okay i am way to stupid to figure this posting of the trailer so click here and you will see something spectacular!

New Blog

Just wanted to let everyone know that I have started my own crafting blog over at and hopefully Casey will be joining me in sharing some of her craftiness (and add a link to this blog's sidebar)!

Sorry for the lack of posts, especially to Loy, Jane and Grandma R who have expressed their disapproval! We will try to post more regularly but the problem is we are all addicted to

They Say It's Your Birthday


Thank Goodness it's Thursday!

Sigh, I suppose it is up to me to post on here due to the utter lack of posts lately.

Here is what we are doing this weekend:

Tracey: Going on a Ski Trip - I am jealous

Casey: Lazing around her parents house in Sherwood Park babysitting Buddy the dog, Some Sewing and a Bikini Wax

Jeaninne: Shopping with my Mom, Sewing my new cushions for my sofa, repainting some thrifted night tables to be new side tables in the living room and enjoying Easter + a 4 day weekend.

Happy Easter Everyone!