith family came in to town for a little bit of a quilting retreat, and let me tell you, that's all we did! I mean, in between eating and napping, of course. Then sunday night we all sat down in my dad's little tv room and watched the oscars. I have to say, I was disappointed in the dresses this year. What was my best friend Charlize thinking when she picked out that bow-laden dress with the bow being larger than her head? Reese Witherspoon? So pretty, but Tracey thinks her and Mr. Phillipe are going to be announcing their break-up soon. I'm very happy that 'Crash' won the biggest award of the night...good for the Canadian! And I'm sad that neither Joaquin Phoenix or Heath Ledger didn't win. I was pulling for both of them.

It may be short, but that's my Academy Award commentary. For more, go to the 'Go Fug Yourself' website. I loved the 'dialogue' between Ms. Lohan and Ms. Stone - too funny! That's it for me today...must only limit myself to a few minutes a day now that the internet police are out!

p.s. watched 'Cinderella Man' yesterday after coming home sick, and have decided that it was the MOST UNDER-RATED film of 2005. I loved it - Russell Crowe was so so fantastic. Also saw 'Proof' which I really really enjoyed.

what do you think?

so i guess paul mccartney and his wife heather mills were in newfoundland sometime last week protesting the hunting of seals. what do you think? do you think they actually know a lot about this topic or are celebrity puppets like the priemer said...? i think a little of both...but i was wondering, since we live in a fairly celebrity driven culture where even tara reid and paris hilton can get television do you feel when celebrities represent causes? would you buy the products if they endorsed them? or think they knew what they were talking about if they represented a campaign?...just wondering...

where is my mind

hey everyone...
sorry it's been so long. I've heard that the IT guys are starting to crack down on people using the internet at work so I've majorly cut down my use of it! Thanks, Tracey for keeping it up! much appreciated. Feeling REALLY crappy today - I've definitely come down with a bad case of some kind of head cold. I even resigned to taking a nighttime pill last night to help me cope! It helped me sleep, but I forgot to bring a daytime to work today so my insides have officially clogged up again! Yes, I did get my contract renewed for another year (no more of this 6-month bulls**t!) so that's really exciting. And Katie is back here for the month working on some digital stuff (she's the one I was working with before who didn't get her contract renewed). It's nice having someone else up here to keep company with!

I've taken the day off tomorrow as a bunch of family is coming over to mom's for the annual quilting retreat. Depending on how I'm feeling, it might be my recovering/sleeping retreat! It is sure to be one of those weekends when I get out of my pjs just to shower and get into a new pair! And then it's Oscar night on sunday. I'm pretty sure I'm going to gain about 10 pounds back onto my thighs once monday comes from all of the junk food!
Anyway, hope all is good...have a great weekend...will try to write more this weekend!


funny pic, and crazy bus transfers

Thursday, March 02, 2006 by Tracey Robertson 2 comments
i thought this comic was pretty funny! :)

so you know how i was craving for snow, like a crazy person...well i am blogging this for memory! :) lol...don't get me wrong it is beautiful out, and it will be good for the trees, grass, fields, and my skiing! but i hate the driving! and i am not even driving in it! lol! ahhhhhh! i was suppose to go to the elves society yesterday. i get up at 6:30am to catch the 7:15am bus. to transfer to the 1 bus at 8:24am and then transfer to another bus at 9am....well i messed up on my transfers and got off at the wrong stop and was there till 9am until i gave up. i called the lady, and thankfully she understood...

since i was downtown, i figured i should get my transcripts from grant mac. i forgot my freaking id card!! ARGH! actually i think i lost it...have any of you seen it by the way! :) lol...crazy day!

but today is a new day! and hopefully it goes better! congratulations by the way to casey for getting signed another year!! and nikki for the new house purchase!!! yeah girls, good job!! :)

have a good day!