november 22

by now...according to my usual tradition...i usually have all my christmas decorations up! sigh...this year delayed. with exams, jobs, and so much more i got sidetracked from my usual christmas festivity!

(yesterday, however) we bought something i am extremely excited about: a real christmas tree!! i am in love with this tree. it is small but beautiful and smells like christmas!!!...(ahhh i am such a mush about this holiday) my other tree you ask??? well my artificial one looks a little sad sitting by it and i feel a bit of a charlie brown syndrome going on...i really don't know what to do with it...we shall see...any suggestions?

so that is my day today...i am going to decorate the tree and spread christmas joy in this apartment :)

i heart the holidays

a good night

ahhh remember varsity blues? the movie was probably (or is) incredibly lame but i enjoyed it so much and still do apparently. it was on last night, completing date night for me and mark. i was actually surprised that he wanted to watch it, and even kind of picked it to watch...ahhh fabulous.

it was actually a fab night. we splurged and bought panago pizza (my second weekend and a row of pizza...ugh hibernating food). we played monopoly where i lost horribly, and played four rounds of harry potter uno, that i lost horribly again...and then a movie. simple but good fun!

enough of my evening...

What do you like doing, when staying inside for the night?

new additions

so i realize that i may be the only one (besides case) that wants to write and read on this blog...that is okay...i had fun adding some additions to it! :) tee hee

windy days

so i am sitting here at the computer contemplating canceling my run today as it seems pretty windy out. unfortunately it will probably be one of the few nice days left before it gets really cold, so i just can't decide. sigh...should i or shouldn't i? a question i would normally pose for facebook but am slightly getting sick of that site. i was pretty close to deactivating my account today...i just kept thinking that i want to keep up with family and maybe vice versa. but i really do want a break. it will happen i just can't decide when! :)

went to cosmos with my parents and mark last night. i totally remember going to that exact restaurant in second or third year university at around this time of year for warren's birthday. so funny that now i am in school once again. we also saw the movie the informant. it was "good" but kind of weird...and really not what i was expecting at all. go into the movie knowing that it is based on true events, i think that makes a difference. we also saw a trailer in the movie called the blind side...seriously i was practically crying at the five minute preview...looks so good! :)

not much else to say for today. i am going to do a bunch of errands and celebrate some bdays.

happy sunday everyone! :)

Rant for Tonight

okay kayne...seriously???

click here to see the who the dumba** award goes to.

but in other news...for the classiest award click here.


Hey folks,

Wow, it sure has been a long time. And I was such a dork - who would want to read about what I do in a day anyway?

So things have been good - I'm pretty sure all of you know what I have been up to! Besides school starting up again and getting myself knocked up, Sal and I (well, actually just Sal) have been doing some major renos to the house. The kitchen floor has been redone, the front living room has been rehauled and repainted, and the main floor bathroom currently holds just the bathtub. No walls, no sink, no floor, and no toilet. Sal is sitting beside me as we speak looking up electricians to come in and take a look at the wiring, but other than that he is ready to get going on it! P.S. IF ANYONE KNOWS AN ELECTRICIAN PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!

We also found out on Wednesday that we are having a little girl in December, and we could not be happier. Sal is already talking about all of the playdates he is going to have with her and about all of the stuff he is going to be making. So cute...

Trace, I'm glad you wanted to get going on this again - I think it will be fun.

I AM BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so i had been thinking for a long time of bringing back the blog. i missed it (sigh). as much as i love the gossip of the facebook world, i enjoyed how we shared in our thoughts, events, and feelings of our day to day existence. a sentence just cannot sum everything up all the time! i cannot believe how long it has been since one of us has written on here. i think it was around the time that facebook came crashing into our lives. well i have had enough...i want our blog back! :) especially after reading some of the things that we posted on here. we are all so darn cute!

so this is the first official blog of our coming out!! yeah!!!

so since 2007, i have gone back to school (AGAIN). i live in edmonton. i live with a boy. i have a cat (partial owner). i have a car (my second one). i have gone backpacking in the mountains (numerous times with said boy). i have dyed my hair dark. i have started running again, got injured, and have ran some more. and i still have my fantabulous friends (with some new ones that are just as fantabulous).

i think that is me in a nutshell...what is new with you?