Hope you have a wonderful day...and a merry christmas...and happy kwanzaa.

And I hope you eat a lot and don't get sick!


i love this video

happy christmas everyone!

4 more days!

I still can't believe it! This year is (unfortunately) going to be a last minute christmas for me. I'm already so over-tired this week from going to bed past 11:30pm each night so far! I don't think I'm going to make it!!!
This is going to be a short post as I'm crazy busy at work this week. So if I don't see you before Christmas, I hope you have a relaxing one with loved ones. See you soon!

Love, Casey

...and Buddy!

Baby Kate

The first picture of the Van Sloten legacy has been released!
Here is adorable Baby Kate!

Congratulations Christine & Dan! We are all so excited and cannot wait to meet the new addition to your family!


Christine & Dan on the arrival of Kate Mary-Ann (sp?)! We are all sooo happy for the two of you...I hope you're ready for our excitement! I'm still in a bit of shock, I think! Can't wait to see the three of you.

It's a bit strange that we saw Christine friday night with a basketball under her shirt, and now she's got a little girl to take home! Did anybody else have an eventful weekend? I lazed around all day saturday and did a bit of baking and watched my new favourite Christmas movie: 'White Christmas' - just a warning, though, if you decide to check it out. It is a musical with Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney so there is a lot of singing and a lot of dancing. And it made me cry! Funny how modern day musicals (namely RENT!!) don't make me emotional like the old ones!

Saturday night we did Operation Red Nose again and didn't get into bed until 5am! It was a long long night, and I'm glad friday is our last night! Then yesterday we had mom and dad over to check our modestly decorated apartment and then headed out for dinner at a friend's place and played Lord of the Rings Monopoly. It was hilarious - you don't receive 200 dollars when you pass GO, you receive 200 POWER. It was pretty hilarious! Tiffany loved the placemats I made her so that was really wonderful!

Anyway, only four and a half days left til Christmas break and I can't wait! Things are going to be quiet around here which will be nice. Anyway, have a super monday!

11 more days...

until Christmas!!!!!!! I'm starting to feel a bit shaken up as I've realized I still have more than one gift to buy now! But Megan and I are hitting Whyte Ave. tonight after work so I should get a few down! Hope your week has gone well...mine has been busy! What, with Mustard Seed tuesday night, sewing last night, shopping tonight, dinner tomorrow night, Operation Red Nose Saturday, and then dinner Sunday, I don't think I'm going to be able to make it until Christmas.
So Dad has been in Qatar for the last two weeks and hasn't been feeling the greatest - his knee has been killing him, and something in the water has NOT been sitting well with him. He's been seeing some boxing trainer for the knee and has been walking around on crutches for almost the entire time he's been there! Not the best feeling for a guy who love seeing and experiencing the countries he visits! He's even had acupuncture (see below!):

He's home tomorrow night and I'm sure hoping he'll be well rested come Christmas when all of us kiddies are up at 8am...AGAIN!...
Anyway, that's it for me for now - after I get home tonight it will be back to the sewing table. Have a good one!

one more thing...this video made me laugh...reminds me of being a kid and bugging mom or dad while they were on the phone!

New Glasses

Well, I lost my glasses and I finally, after agonizing for weeks have found a new pair!!!!!

Here they are for your viewing pleasure. The color will be black. I can't wait to have full vision again!

I Love Candy

I am so excited! I am amost done my Christmas shopping! This is a world record!
I am going to finish it off tonight when I go shopping with my Mom and that will be it! Yay!

I have some Christmas fun for you all to partake in below:

Become an Elf

Make Your Own Holiday Sweater

Wrestle That Reindeer

Shake the Snowglobe

If you want some more Christmas fun go here.

Have a great day everyone!


today me and my mom are going to do some christmas baking and watch christmas movies so i am going to post some pictures up that you can enjoy instead of writing a little diddy! they are up on kodakgallery.com if you want to check out more!

dancing dancing dancing!!
hella good...

pinkies up!

this kind of reminds me of a where's waldo picture...

bringing out the dj moves...the coolest move around!

i love tequilla

Sad Friday

I am so sad right now.

I bought these beautiful leather gloves from Gap about a month ago, they were so cute a feminine, gray with white polka dots! I looked like a serious fox wearing them!

This morning one is suddenly missing AAARG and I have no idea where it has gone? I havent' even worn them since Wednesday and had them in the car and then put them in my purse to bring in the house and when I took them out this morning there was only one? The one time I indulge in some nice gloves I lose one!

I am calling everywhere I can think of today and I am going to search the house in case Lola stole it and made it her chew toy!

Anyway, I know this isn't exciting news but I am sad, I needed to vent it out! Now I only look half as foxy with one glove!
IT WASN'T A GOITER!!!!!!!!!!!


Ok, I did a nice long blog entry and it was fabulous let me tell you, it would have blown your minds and the computer ate it! ARGGG technology I hate you!

So now I am doing the short version:

Jeaninne's life in one paragraph or less:

Went to Aladdin with Brett the Hitman Hart with Tracey Jean, play was great Brett stinks!
Went to cooking class with my Mommy and ate Fruitcake euuch, Yule Log euuuch, Sugar Free cookies eucchh, Bread Pudding eucch and White Chocolate Cranberry Brittle yummmmm.
Can't wait to decorate my xmas tree which has been up for three weeks and still has no decorations on it. Spend my days working with mono faking drama queen who sleeps under desk, going crazy. Treat dog and cat like children and talk to them like people when I am alone.

I would like to say that after talking to Megan last night, I realize that mono is a terrible thing to have, and I think I undestimated what it can do to people. I just think my coworker is faking. And now Casey scared me and told me it is highly contagious and I am going to contract it. Then I will probably be home for two weeks eating my words. I hope I didn't contract it b/c Casey and Tracey drank my water!!! Great, now I will proably get a goiter!

almost done...

this week, that is!
I get more and more excited about christmas each day! Maybe that's because I've got holiday music playing in two places upstairs here! I've been quite productive today working in photoshop! Today I'm feeling really refreshed and almost bubbly...I went home and crashed in bed before 11:00!
Anyway, not much is new today (yet!) But I'll keep you posted if something happens. Until then, enjoy this little clip of my favourite comtemporary holiday song:

Oh - question of the day: what is your favourite modern holiday song and favourite classic?
My favourite classic is Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas by Ella Fitzgerald.
Have a good one!

here we go hump day!

hey all...

so far so good regarding my post-a-day! Had a tough time getting out of bed this morning as my arms were killing me! I helped push out some guy in the alley behind my apartment last night, and my pipes sure did get a workout! was quite productive at work today - got a bunch of photos printed and even finished two orders!

Got some sad news after reading this story - a bunch of craft blogs I frequent have been keeping up with the story and even knew the family so it was sad to get the news! So if you get lost in the backroads stay in your vehicle and keep your cell phone on!!

To get us back in a cheery Christmas mood, keep yourself busy with these fun links:

Dolly dress-up!
Guess the Christmas song by the picture on each day!
Take some Christmas quizzes.
Still need some gift ideas?
These are fantastic cookies and are a twist on the regular gingerbread cookie!

enjoy...talk to you tomorrow!


hey everyone...

in honour of me being alone at work for the rest of the month, I'm going to try and write here once a day. Tracey has already informed me that there's a bunch of outdated links and whatnot on the blog so I'm going to attempt to remedy that. Things have been alright at work, although it's strange being up here all by myself. I don't think any of you have ever visited me here, but if you had you would know why i'm soooo lonely! There is a lot of quiet & empty space.

So that's all that's new for now. I'm almost finished shopping for christmas presents, and have just a few more little craft projects to complete. Hope your tuesday is going well and we'll talk soon!


p.s. HI GRAMMIE!!!!!!!!


Hope you have a fantastic birthday today...I already sang once to you so I won't do it again here!

love ya,


so i was really harassing casey and jeaninne for not writing on this blog, yet i excused myself for not writing. today i have no excuses! my grandma visits this thing everyday and is very upset with the lack of posts!! i guess people do read these things (just don't comment~hint hint!)

so what is new:

i had my bday shindig on saturday. i had a lot of fun! i am soo glad that people made it, as i know christmas can be very busy!! i was impressed with the dance moves that everyone busted out after just a couple of drinks...or even just one drink (dj). and a special thanks goes to case for having a tequilla shot, you're the best! and to sal for waiting in the line (in the cold) to get in. thanks guys! you all rock! and lynette i hope you enjoyed your answering machine messages at 11pm!

during the day we went on the most fabulous outing: we went to toys r us. instead of giving each other presents this year, we decided to spend the money on toys for santas anonymous . it was really cool.

of the toys:
baby gifts: winnie the pooh stuffed animal, glow worm
toddler: bowling set, firetruck set, cash register
girl: cabbage patch doll, make-up
boy: carwash for cars
generic: puzzle, guess who game, mr. potatohead

it was quite fun and i was really glad that we did it! :)

i think that is it for now. i am sure i will write more with all the christmas things coming up. have a good day guys!! and thanks for the birthday fun!