mr. potter...

oooohhh...what is this I've found? Is it? No - can't be...the first trailer for the Order of the Phoenix? Watch and enjoy, and buy me candy for making you so happy!



it sure has been a while - what's new with me you ask?

-on friday I was cutting with an exacto knife and ruler and the knife slipped and sliced my left thumb...I ended up getting 2 stitches at the clinic and they even put a stitch RIGHT THROUGH MY FINGERNAIL!! It looks kind of nasty but doesn't hurt anymore. I might post some pics once I get my film developed so stay tuned!!

-things have been a bit tense at work lately with positions being moved/shifted/ much going on!!!

-my christmas shopping has officially started! Megan and I went monday night and I have decided that is my favourite day to go to West Ed. It wasn't busy at all and I had my first gingerbread latte of the season...I do prefer starbucks to second cup hands down!

-I have found so many projects to do off of this newsletter but I really shouldn't buy any more fabric until after christmas. It's soooo hard!! Especially when I have to go buy fabric for Jessica that she's going to give to her sister for christmas! *sniff sniff*

-only 4 more days until Sal is finished school...can't believe it's done already! maybe we'll be able to enjoy married life together now and really bond as hubby & wifey!

-last but most definitely not least, today is the first day I'm listening to holiday music. I couldn't put it off any longer now that it's being played in every store I go into! So grab a cup of hot cocoa and tune into the best holiday music on the internet!

have a good hump day!
p.s. nice to have you back, mom!!


Hope you have a fabulous day! I am very disappointed because I have no picture to post of I had to post a picture of this guy dressed as toast. Have fun you fabulous, young lady!

my worst nightmare

say it isn't so!!!

shocker of the month

ho hum...another celebrity divorce...sure didn't see this one coming.

Faith Hill & first video post!

hey all...

I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this video on the net today - FINALLY! Someone is actually pissed that they didn't win an award - it's Faith Hill losing last night at the Country Music awards. It's pretty unbelievable, hey? What do you think? Good that someone actually reacted honestly, or pathetic that they couldn't keep their emotions in check?

Hey guys...

Did you know that Bob Barker is 83 years old? And we thought we were getting up there! In honour of his retirement, check out this list of the top 10 things to love about this great man of daytime game shows!

So what do you think of the new season of Grey's Anatomy so far? I've got to admit I'm a bit undecided. I really like the medical cases they've been having, but there are some other things bugging me:
-I wish Burke would tell someone that he's not OK because of poor Miranda!
-Izzy is annoying as a passive doctor
-Derek and Meredith's story is too flip-floppy to me and there's nothing happening

But that's just me...what do you think?
Have a good weekend...


Hope you have a fantasmo day!!

1 Day until I am the BIG 2 6

Hi Girls,

I have another song that I just love right now. It is slow but good.
"Ache" by James Carrington
You can listen to it here.

Have a fab afternoon's beginning to look a lot like winter...

It's amazing how as soon as November 1st comes around the Christmas displays/commercials start coming out in full force! I've seen ads for Christmas trees, Festival of Trees, Christmas vacations - you name it! But what I really can't believe is that Christmas is less than two months away!!! How the heck did that happen?
If any of you find old clothes/shoes/jackets that you are looking to get rid of, remember that Tracey and I can take them to the Mustard Seed...I've been taking garbage bags of stuff already just from going through my closet! We'll take them down to the church once you've collected stuff (like how I volunteered you, Trace?)

Thanks guys, and Merry Holiday season!