Hope you have a wonderful day...and a merry christmas...and happy kwanzaa.

And I hope you eat a lot and don't get sick!


i love this video

happy christmas everyone!

4 more days!

I still can't believe it! This year is (unfortunately) going to be a last minute christmas for me. I'm already so over-tired this week from going to bed past 11:30pm each night so far! I don't think I'm going to make it!!!
This is going to be a short post as I'm crazy busy at work this week. So if I don't see you before Christmas, I hope you have a relaxing one with loved ones. See you soon!

Love, Casey

...and Buddy!

Baby Kate

The first picture of the Van Sloten legacy has been released!
Here is adorable Baby Kate!

Congratulations Christine & Dan! We are all so excited and cannot wait to meet the new addition to your family!


Christine & Dan on the arrival of Kate Mary-Ann (sp?)! We are all sooo happy for the two of you...I hope you're ready for our excitement! I'm still in a bit of shock, I think! Can't wait to see the three of you.

It's a bit strange that we saw Christine friday night with a basketball under her shirt, and now she's got a little girl to take home! Did anybody else have an eventful weekend? I lazed around all day saturday and did a bit of baking and watched my new favourite Christmas movie: 'White Christmas' - just a warning, though, if you decide to check it out. It is a musical with Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney so there is a lot of singing and a lot of dancing. And it made me cry! Funny how modern day musicals (namely RENT!!) don't make me emotional like the old ones!

Saturday night we did Operation Red Nose again and didn't get into bed until 5am! It was a long long night, and I'm glad friday is our last night! Then yesterday we had mom and dad over to check our modestly decorated apartment and then headed out for dinner at a friend's place and played Lord of the Rings Monopoly. It was hilarious - you don't receive 200 dollars when you pass GO, you receive 200 POWER. It was pretty hilarious! Tiffany loved the placemats I made her so that was really wonderful!

Anyway, only four and a half days left til Christmas break and I can't wait! Things are going to be quiet around here which will be nice. Anyway, have a super monday!

11 more days...

until Christmas!!!!!!! I'm starting to feel a bit shaken up as I've realized I still have more than one gift to buy now! But Megan and I are hitting Whyte Ave. tonight after work so I should get a few down! Hope your week has gone well...mine has been busy! What, with Mustard Seed tuesday night, sewing last night, shopping tonight, dinner tomorrow night, Operation Red Nose Saturday, and then dinner Sunday, I don't think I'm going to be able to make it until Christmas.
So Dad has been in Qatar for the last two weeks and hasn't been feeling the greatest - his knee has been killing him, and something in the water has NOT been sitting well with him. He's been seeing some boxing trainer for the knee and has been walking around on crutches for almost the entire time he's been there! Not the best feeling for a guy who love seeing and experiencing the countries he visits! He's even had acupuncture (see below!):

He's home tomorrow night and I'm sure hoping he'll be well rested come Christmas when all of us kiddies are up at 8am...AGAIN!...
Anyway, that's it for me for now - after I get home tonight it will be back to the sewing table. Have a good one!

one more thing...this video made me laugh...reminds me of being a kid and bugging mom or dad while they were on the phone!

New Glasses

Well, I lost my glasses and I finally, after agonizing for weeks have found a new pair!!!!!

Here they are for your viewing pleasure. The color will be black. I can't wait to have full vision again!

I Love Candy

I am so excited! I am amost done my Christmas shopping! This is a world record!
I am going to finish it off tonight when I go shopping with my Mom and that will be it! Yay!

I have some Christmas fun for you all to partake in below:

Become an Elf

Make Your Own Holiday Sweater

Wrestle That Reindeer

Shake the Snowglobe

If you want some more Christmas fun go here.

Have a great day everyone!


today me and my mom are going to do some christmas baking and watch christmas movies so i am going to post some pictures up that you can enjoy instead of writing a little diddy! they are up on kodakgallery.com if you want to check out more!

dancing dancing dancing!!
hella good...

pinkies up!

this kind of reminds me of a where's waldo picture...

bringing out the dj moves...the coolest move around!

i love tequilla

Sad Friday

I am so sad right now.

I bought these beautiful leather gloves from Gap about a month ago, they were so cute a feminine, gray with white polka dots! I looked like a serious fox wearing them!

This morning one is suddenly missing AAARG and I have no idea where it has gone? I havent' even worn them since Wednesday and had them in the car and then put them in my purse to bring in the house and when I took them out this morning there was only one? The one time I indulge in some nice gloves I lose one!

I am calling everywhere I can think of today and I am going to search the house in case Lola stole it and made it her chew toy!

Anyway, I know this isn't exciting news but I am sad, I needed to vent it out! Now I only look half as foxy with one glove!
IT WASN'T A GOITER!!!!!!!!!!!


Ok, I did a nice long blog entry and it was fabulous let me tell you, it would have blown your minds and the computer ate it! ARGGG technology I hate you!

So now I am doing the short version:

Jeaninne's life in one paragraph or less:

Went to Aladdin with Brett the Hitman Hart with Tracey Jean, play was great Brett stinks!
Went to cooking class with my Mommy and ate Fruitcake euuch, Yule Log euuuch, Sugar Free cookies eucchh, Bread Pudding eucch and White Chocolate Cranberry Brittle yummmmm.
Can't wait to decorate my xmas tree which has been up for three weeks and still has no decorations on it. Spend my days working with mono faking drama queen who sleeps under desk, going crazy. Treat dog and cat like children and talk to them like people when I am alone.

I would like to say that after talking to Megan last night, I realize that mono is a terrible thing to have, and I think I undestimated what it can do to people. I just think my coworker is faking. And now Casey scared me and told me it is highly contagious and I am going to contract it. Then I will probably be home for two weeks eating my words. I hope I didn't contract it b/c Casey and Tracey drank my water!!! Great, now I will proably get a goiter!

almost done...

this week, that is!
I get more and more excited about christmas each day! Maybe that's because I've got holiday music playing in two places upstairs here! I've been quite productive today working in photoshop! Today I'm feeling really refreshed and almost bubbly...I went home and crashed in bed before 11:00!
Anyway, not much is new today (yet!) But I'll keep you posted if something happens. Until then, enjoy this little clip of my favourite comtemporary holiday song:

Oh - question of the day: what is your favourite modern holiday song and favourite classic?
My favourite classic is Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas by Ella Fitzgerald.
Have a good one!

here we go hump day!

hey all...

so far so good regarding my post-a-day! Had a tough time getting out of bed this morning as my arms were killing me! I helped push out some guy in the alley behind my apartment last night, and my pipes sure did get a workout! was quite productive at work today - got a bunch of photos printed and even finished two orders!

Got some sad news after reading this story - a bunch of craft blogs I frequent have been keeping up with the story and even knew the family so it was sad to get the news! So if you get lost in the backroads stay in your vehicle and keep your cell phone on!!

To get us back in a cheery Christmas mood, keep yourself busy with these fun links:

Dolly dress-up!
Guess the Christmas song by the picture on each day!
Take some Christmas quizzes.
Still need some gift ideas?
These are fantastic cookies and are a twist on the regular gingerbread cookie!

enjoy...talk to you tomorrow!


hey everyone...

in honour of me being alone at work for the rest of the month, I'm going to try and write here once a day. Tracey has already informed me that there's a bunch of outdated links and whatnot on the blog so I'm going to attempt to remedy that. Things have been alright at work, although it's strange being up here all by myself. I don't think any of you have ever visited me here, but if you had you would know why i'm soooo lonely! There is a lot of quiet & empty space.

So that's all that's new for now. I'm almost finished shopping for christmas presents, and have just a few more little craft projects to complete. Hope your tuesday is going well and we'll talk soon!


p.s. HI GRAMMIE!!!!!!!!


Hope you have a fantastic birthday today...I already sang once to you so I won't do it again here!

love ya,


so i was really harassing casey and jeaninne for not writing on this blog, yet i excused myself for not writing. today i have no excuses! my grandma visits this thing everyday and is very upset with the lack of posts!! i guess people do read these things (just don't comment~hint hint!)

so what is new:

i had my bday shindig on saturday. i had a lot of fun! i am soo glad that people made it, as i know christmas can be very busy!! i was impressed with the dance moves that everyone busted out after just a couple of drinks...or even just one drink (dj). and a special thanks goes to case for having a tequilla shot, you're the best! and to sal for waiting in the line (in the cold) to get in. thanks guys! you all rock! and lynette i hope you enjoyed your answering machine messages at 11pm!

during the day we went on the most fabulous outing: we went to toys r us. instead of giving each other presents this year, we decided to spend the money on toys for santas anonymous . it was really cool.

of the toys:
baby gifts: winnie the pooh stuffed animal, glow worm
toddler: bowling set, firetruck set, cash register
girl: cabbage patch doll, make-up
boy: carwash for cars
generic: puzzle, guess who game, mr. potatohead

it was quite fun and i was really glad that we did it! :)

i think that is it for now. i am sure i will write more with all the christmas things coming up. have a good day guys!! and thanks for the birthday fun!

mr. potter...

oooohhh...what is this I've found? Is it? No - can't be...the first trailer for the Order of the Phoenix? Watch and enjoy, and buy me candy for making you so happy!



it sure has been a while - what's new with me you ask?

-on friday I was cutting with an exacto knife and ruler and the knife slipped and sliced my left thumb...I ended up getting 2 stitches at the clinic and they even put a stitch RIGHT THROUGH MY FINGERNAIL!! It looks kind of nasty but doesn't hurt anymore. I might post some pics once I get my film developed so stay tuned!!

-things have been a bit tense at work lately with positions being moved/shifted/re-structured...so much going on!!!

-my christmas shopping has officially started! Megan and I went monday night and I have decided that is my favourite day to go to West Ed. It wasn't busy at all and I had my first gingerbread latte of the season...I do prefer starbucks to second cup hands down!

-I have found so many projects to do off of this newsletter but I really shouldn't buy any more fabric until after christmas. It's soooo hard!! Especially when I have to go buy fabric for Jessica that she's going to give to her sister for christmas! *sniff sniff*

-only 4 more days until Sal is finished school...can't believe it's done already! maybe we'll be able to enjoy married life together now and really bond as hubby & wifey!

-last but most definitely not least, today is the first day I'm listening to holiday music. I couldn't put it off any longer now that it's being played in every store I go into! So grab a cup of hot cocoa and tune into the best holiday music on the internet!

have a good hump day!
p.s. nice to have you back, mom!!


Hope you have a fabulous day! I am very disappointed because I have no picture to post of you..so I had to post a picture of this guy dressed as toast. Have fun you fabulous, young lady!

my worst nightmare

say it isn't so!!!

shocker of the month

ho hum...another celebrity divorce...sure didn't see this one coming.

Faith Hill & first video post!

hey all...

I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this video on the net today - FINALLY! Someone is actually pissed that they didn't win an award - it's Faith Hill losing last night at the Country Music awards. It's pretty unbelievable, hey? What do you think? Good that someone actually reacted honestly, or pathetic that they couldn't keep their emotions in check?

Hey guys...

Did you know that Bob Barker is 83 years old? And we thought we were getting up there! In honour of his retirement, check out this list of the top 10 things to love about this great man of daytime game shows!

So what do you think of the new season of Grey's Anatomy so far? I've got to admit I'm a bit undecided. I really like the medical cases they've been having, but there are some other things bugging me:
-I wish Burke would tell someone that he's not OK because of poor Miranda!
-Izzy is annoying as a passive doctor
-Derek and Meredith's story is too flip-floppy to me and there's nothing happening

But that's just me...what do you think?
Have a good weekend...


Hope you have a fantasmo day!!

1 Day until I am the BIG 2 6

Hi Girls,

I have another song that I just love right now. It is slow but good.
"Ache" by James Carrington
You can listen to it here.

Have a fab afternoon

...it's beginning to look a lot like winter...

It's amazing how as soon as November 1st comes around the Christmas displays/commercials start coming out in full force! I've seen ads for Christmas trees, Festival of Trees, Christmas vacations - you name it! But what I really can't believe is that Christmas is less than two months away!!! How the heck did that happen?
If any of you find old clothes/shoes/jackets that you are looking to get rid of, remember that Tracey and I can take them to the Mustard Seed...I've been taking garbage bags of stuff already just from going through my closet! We'll take them down to the church once you've collected stuff (like how I volunteered you, Trace?)

Thanks guys, and Merry Holiday season!

Happy Halloween!

so after reading this article, i was right when i called it that the oscar is jinxed for any married actress to win it!

adulterous hoes, a mullethead tramp, and a pregnant lady

so...we finally did it! we went to the rocky horror picture show. it was a lot of fun. i had really forgotton about the whole movie plot (if you call it one) but the audience sure didn't. it definitely has a cult following! the costumes were quite funny (even a greased up rocky) and i loved the props! but i still cannot get over what people say when watching the movie....how many times did they see it to remember what and when to say things?? it was crazy, but lots of fun!

and in other news....i was kind of bitching about how cold and gross it was in the last week but i have had a change of heart since seeing the snow. i know it makes for crappy driving conditions but i got the feeling of skiing in the air...ski season is just around the corner and i am pumped!!!

have a good week guys!

okay i am a hypocrite

so i found this trailer and looks freaking good!! especially the last statement by natalie maines....ahhhh

Another Song

Hi All,

This is my new favorite song it is called "Fidelity" by Regina Spektor and you can listen to it on her MySpace page http://www.myspace.com/reginaspektor


what the heck is myspace?

okay so i was watching gilmore girls on tuesday nite and rory was talking to logan about logan's pitch to these bigwigs and how great it was. and yadda yadda yadda logan says yeah but really it is like myspace. what the heck is myspace....i ask the question in hopes that you can answer since you posted a link of myspace! :)

that is my post for this blog thursday!

short one

Must share my new favourite song of the day - it's by Foy Vance and it's called 'Homebird'. It was on an episode of Grey's Anatomy and you can hear it here on his myspace. It should play automatically on the music player.
Hope you enjoy it!


I know its been a while and you're probably not even checking this anymore, but I thought I'd post a little update of my life and what's been going on:

1. I've become even more crazy about sewing that I am going to start doing hand sewing - Jeaninne, you may scoff at me now for being a grandma, but just wait til you see my first sampler!
2. Sal and I totally pigged out on pizza friday night and watched a little action flick you probably haven't heard about but was really good: 'Running Scared' with Paul Walker (*sigh*...dreamboat)
3. Work is better this week - personalities haven't been clashing up in my little workspace, but there is a massive exhibit that has become the bane of my existence
4. I'm not dressing up this hallowe'en as I am taking a stand against the man (I'll go into detail later on)
5. I have officially read 3 books so far this month: 'Le Divorce' by Diane Johnson, 'the Footprints of God' by Greg Iles, and 'The Curious Incident of the Dog at Night' by Mark Haddon (I think?!?) 6. Mustard Seed is still going strong, although I'm a bit upset I haven't been getting the cat calls and marriage proposals like Tracey has!
7. We got our wedding photos from Caley and I can't wait to get them printed - they look so cute! And her little baby is so tiny - I'm trying for Sal to get mother's urge...not happening yet!
8. Sal is still as busy as ever with school - classes for him end at the end of November.
9. I'm slightly starting to feel the giddyness of Christmas as I heard on tv last night about the Festival of Trees (I don't go, but it's all about Christmas Trees!!)
10. I'm still loving Grey's Anatomy, but I can't talk to Dennis about it because he calls everybody on the show whores! And Lost? I know last week's episode was confusing, but it was still really good. Can't wait to see what Sawyer sees with Fenry...yowza!!

So that's about it for now - what's new with you?

p.s. check out this website: fluideffect - it has a ton of celeb portrait with before and after the airbrushing...some of them are scary!

fight fight fight

okay so in the papers recently george from grey's says that he is gay...and apparently it came out like this because of this arguement where some not so nice word were uttered in george's direction...oooo scandalous!!

its blog thursday

i'm back!! although i really have nothing to say. still having fun at work...doing the mustard seed thang...and gathering around for craft night with the tootsie rolls (ha ha-case) or as jeaninne says the titsie rolls!! sicko! lol

i actually saw a fabulous movie on saturday-departed...freaking awesome. you know i really do love leonardo dicaprio. i know there was the whole overhype titanic thing, but really what a great actor!! very cool movie.

ooooo and in other exciting news i made cinnamon buns from scratch. apparently (according to my father) they need more butter and cinnamon next time. well i will try them again on sunday!

have a good weekend guys...
talk to you later with more eventful news!

Sir-Hump-A Lot Wednesday

Hello Girlies,

I was surfing the net this morning and came across this site which is made by two German girls. The link below is of their site but if you scroll down it is all videos of them lip syncing to pop songs. It is strangely addicting!


Exciting news:
Sarah potentially might have her baby today...Waiting to hear...




This is mostly just for me when I want the link to play Dynomite!

I also play on POPCAP games sometimes - I really love Insaniquarium!

Lost was on? Wha? - I don't get it...what's Lost??

Check out LOST spoilers and recaps here! It's updated pretty regularly and includes stuff from tons of tv shows!

hump day...loooonngggg sloooooow hump day

all alone at work today, and I know I've said it before, but it is SO HARD getting motivated when there's nobody else around (Jeaninne, I know you know how I feel!) So I've spent the majority of my lunch hour looking up my new internet-obsession. CRAFT WEBSITES!!! I told Lynette that someday I'd like to be a stay-at-home mom so all I'd do would be to sew and quilt and bake. She pretty much laughed and scoffed in my face and said "MAYBE with the first one!" I'll show her...

So who's excited about tonight's premiere? I'm going to have to take an hour out of my sewing time to watch LOST - they had a recap of last season on tv on the weekend which was nice. The leader of the Others is really creepy, but I'm excited to see what it's all about! Tomorrow night I'm supposed to be shooting some event at work so I'm not going to be able to catch Grey's Anatomy - Trace, will you tape it for me?

Anyway, as per usual, here's some stuff I've been checking out lately:
Homebird by Foy Vance (this is on the 2nd Grey's soundtrack, but it's been playing on the internet radion station I listen to.)
How to Save A Life by the Fray
Lou Reed by the Little Willies

the purl bee - a newsletter that give sewing and crafty tutorials for free
whipup.net - same thing as above
BarbieMartini - funny celeb stuff plus martini recipes!
I can't stop playing this!

And one last one...the Saskatchewan Limousine:


Matthew McConaughey is Brave

I am posting are you happy Casey!

Love those biker shorts....

changes and a daily

I had to make the simpsons game a bit smaller so everything would fit on the page again! Not much going on today - for once I'm actually feeling really relaxed printing because my eyes have been so sore lately - it's nice being in the dark! That's it for now...I'm going to try and write something every day now since Tracey went and got herself a full-time job, and Jeaninne (who wanted to be on here SO BAD) seems to have ditched us! :)
have a good one...I'm going to go and pick out my house in the Shire now. (just kidding - I can't believe I just wrote that sentence!)


what I'm listening to today:
  • Evil by Interpol

  • Comfortably Numb by The Scissor Sisters

  • In the Round by the Cardigans
  • ahhh, home

    OK, so I've found the perfect fantasy home - I want to live here!

    order of the phoenix!

    I can't believe I beat Tracey to it, but there's new photos from the next Harry Potter movie - check them out here!

    oprah is brilliant

    omigoodness casey you changed the title...i like it and you know how i feel! :) lol

    fact of the week: so i was watching oprah on friday and she had a really funny guy who has read all the encyclopedia britannica and apparently i have been wrong....dogs see in colour!! extraordinary!

    well must get back to work...2 more shifts...

    what to do, what to do

    Monday's are really starting to get to me - it feels like I'm getting a cold each Monday, but then it goes away. Found some stuff on the internet that you might enjoy! So...enjoy!

    Free MySpace and Xanga Profile Flash Games

    Free MySpace and Xanga Profile Flash Games


    ...with the references to me and Grey's Anatomy! Who were (was) the ones who wouldn't stop giving us factoid tidbits and recaps of every single past episode all last night? hmmm...tracey? yeah. I think so. SO ENOUGH!!!!! And, I hardly pigged out on the nachos, Miss.-I'll-finish-the-entire-last-half-of-the-pan-all-by-myself! SO ENOUGH AGAIN! Actually, I'm really glad I didn't stay home last night to watch the premiere because I just read somewhere that instead of airing the first episode they showed the second! (and because it was fun and you fed us!)

    So I'm pretty much in a really pissy mood today since you probably couldn't tell already. On that note, happy freakin' International Peace Day.

    3 shifts and counting

    okay after tonight's shift i will only have three shifts left! :) i am sooo excited! 5 years of this job is a freaking long time...have you all worked in a job that long before?

    one of the things i will have to figure out now, is a time to type on this blog as my job does not permit private internet time (actually come to think of it, does this job really permit it?)

    speaking of my new job, i have a busy day ahead for tomorrow...i am going to the casino! i cannot believe that my job is to go to the casino. lol...it just makes me laugh. and next week i am going swimming. jeaninne says my job is like a daycamp...but i do work....and i have to cook sometimes which kind of stresses me out because you cook for 16 people or more. i guess it will increase my cooking skills! i have meatloaf on monday. ugh...something i have never tried in my life let alone know how to make. atleast i got a reciepe, one from my grandma, mr. becker and the side of a box....i will check out what the easiest one is! maybe i should have a meatloaf baking contest or something???

    well that is it for my post...i know you all are probably sitting down at jeaninne's eating some nachos (SAVE ME SOME) preparing to watch grey's anatomy. and if casey gets her way you will all have watched it and are preparing to rewatch it again when i come over!!! DON'T PEAK GUYS!


    OMIGOSH - I just won the second season of Grey's Anatomy on DVD from the Edmonton Journal! YES!!!!

    Hump Day

    Ok, I am very depressed because something is wrong with Dynomite and it keeps playing in this super speed and now I can't play it! ARGGGGGGH

    So I thought I would post a Grey's Anatomy Sneak Peek Clips in honor of the premiere tommorrow:


    Ps: I am wearing a wide hairband in my hair today and I look very cute and now.

    Gary's Best Friend

    Hi Girls,

    So how is Tuesday? It is so hard to get back to work, since I was off last week. Even though we were unable to accomplish all of our landscaping, we did get a lot done. But we also watched a lot of DVD's and TV...I miss lying on the couch eating ice cream at 8:30 in the morning...

    Anyway, I have nothing exciting to talk about...The big highlight for me is that it is official TV Premiere month and the fun starts tomorrow with America's Next Top Model! I am so excited!

    Anyway, DJ found this quick clip of Gary's best friend which I enjoyed:

    Have a good day all!

    courtesy of Megan...

    You Know You Grew Up In The 80's or Early 90's If:

    1. You've ever ended a sentence with the word SIKE.

    2. You watched the Pound Puppies.

    3. You can sing the rap to the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and can do the Carlton

    4. Girls wore biker shorts under their skirts and felt stylishly sexy.

    5. You yearned to be a member of the Baby-sitters club and tried to start a club of your own.

    6. You owned those lil' Strawberry Shortcake pals scented dolls.

    7. You know that "WOAH" comes from Joey on Blossom

    8. Two words: Hammer Pants

    9. If you ever watched "Fraggle Rock"

    10. You had plastic streamers on your handle bars... and spokey-dokes or playing cards on your spokes for that incredible sound effect

    11. You can sing the entire theme song to "Duck Tales" (Woo ooh!)

    12. It was actually worth getting up early on a Saturday to watch cartoons.

    13. You wore a ponytail on the side of your head.

    14. You saw the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on the big screen..and still know the turtles names.

    15. You got super-excited when it was Oregon Trail day in computer class at school.

    16. You made your mom buy one of those clips that would hold your shirt in a knot on the side.

    17. You played the game "MASH"(Mansion, Apartment, Shelter, House)

    18. You wore stonewashed Jordache jean jackets and were proud of it.

    19. L.A. Gear....need I say more?

    20. You wanted to change your name to "JEM" in Kindergarten. (She's Truly Outrageous.)

    21. You remember reading Tales of a fourth grade nothing and all The Ramona books.

    22. You know the profound meaning of "WAX ON, WAX OFF"

    23. You wanted to be a Goonie.

    24. You ever wore fluorescent clothing. (some of us...head-to-toe)

    25. You can remember what Michael Jackson looked like before his nose fell off and his cheeks shifted.

    26. You have ever pondered why Smurfette was the only female smurf.

    27. You took lunch boxes to school... and traded Garbage Pailkids in the schoolyard.

    28. You remember the CRAZE, then the BANNING of slap bracelets.

    29. You still get the urge to say "NOT" after every sentence.

    30. You remember Hypercolor t-shirts.

    31. Barbie and the Rockers was your favorite band.

    32. You thought She-ra (Princess of Power!) and He-Man should hook up.

    33. You thought your childhood friends would never leave because you exchanged handmade friendship bracelets.

    34. You ever owned a pair of Jelly-Shoes.

    35. After you saw Pee-Wee's Big Adventure you kept saying "I know you are, but what am I?"

    36. You remember "I've fallen and I can't get up"

    37. You remember going to the skating rink before there were inline skates.

    38. You ever got seriously injured on a Slip and Slide.

    39. You have ever played with a Skip-It.

    40. You had or attended a birthday party at McDonalds.

    41. You've gone through this nodding your head in agreement.

    42. You remember Popples.

    43. Don't worry, be happy

    44. You wore like, EIGHT pairs of socks over tights with high top Reeboks.

    45. You wore socks scrunched down (and sometimes still do..getting yelled at by younger hip members of the family)

    46. You remember boom boxes and walking around with one on your shoulder like you were all that.

    47. You remember watching both Gremlins movies.

    48. You know what it meant to say "Care Bear Stare!!"

    49. You remember watching Rainbow Bright and & My Little Pony Tales

    50. You thought Doogie Howser/Samantha Micelli was hot.

    51. You remember Alf, the lil furry brown alien from Melmac.

    52. You remember New Kids on the Block when they were cool...and don't even flinch when people refer to them as "NKOTB"

    53. You knew all the characters names and their life stories on "Saved By The Bell," The ORIGINAL class.

    54. You know all the words to Bon Jovi - SHOT THROUGH THE HEART.

    55. You just sang those words to yourself.

    56. You remember watching Magic vs. Bird.

    57. Homemade Levi shorts.. (the shorter the better)

    58. You remember when mullets were cool!

    59. You had a mullet!

    60. You still sing "We are the World"

    61. You tight rolled your jeans.

    62. You owned a bannana clip.

    63. You remember "Where's the Beef?"

    64. You used to (and probably still do) say "What you talkin' 'bout Willis?"

    65 You had big hair and you knew how to use it.

    66. You're still singing shot through the heart in your head, aren't you!

    ~I was nodding my head for pretty much the entire thing...except I never though Doogie was hot! Enjoy! Happy Monday!

    my job...

    omigosh...i am so glad that i am going to be done this job by the end of the month...i am soo tired of it and i didn't realize that my other job consisted of so much paperwork...it is not actually that bad but it will be nice to have an 40 hour week instead of a 55 hour week....

    so i am working one of my night shifts right now and this is what it has consisted of:

    1. cancelling my first aid course
    2. selling a phone
    3. sweeping the floor
    4. researching when all the new episodes start for my shows, in case you are curious:

    -Grey's Anatomy September 21
    -Desperate Housewives September 24
    -Gilmore Girls September 26
    -Smallville September 28
    -Supernatural September 28

    i still don't know when Lost starts though so...to be continued

    and 5. looking up adult watches on the internet since i am an adult with a steady income...lol!

    have a good friday because when you all read this that will be the day! :)

    a good wife...

    found this on the internet a while ago - it's too funny...good advice for the married's, though!

    no more glamour??

    a funny "letter" about women getting 'GLAMOUR/BOUDOIR SHOTS' done...check it out here!

    courtesy of cousin Loy...


    I cannot stop playing Dynomite...I have not done any work yet...If only I could pass level 9!

    so i was thinking green...

    okay lets face it...the bus sucks! school has now started for all the bright new post-secondary students to get their useless degrees and they are taking valuable bus seats...my bus seat in particualr!! i have been getting to the bus stop at 7:30 during the summer and had no problems with the parking lot...starting september 5...i get to the parking lot a whole 15 minutes earlier and it is freaking full...i get to the bus (which almost left by the way becasue it was full of students) and i had to stand...grrrrrrrr....and i feel i have every right to say this now because i am no longer a student (well i guess i am not completely done with school more like a on sobatical student)....

    ahhhh my venting it done....other than that my job it good...i am finishing up my shifts...and excited to have nights again...yipeeee!
    jeaninne, if I was rich, this is what I would buy you for your birthday:

    say what?

    so it's only 9:30am, and I'm pretty sure somebody is cooking Indian food downstairs as that's ALL I SMELL RIGHT NOW! ooohh...sweet naan bread!
    man, it's been a while, but I think my life is finally back in the groove. had a little vacation, got my gym membership, and now I'm back into my routine...well, sort of. sal has started school to become an EMT which is very exciting for him. this means that we both wake up earlier and I'm dropping him off and picking him up when he's done each day. I feel like a mom already dropping her kid off at class...but instead of having a kid I have a husband - it still feels wierd saying that! our lives seem to have become more busy now that the wedding is done - speaking of wedding, my goal is to have my thank-yous out before jeaninne. it's going to be tough, but that's my aim :)

    I have been in major craft mode lately and have been sewing up a storm. this, being combined with my recent love of amazon.com (not .ca!) has resulted in me buying this and this. I think I've got a problem...
    Another website I've been checking out is about amy butler which has free patterns and really really nice fabrics. I've been going purse & bag crazy with her stuff! Now, I just need to start making preserves and I'll be all set to be a grandma, hey?

    and update on the football game: Tracey wasn't able to get tickets from her usual place last night, and my spot out here doesn't have any - so if any of you are near a Mr. Sub and wouldn't mind picking up 8 college seats (I think they're $9) that would be great. Tracey said she didn't even need her ID last time. If not, I guess we'll make other plans.

    Until then, my lovelies,

    last post for the month of august

    hey everybody!!

    nobody has actually written on here in awhile so i thought i would fill in on the scoop of me. i, (sigh) unfortunately, (cry) did not get into the ot program again this year....but, alas, i will keep trying. however, i have officially given my notice at the phone store and will be done as of september 30. i will no longer be dealing with cell phones....they will cease to exist in my mind....au revoir, finito, gone! so excited!

    i will be working at elves fulltime (helping santa make the toys~kidding)....i officially start my fulltime work tomorrow in my new room...hope all is well! :) my last day of relief was today and i got to go to the valley zoo, which i must say has improved a heck of a lot since i had last been there (8 years ago selling ice cream). saw red pandas, my fav the zebras, and the ever cool sea lions.....the calgary zoo does still kick though

    ooo and sad news...my fish has finally past on after 8 glorious years living in my aquarium...i know we had our problems in the end (and actually the beginning when he ate all my fish) but the middle was really fab! he unfortunately was having a little bit of problems after sal and case's wedding when he lost the will to swim properly and started swimming upside down...i know, you are probably saying why you didn't flush him then, but it seemed he had the will to live as he splashed around when my dad attempted. but today was the day he passed on to fishy heaven...thanks to my bro for flushing him!

    on a sidenote...although it was pretty nice out did it not feel like fall is coming...the air is getting crispy!!! soo
    in the audience participation portion of this blog....what are you most looking forward to in the fall?

    it's ron weasley!

    guys this movie looks pretty damn funny!! :)

    i told you they were coming...

    what a smart looking couple!! :)

    thanks helena for the fabulous pictures that she took!!!!!



    (i am sure there are pictures to come as we can collect them)


    so i figured it has been awhile and i figured atleast one of us should post this week...so you are stuck with me baby!!

    just got back from a fabulous weekend of music at the folk festival. loved it and am now a huge fan of hawksley workman and beolach, whom i had never heard of till this. very cool music, freak hail storms, rain, spitting, wind, sun and cheesecake on a stick...the perfect folkfest weekend.

    also another fav. song that goes with the pop/mainstream...sexyback by justin timberlake. i know i am sorry guys but i cannot help it...i love that song!! :)

    well i must go workout and make some squares...short and brief post today...just babbling...have a good week!


    yup - that's right...this is post #326. I can't believe it's been that many already! so I think I'm obsessed with Grey's Anatomy (and I hope Sal doesn't read this!) I just pre-ordered the second season on DVD off of amazon.com - it's way cheaper to buy it off of the americans than it is to buy it from amazon.ca!! I was shocked. Anyway, just thought I'd let you know - it isn't released until the middle of september which means I'll forget about it and I'll have a wonderful surprise between September 21 and 26!!

    that's it...must ready myself for another night in the rain. but it's so lovely on the hill!
    this one's for sal.

    hey everyone...

    so I'm going to be gone for the next couple of weeks for obvious reasons, but if I'm able to I'll do the odd post. tonight marks the first day of the folk festival which I haven't been to in probably five years so I'm excited. I think the weather is going to be a bit iffy tonight and tomorrow but it looks like sun for the rest of the weekend. maybe I'll get to wear my infamous tube top at some point!!
    hope all is well with everyone else - today at work we're having a nice luncheon for the three of us that are getting hitched this summer. Sweet homemade spaghetti...(insert Homer Simpson drooling here...)
    mmm...I think that's going to do it for me. see all of you in about a week or so and until then, have a good one!

    I know, I know. I have no excuse, except that my life has been extremely chaotic and full of havoc lately. I'm missing doctor's appointments, leaving work early, breaking things - it's just getting ridiculous. Can you believe it's only 18 days away now? What was I thinking? There's still so much to do! I'm so busy I haven't even listened to my ipod in AGES!!! And when did it suddenly become august? Where did July go? I'm ready for the hot weather again as I miss not wearing my sandals.

    Have watched some good movies lately ~
    Liked: Pirates of the Caribbean 2 - actually, I found it a bit slow throughout but then loved the ending!
    The Matador - with Pierce Brosnan - a little B-flick that was really funny!
    The New World - Terrence Malick movies really have to be watched with an open mind. If you didn't like 'The Thin Red Line' you probably won't like this one. I really really enjoyed it and really loved Colin Farrell.

    Didn't like:
    The Benchwarmers - yeah, it had funny parts but I'm pretty sure Jon Heder will never find a role that won't somehow bring out the Napolean in him!
    Ultraviolet - All I have to say is: stop taking movie roles, Milla Jovovich! You stink!

    I've also realized, after spending a day or so in Wainwright that I will never be able to leave the big city and live in a small town. I miss the shopping and different food too much. The only stores they have there for women are the Saan store and Mark's Work Wearhouse! Really! Although I did get a great pair of Mexx capri pants from the golf course for super cheap - if I ever decide to take up the game I now have a place to stash my tees! Have a good one..I know I've said I'm busy but...

    ...I did have time to do this today!! (I can't help it - I'm addicted to them!)

    Casey's Aliases

    Your movie star name: Chips Orville

    Your fashion designer name is Casey Seville

    Your socialite name is Lacey Toronto

    Your fly girl / guy name is C Bec

    Your detective name is Bear Salisbury

    Your barfly name is Popsicle Gin

    Your soap opera name is Allison Bowwood

    Your rock star name is Sour Soothers Wind

    Your Star Wars name is Casril Becsal

    Your punk rock band name is The Happy Cube
    My Boobies' Names Are...

    Love Muffins

    what are yours??

    This will make Christine very sad.


    did she really just say that?

    i found this in the quotes of the week on people.com...now really....

    • "Every decade has an iconic blond like Marilyn Monroe or Princess Diana, and right now, I'm that icon."– Paris Hilton, to Britain's The Sunday Times

    happy monday

    ...if mondays are happy for you! :) this weekend was the first weekend i had off in a long time and i kept it busy! :)

    friday nite, i went to taste of edmonton. the usual...garlic/mayo potatoes, green onion cakes and pear pie...very good!! and i got to see zach (christine's little brother), who is freaking grown up (well he is still 15 so not an adult)! it is scary when you can remember people when they were "just this high". it makes me feel old...
    on saturday was casey allison becker's wedding shower, which was fantastically thrown by maid of honor, sister of the bride, megan becker. i cannot get over how hot it was outside!! it was insane. everything went well except for the controversy of sal's fav band coldplay...lol!

    here is a picture of a beautiful quilt made by casey's mom with help from the "twinkies"

    then that nite, me and jeaninne went to shakespeare in the park: taming of the shrew. what an incredibly sexist play! but i enjoyed it, it made me laugh...there were actually quite a few funny parts.

    finally sunday i scrapbooked and am officially done my australia and new zealand scrapbooks...i mean done...put on the shelf, finito!! very exciting...now i can do my 2006 scrapbooks...oh yeah, and my mom's....lol! :)

    ciao everybody!
    kind of dumb, but kind of cute...

    i like you!

    Important Fact Now Released

    Hey girlys,

    Thought this was funny...


    Have a great Tuesday!

    Hez- wha? Lebanon and such...

    I've been a bit confused as of late over the renewed violence in the Middle East - I have to wonder what causes an entire country (Israel) to attack another (Lebanon) over something that yes, was an important & awful event (2 Israeli soldiers were captured by Hezbollah fighters) but is it enough to start a war over? I mean, Lebanon is being bombed by Israel because of the actions of a militant group. Over 200 Lebanese people have been killed, most of them civilians. It completely blows my mind when I think of what is going on over there.

    I have a hard time keeping up with the conflicts happening in places like Israel/Palestine/Lebanon, and got even more confused while trying to read up on it today. I'll post some info that might help us understand what is going on there.

    -Last wednesday the Hezbollah captured 2 Israeli soldiers...but who is Hezbollah??
    "Meaning Party of God...it is a governmental and militant Lebanese Shia Islamic group, with a military arm and a civilian arm, founded in 1982 to fight the Israeli Defense Forces who occupied southern Lebanon until the year 2000.
    Hezbollah is regarded by many inside the Arab and Muslim worlds as a legitimate resistance movement and is a recognized political party in Lebanon, where it has participated in government"

    -On 12 July 2006, Hezbollah's armed wing initiated their Operation Truthful Promise. Eight Israeli soldiers were killed and two were captured. Israel then responded with Operation Just Reward, later renamed Operation Change of Direction. Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah declared that "No military operation will return them... The prisoners will not be returned except through one way: indirect negotiations and a trade."

    -Early on 13 July 2006 Israel sent IDF jets to bomb Lebanon’s international airport near Beirut, forcing its closure and diverting its arriving flights to Cyprus. Hezbollah retaliated by bombarding the Israeli towns of Nahariya and Safed, as well as villages nearby. The attacks killed two civilians and wounded 29 more. Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert declared the attack by Hezbollah’s military wing an “act of war” and promised Lebanon a “very painful and far-reaching response.” Israel is now imposing an air and sea blockade on Lebanon, and has bombed the main Beirut–Damascus highway. IDF Chief of Staff Dan Halutz said “If the soldiers are not returned we will turn Lebanon’s clock back 20 years.”

    -On 14 July, Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah said that Hezbollah is ready for “open war” with Israel. On 14 July BBC News reported that Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert would agree to a ceasefire if Hezbollah returned the two captured soldiers, stopped firing rockets at Israel, and if Lebanon implemented UN Security Council resolution 1559, which calls for the group’s disarmament. Two days later, it was reported that Israel would agree to a ceasefire under two conditions: 1) The return of the two soldiers captured on 12 July and, 2) The Army/Government of Lebanon would have to ensure that Hezbollah would pull back to the Litani River. On Monday, 17 July, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said the fighting in Lebanon would end when Hezbollah guerrillas freed two captured soldiers, rocket attacks on Israel stopped and the Lebanese army deployed along the border. But a spokesman for Hezbollah says it wants an unconditional ceasefire.
    " all text courtesy of: www.wikipedia.com

    So that's kind of where everything stands now...I know it's a lot to read but it gives you a pretty good idea of what's going on over there if you're not sure...try and get through it...

    on that note, have a good day, and be thankful we live where we do.
    well hello strangers...

    once again, I must apologize for not writing AT ALL last week - but since my partners in crim didn't either, i don't feel as bad. Where is everyone? What is going on? How come no one is writing? I always feel like things really die down in the summer whether we mean for them to or not. I find it harder and harder to stick around work for a full day when the sun is beating down outside, especially now since I've been printing in the darkroom even more lately!

    Not much is new and exciting in my life lately - ordered the cutest pair of shoes from Gravity Pope in Calgary, but they sent the wrong colour and size so i was pretty bummed about it - but then I realized that I can't really justify spending $200 on a pair of shoes right now so i don't feel too badly about it. Went shopping with mom on saturday and I once again realized how much I HATE West Edmonton Mall on the weekends...sooooo many people! But so many stores! I forgot about Urban Outfitters again so I'd like to go back one night after work and check it out...I wonder which one of my friends buys all of their clothes from there and would want to come along...hmmmmm...

    So I'm still planning on going dancing saturday night...maybe we should go downtown where the crowds won't be as bad?! I'm thinking maybe Halo downtown or Hudson's on Whyte - we'll see and I'll let you know.
    So that's about it for me for now...hope you're all having a swell monday, and don't forget to leave comments - I would hate to have to talk to myself again!


    The Story of My Life

    thank you thank you

    Thanks for all the birthday wishes - I love you too! Nice pic, Jeaninne! Yeah - real nice. I can't wait until November now! The gloves are coming off!

    Had fun in Moose Jaw this weekend - spent my birthday at my cousin Brian's wedding, which was sooo much fun. Got totally loaded in front of my family with my little cousin Loy, who's birthday is also on July 8th! It was a really nice and simple wedding & reception, and now I can't wait until August. Actually, I can't wait until the dance!

    I can't decide how I feel about mondays anymore. Sometimes I feel great and can stay perky all day. Then there's Mondays like today where I've got a killer headache and can't seem to stay focused enough to complete a single task. I'm really in a lot of pain and being in the dark room all day isn't helping. So that's it for now - have a good one and I'll talk to you again soon!


    Happy Birthday HOOTSIE TOOTSIE!
    (Tommorrow, July, 8, 2006)

    Casey you are so fab! I hope this birthday kick's ASS!

    We Love You!

    I am so excited and I just can't hide it...

    Look what is out:


    YIIIII! I cannot believe I have to wait practically another year to see this!!!

    Hope everyone is having a good day. I went outside at lunch to read and sat at a weird angle and now half of me is burnt and the other half isn't. I am like that dual personality guy on Batman!

    I also saw a sign advertising a company called "Suck U" they are a sanitary waste company. How do they answer the phone without laughing?



    I was reading online today and found out the following factoid:

    -Author J.K. Rowling said two characters will die in the last instalment of her boy wizard series and she hinted Harry Potter might not survive either. "The last book is not finished but I'm well into it now. I wrote the final chapter in something like 1990, so I've known exactly how the series is going to end," she said.
    courtesy: www.mytelus.com

    No word yet on when the book will be coming out, but the movie 'The Order of the Phoenix' is going to be out next July! On a side note, apparently J.K. Rowling is now the wealthiest woman in England, even richer than the queen!

    Amazing stuff you learn on a tuesday morning, hey?


    I took the Harry Potter quiz and I'm not Draco Malfoy anymore...I am now Sirius Black. Definitely an improvement!


    yo yo yo

    It's Monday morning, and I'm feeling surprisingly awake, perky, and somewhat agile, despite my rough day yesterday. Spent the majority of the day putting a ton of rock into the parent's yard to spruce up the landscaping a bit - I tell you, it's going to be gorgeous in August! Had a pretty fun weekend - relaxed friday night, did a LITTLE BIT of sewing, thanks to somebody who wanted to spend the day "outside in the fresh air!!" Just kidding Christine - even got to spend some time on the patio at earls with my favourite new sandwich!!! And then saturday night? Don't even get me started on the crazies I ran into that night! It was an eventful evening to say the least!!

    Actually on saturday I bought my first ever tube tops - actually, I don't know if they're classified as tube tops - I guess they're strapless/sleeveless tops. Tube tops are what I think Tracey wears secretly under her regular clothes - tummy baring and everything! So I wore mine yesterday since I've got to get rid of my farmer's tan before Auguest, and now my shoulders and upper back are a bit burned!

    So that's about it for me - I'm a bit in mourning today as one of the last colour printing/developing labs in the city has shut down. I think the end of film is truly becoming more and more iminent! Soon all I'll have to develop my film will be Walmart or crappy-store. *sigh*
    Have a fantastic monday...talk soon,

    I am so freaking happy!

    Well, I am officially the happiest person in the world now that hockey is over! You should be proud of me I watched the last game and actually cheered a little (I had to since I was watching it in Calgary) but I realized I should be living in Calgary the hockey hype felt like a lot less down there. I do agree that it was nice that the whole city of Edmonton (apart from me) bonded over the Oiler Fever. Oh, and at our Board meeting Mrs. Klein said they were at one of the games? But you would think that would have been on TV maybe she meant another series or something?
    It has been an exhausting week I was in Lac La Biche all weekend and then I was in Calgary for work on Monday and Tuesday. Then yesterday I was sick and ended up going home from work - I cannot believe today is Friday! Tonight is Nicole's lingerie Shower/Stagette at the Sidetrack Cafe. The rest of the weekend - who knows? DJ's family is coming to stay with us but I think they are doing their own thing. Tomorrow is going to be 26. We should all do something outside like a picnic - but NOT a waterfight!
    Oh, and I made a bowl of oatmeal this morning and there was a hair in it and I thought it was mine but I think it was someone from the packaging plants b/c it was long and black and no one here has that type of hair? Maybe if I call Quaker and tell them they will send me free stuff.

    I did have a question, I am getting my haircut next week and I was thinking about converting back to the straight across bangs - do you guys think that look is over or still hot?

    Happy Friday Everyone!

    The Mourning is Over and Today is Officially Edmonton Oilers Day

    so me and my mom had a tiny half mass on tuesday, as we hummed taps and removed the oilers flag from her car. i was depressed, but now...feeling a bit better. it was a fantastic run and as cheesy as it sounds i was glad to be part of this city for the excitement, the fans, participation and fun that was brought during this playoff run.

    i went to the rally today. it was a little bittersweet. i felt bad for the players because i don't think they really wanted to celebrate anything but they just wanted to thank the fans. and it was sad when ryan smyth teared up a little...my eyes watered a bit i admit it. but i am glad they came out to thank everyone. i think that some of it was a little too political for my taste as the deputy minister of finance, shirley mcclellan was thanking all the MLA's (as they have done so much for hockey?) , and the priemer....(why, he didn't even show up to a game). it was suppose to be a fan event not some political arena. but i did enjoy patrick laforge's speech when he mentioned how he apprecieated all the fans those that went to rexall and those that could not, the inner city to lac la biche...and the dig he gave mcclellan when he said that he was surprised she did not address that...it made me laugh. it was a nice closing event.

    and p.s. i still stand by my statement about the hockey players and my mother agreed as staios, moreau, and jason smith were looking very hot!

    that is the end of my hockey speel until playoffs 2007, we will get them next year! :)

    Game On!!

    okay ladies and gents,

    right now any self respecting edmontonian is watching the game...but, alas, i am at work trying my hardest to hear the play by play from radio shack...so because this mall is dead i will be doing my own play by play to entertain myself...ENJOY!


    I'm with you Tracey - what a fantastic game. I have to say the stadium wasn't as loud as game #3 last night, but they sure got loud as the game was finishing. I was sitting up on the catwalk shaking my head in amazement - I'm not surprised the Oilers won, but I am surprised that they won by so much! And the shots on goal? Edmonton made double the shots that Carolina did! They had better win now after last nights performance. I saw hottie Ethan Moreau on the ice after the game with his beautiful wife and two little kids, so I decided not to jump him! And I was three feet away from the scariest man in Canada too - Stephen Harper. Ooooohhhh...I get shudders just thinking of him.

    So tomorrow is back to the regular grind at work - nothing else is really new around my neck of the woods. Oh I do have a bit of news from Sal; brace yourself! He bought a new fish tank of a whopping 90 GALLONS!!! That's three times the size of the one in our living room right now! He got it really really cheap and he's going to take our existing one down and stick everything in the new tank. It should be pretty nice after he's all done with it. I just think it's funny that 4 months ago he was ready to sell everything and now he's right back into it!

    That's about it for me for now...have a good sunday night and HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!!


    Sunday, June 18, 2006 by Tracey Robertson 1 comments
    I LOVE HOCKEY! i know jeaninne that you don't care but i have to post today because that was freaking awesome last night!! we are going to be playing for the stanley cup finals on monday!! can you believe it!! i am pumped!! hope everyone enjoyed it...and remember don't break the superstitions!!


    I Am the Only Person in Edmonton Who Doesn't Care About Hockey

    Ok, I seriously think I am the only person who doesn't' really care about watching the games. I can't freaking wait for them to be over because all anyone talks about is the Oilers, and I have nothing to add to the conversation since I don't' know anything about them! Don't get me wrong it would be totally exciting if the Oilers won but as I said I don't' really care either way - It will change nothing in my life.

    So I saw X-Men 3 on Tuesday. It was definitely not what I expected but it was worth a watch. There is some secret footage after the credits so we waited and waited for all the credits to be over to see this BIG secret and it was about 30 seconds long!

    Went to Kingsway on my lunch break today and Lulu Lemon is officially open. It is smaller the WEM and Whyte but they have stock in everything for once so now is the time to go. Except they didn't even have the sweats I wanted.

    Well, I will be spending my last day of freedom without DJ at home doing laundry and packing tonight. Then tomorrow it is off to Lac La Biche for the weekend.


    sick...and incredible!!!

    So I'm home today with what my doctor thinks is a touch of bronchitis - so I'm going to be steaming my head and stocking up on codeine-infused cough syrup, while thinking about...


    How do you feel now, all those doubters? Trace, has your mom jumped back onto the bandwagon? I'm going to be back at Rexall saturday night for the game and I'll make sure to get some pics taken...so so good.

    Anyway, that's it for me...I'm off...talk to you all soon!



    finally...hump day...

    Finally got back to my workout regimen after missing my class last week and boy does missing a class make a difference! I went up three pounds in my hand weights and I'm so sore today!

    So Tracey, you don't have to worry about your Oilers superstition - I'm off to watch the game at Lynette's tonight and cheer them on! And then at one point this week I'm going to have to hit the medical clinic because my chest and cough hasn't gotten any better - Sal thinks it's because of all the beer I drank this weekend combined with the lack of a good sleep! But I should be able to get there tomorrow for sure!

    My whole week has been thrown off because of the game - I feel like I haven't talked to you girls in AGES!! After tonight I'll know a little more about my schedule and hopefully we'll be able to hook up again soon! Until then, keep yourself busy with these sites I've found:

    ~Barbie Martini - another fun celebrity website!

    ~A music website that lets you download and listen to new indie bands for free!

    ~Dooce! A very cool mom with a pretty cool site!

    J9 Has Arrived

    Hello Darlings,

    Well, here I am making my first post on the blog! I have to agree with Casey and Tracey, it is somewhat harder than I thought to come up with a topic to write about.

    I browsed a few other blogs for inspiration and I have decided ours is pretty awesome. I know we don't talk about anything amazing but it always makes me happy when I see a new post.
    I know it will make everyone a hundred times happier now that they see my posts!

    Since this week is pretty dull for me, I am going to leave it at that for today and hopefully something exciting will happen soon! I had a laugh about today's Savage Chicken cartoon which I have posted below for your viewing pleasure.

    Jeaninne xo

    PS: The spell check keeps trying to replace my name with canine! Stupido!

    BRING ON GAME #4!!!!

    what a night!!! I think that every hockey fan should get a chance to attend a playoff game, whether you are hardcore or not! I got goosebumps last night during both of the anthems as the crowd was singing along to both songs, and then again when the whole stadium began to chant "Let's go Oilers let's go!" It was a pretty cool night - my job/crew is known as the 'vacation gig' as we get to watch the game, and then do a one minute long interview after the first and second periods. That's it! Freaking awesome!

    So tomorrow we'll be back at Rexall for the game, and then on Saturday for game 6 (and don't even say 'if'!) So I'll have to find somewhere to go wednesday night to watch the game since I've been banned from watching it with Tracey since we're allegedly bad luck together! CBC has been coming in colour lately so I'll probably just watch it in my Pjs here!

    That's all for me - no post again until probably tuesday - until then,



    oh man,

    do my legs ever hurt!!!

    spent the day at Rexall place starting to set up cable for the big game - it's really exciting seeing everything get set up and put into place and doing it all behind the scenes in front of the dressing rooms and the exit onto the ice! It's very very cool standing down where the zamboni comes out - kind of sends goose bumps throughout my body!

    saw the oilers and hurricanes being interviewed up and close today when they came into the coliseum. For some reason they really do look different up close! Man, is Cam Ward so young! And Pronger is so tall! And they're all so hairy right now! I love this job, but I don't think I could do it full time. It's really hard on my knees and upper back - holy does that ever make me feel old!

    so now I'm relaxing with a glass of wine, trying to wind down until tomorrow morning when it all starts again. And then it's game day! And then a day off, and then game day again!!!! SO exciting...

    Anyway, have a great friday...I'll be thinking of you while watching my players practice!



    ok, so maybe I'm not banned from blogger after all, and it was just down with technical difficulties. But how am I supposed to know? Although, it still might be blocked from my computers at work but I'll have to wait to see because I'M GOING TO BE WORKING THE NHL GAMES HERE IN EDMONTON!!!!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!!!

    ...although after tonight's performance I can only hope they'll still be exciting games! I highly recommend checking out the message boards at www.edmontonoilers.com to see what people did or didn't do that made them lose. It is sooooo funny, and a little bit pathethic, but mostly funny.

    that's it for tonight...must get my beauty rest so I will look fresh and perky for the Oilers tomorrow.


    la la la la

    hello everybody!!

    how are all of you doing? i am fantastic....although i am kind of wired for someone that has been up since 6:30am and as you have guessed, i didn't get called into work today. so i have been doing some training for telus in the latest systems that we have and i think i will go for a run though after this....fun fun fun

    didn't do a heck of a lot this weekend...i had a staff bbq in leduc...and SURPRISE...got lost on the way...but it was like the amazing race as a guy told me i could follow him as he was going to a similar area...got there, quaded a bit, ate, was merry! :)

    (side note) i am listening to "my hips don't lie: by sharkira...i must say i really like that song...i am dancing in my chair as you read this! :) ooo and “promiscuous” by nelly furtado…atleast those are the top forty type of songs i am listening to right now!

    congratulations to casey for having this blog for close to a year now!! who knew it would last this long…but i suppose if we got rid of scronkmenow something new was eventually was going to come about!

    did anyone watch the hockey game last nite…i didn’t get a chance because i was working but it sounded pretty brutal…our cute little mall announcer had a mini radio tv in his lotto booth and was announcing the score for all of us…and i laughed so hard when i heard gary from gary and audie got arrested for throwing alberta beef onto the rink…craziness…it does suck about our goalie though…but carolina’s goalie, cam ward, being from sherwood park…that is kind of cool!

    well that is it for now guys!! sorry for the rambling blog...so much in my head to say! :)

    ho hum

    so it's thursday already (and finally!) woke up this morning and realized I was able to get a free coffee from starbucks (yayyy!!) but I think I've got allergies (boo!!) but I am awfully excited about the weather...I love the sun and my favourite part of the day is taking my lunch and eating outside with my book. and of course, today I'm going to be in the darkroom printing so it will be even better when i finally get outside!

    went shopping for a dress last night with mom for sal's graduation - I was so excited when i bought it, but then when I got home and tried it on again I didn't like it anymore. I hate it when that happens! so I'm off to Kinsgway tonight to find something else...*sigh*...not much going on this weekend - megan is playing softball in the Corporate Challenge so i think we might head out to watch some of that action, and that's about it for plans!

    have a good one, all!

    p.s. Jeaninne, I'm thinking of you today!

    yo yo yo

    so it's tuesday morning already (well, actually closer to the afternoon) and my two coffees haven't kicked in yet - and it's almost lunchtime, and I just realized that I forgot to put my lunch in the fridge downstairs so my yogurt is going to be warm. AND I spilled coffee all over my passenger floor in my car so it's going to stink once the sun starts hitting that side of my car! What a perfect day so far! And tonight is part 3 of boot camp. GREAT!!!

    hope your week is going better than mine so far. The 'almost-riot' on whyte ave. over the weekend has been quite the topic around the water cooler here at work and I'm curious about your thoughts. What can be done to prevent another scene like the one that happened saturday night? my thoughts?? I'm thinking that maybe they should let the cars through again - it will increase the traffic on the sidewalks, but will certainly disperse the mob-like crowd in the streets! And that way the police will be able to patrol the whole area instead of sitting on the side streets blocking traffic! I've got to say it's pretty embarassing watching the shit that went on down there...the fireworks were kind of neat, but what possesses somebody to kick in a window or knock down a phone booth?

    it's the rednecks, I swear!
    what are your thoughts?

    GO OILERS GO!!!! (and go sabres too!)


    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUU...........................

    live it up!!
    love you!!

    back to the grind...

    it's amazing how a long weekend can totally refresh you and help you get geared up for the upcoming week!

    I can't believe it hasn't been mentioned on here yet, but holy shit can you believe the Edmonton Oilers? It's like what Calgary went through last year, minus the 'Red Mile' and trashy girls showing off their boobs! I heard that some people were trying to rename Whyte Ave. 'Copperhead Alley'. What's with that? Probably one of the lamest attempts at a cool slang name for a street that already has a slang name. I was really pulling for 'Whyte and Blue Mile' but you can't win 'em all (Sammy!)
    So tonight I'm back to the boot camp and then will head home to watch the rest of the game in black & white. It actually makes it more exciting as you have to work WAY harder to keep track of the puck, which in turn makes the whole viewing experience that much more intense!

    courtesy: www.edmontonoilers.com

    so this weekend should end up being a bit of a party with sal's big birthday. the big 3-0, I can't believe it! Last night we were out for dinner with a girlfriend who's got one baby and another on the way, and it amazes me when I watch how good Sal is with kids! He makes all of the cutsey sounds and noises and really keeps them interested. But I think it will still be a while before that enters my life - I've got enough friends with kids to keep me satisfied!

    so that's it for now...go oilers go...don't forget to watch the games!

    it was darling

    Tuesday, May 23, 2006 by Tracey Robertson 1 comments
    okay guys,

    i know nikki recommended this movie wayback to me and i don't know if any of you have seen it but if not check out "my date with drew"...it is seriously one of the sweetest movies!! you cheer...tear up....oo the excitement and drama!

    very good!


    so after reeling all morning after still thinking about my favourite tv show, I've decided that the only people I can talk about it with are you, my dearest friends. Dennis thinks Meredith is a slut and that this is all her fault...grrrrr men...but now we just have to wait until the fall. *sigh*

    last night I went for my first-ever aquasize class, and much to my disbelief, it's not all seniors that take the class! In fact, most of the people there were middle-aged women! Holy cow was it ever a good workout! You know you're working hard when you're sweating in the pool - so I'm going to try and go three times a week, except on the day when I'm taking my 'Bridal Boot Camp' class. Yup - you heard right. If you don't hear from me within the next few days it's because I've been knocked flat on my back from skipping, weights, push-ups and sit-ups. I'll let you know how it goes!

    So on that note, I'm off...should start work sometime today.

    p.s. did you know they're opening a lulu lemon in Kingsway?


    have to write quickly - the finale of CSI Miami is on, even though it's so freaking cheesy! I swear I was crying during the last 5 minutes of Grey's tonight. Man, I hate when my predictions are right! Who is she going to choose? And what was up with Cristina? I love this show and I'm back in love with McDreamy - I can't help it! Besides, I think Chris O'Donnell is balding a bit.

    ok gotta go...


    Monday, May 15, 2006 by Tracey Robertson 4 comments
    ...i don't even know what to say after last nite's ep....ahhhhhhhhhhhh! i don't think i can handle tonite's season finale if it is going to end like last nite!

    sunday may 14


    love, your daughters and sons.

    thursday, may 11

    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday dear Bruce Becker (aka DAD!)
    Happy Birthday to you (insert high pitched solo note here~)

    Love ya dad!

    hello strangers...

    It's already tuesday, and although the weather is rainy and cold, I couldn't be happier! I actually enjoy this weather because I know that it's finally spring and there will (probably!) be no more snow! And just think of how good the rain is for the poor farmers that got no snow over the winter! I also like days like this when I'm going to be printing in the dark room because I know I'm not missing beautiful sunny weather while being stuck in the dark!

    Not much has been going on with me...work is going really well, and I might learn how to do hand colouring on black and white photos. I'm not talking making the roses you're holding look bright red while the rest is not coloured (I hate that look!) I'm talking making skin look skin-coloured and slightly rosy cheeks - like what they used to do back in the 40s! I'm excited. Actually, just like this beautiful photo of my grandma:

    So no plans for me for the week...maybe I'll watch the game tomorrow night if the Oilers can pick up some of that momentum they're so famous for! But only if it doesn't conflict with Lost! I love that show again, although I'm sick of always guessing what is going on (Tracey, don't go on one of your tangents here!) So I'm off into the dark now...here's a list of songs I'll be listening to:

    'You are my joy' by Reindeer Section
    'Black Horse and a cherry tree' by K.T. Tunstall
    'Wore me Down' by Rachel Yamagata
    'Vampires in Blue Dresses' by Margot and the Neutral So and So's (it's really a cool song!)
    'I turn My camera on' by Spoon
    'Lollipop' by Ben Kweller

    So you know that I put these on here for you to check out, right? Let me know what you think of them if you do end up listening to them!

    have a good one...casey

    ewww...so nasty out

    okay guys,

    the lack of news is so not worthy of posting...i spent my sunday night watching television....it was sooo NICE!!...that is rite, on the list of tv shows is 7th heaven series finale...jeaninne you will be sad you missed it! it was a joyous occassion of non-marriage and 3 sets of twins on the way....

    but what made me very angry...that i wanted to throw something at the tv set was mcdreamy who i now call mcidiot, mcstupid, mc$%##!....ARGH...he made me soo mad...and telling meredith it's over!!!! nice "friend"...pah!

    what are your thoughts?


    hey guys....here is a fun reincarnation test to take....

    i was a freaking alligator! :) lol


    new new new (sites)

    some fun sites to check out: (i'll try and post a bunch today)
    - I could stare at this all day!

    - this site makes me want to live and dress in New York!