I am so excited and I just can't hide it...

Look what is out:


YIIIII! I cannot believe I have to wait practically another year to see this!!!

Hope everyone is having a good day. I went outside at lunch to read and sat at a weird angle and now half of me is burnt and the other half isn't. I am like that dual personality guy on Batman!

I also saw a sign advertising a company called "Suck U" they are a sanitary waste company. How do they answer the phone without laughing?



I was reading online today and found out the following factoid:

-Author J.K. Rowling said two characters will die in the last instalment of her boy wizard series and she hinted Harry Potter might not survive either. "The last book is not finished but I'm well into it now. I wrote the final chapter in something like 1990, so I've known exactly how the series is going to end," she said.
courtesy: www.mytelus.com

No word yet on when the book will be coming out, but the movie 'The Order of the Phoenix' is going to be out next July! On a side note, apparently J.K. Rowling is now the wealthiest woman in England, even richer than the queen!

Amazing stuff you learn on a tuesday morning, hey?


I took the Harry Potter quiz and I'm not Draco Malfoy anymore...I am now Sirius Black. Definitely an improvement!


yo yo yo

It's Monday morning, and I'm feeling surprisingly awake, perky, and somewhat agile, despite my rough day yesterday. Spent the majority of the day putting a ton of rock into the parent's yard to spruce up the landscaping a bit - I tell you, it's going to be gorgeous in August! Had a pretty fun weekend - relaxed friday night, did a LITTLE BIT of sewing, thanks to somebody who wanted to spend the day "outside in the fresh air!!" Just kidding Christine - even got to spend some time on the patio at earls with my favourite new sandwich!!! And then saturday night? Don't even get me started on the crazies I ran into that night! It was an eventful evening to say the least!!

Actually on saturday I bought my first ever tube tops - actually, I don't know if they're classified as tube tops - I guess they're strapless/sleeveless tops. Tube tops are what I think Tracey wears secretly under her regular clothes - tummy baring and everything! So I wore mine yesterday since I've got to get rid of my farmer's tan before Auguest, and now my shoulders and upper back are a bit burned!

So that's about it for me - I'm a bit in mourning today as one of the last colour printing/developing labs in the city has shut down. I think the end of film is truly becoming more and more iminent! Soon all I'll have to develop my film will be Walmart or crappy-store. *sigh*
Have a fantastic monday...talk soon,

I am so freaking happy!

Well, I am officially the happiest person in the world now that hockey is over! You should be proud of me I watched the last game and actually cheered a little (I had to since I was watching it in Calgary) but I realized I should be living in Calgary the hockey hype felt like a lot less down there. I do agree that it was nice that the whole city of Edmonton (apart from me) bonded over the Oiler Fever. Oh, and at our Board meeting Mrs. Klein said they were at one of the games? But you would think that would have been on TV maybe she meant another series or something?
It has been an exhausting week I was in Lac La Biche all weekend and then I was in Calgary for work on Monday and Tuesday. Then yesterday I was sick and ended up going home from work - I cannot believe today is Friday! Tonight is Nicole's lingerie Shower/Stagette at the Sidetrack Cafe. The rest of the weekend - who knows? DJ's family is coming to stay with us but I think they are doing their own thing. Tomorrow is going to be 26. We should all do something outside like a picnic - but NOT a waterfight!
Oh, and I made a bowl of oatmeal this morning and there was a hair in it and I thought it was mine but I think it was someone from the packaging plants b/c it was long and black and no one here has that type of hair? Maybe if I call Quaker and tell them they will send me free stuff.

I did have a question, I am getting my haircut next week and I was thinking about converting back to the straight across bangs - do you guys think that look is over or still hot?

Happy Friday Everyone!

The Mourning is Over and Today is Officially Edmonton Oilers Day

so me and my mom had a tiny half mass on tuesday, as we hummed taps and removed the oilers flag from her car. i was depressed, but now...feeling a bit better. it was a fantastic run and as cheesy as it sounds i was glad to be part of this city for the excitement, the fans, participation and fun that was brought during this playoff run.

i went to the rally today. it was a little bittersweet. i felt bad for the players because i don't think they really wanted to celebrate anything but they just wanted to thank the fans. and it was sad when ryan smyth teared up a little...my eyes watered a bit i admit it. but i am glad they came out to thank everyone. i think that some of it was a little too political for my taste as the deputy minister of finance, shirley mcclellan was thanking all the MLA's (as they have done so much for hockey?) , and the priemer....(why, he didn't even show up to a game). it was suppose to be a fan event not some political arena. but i did enjoy patrick laforge's speech when he mentioned how he apprecieated all the fans those that went to rexall and those that could not, the inner city to lac la biche...and the dig he gave mcclellan when he said that he was surprised she did not address that...it made me laugh. it was a nice closing event.

and p.s. i still stand by my statement about the hockey players and my mother agreed as staios, moreau, and jason smith were looking very hot!

that is the end of my hockey speel until playoffs 2007, we will get them next year! :)

Game On!!

okay ladies and gents,

right now any self respecting edmontonian is watching the game...but, alas, i am at work trying my hardest to hear the play by play from radio shack...so because this mall is dead i will be doing my own play by play to entertain myself...ENJOY!


I'm with you Tracey - what a fantastic game. I have to say the stadium wasn't as loud as game #3 last night, but they sure got loud as the game was finishing. I was sitting up on the catwalk shaking my head in amazement - I'm not surprised the Oilers won, but I am surprised that they won by so much! And the shots on goal? Edmonton made double the shots that Carolina did! They had better win now after last nights performance. I saw hottie Ethan Moreau on the ice after the game with his beautiful wife and two little kids, so I decided not to jump him! And I was three feet away from the scariest man in Canada too - Stephen Harper. Ooooohhhh...I get shudders just thinking of him.

So tomorrow is back to the regular grind at work - nothing else is really new around my neck of the woods. Oh I do have a bit of news from Sal; brace yourself! He bought a new fish tank of a whopping 90 GALLONS!!! That's three times the size of the one in our living room right now! He got it really really cheap and he's going to take our existing one down and stick everything in the new tank. It should be pretty nice after he's all done with it. I just think it's funny that 4 months ago he was ready to sell everything and now he's right back into it!

That's about it for me for now...have a good sunday night and HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!!


Sunday, June 18, 2006 by Tracey Robertson 1 comments
I LOVE HOCKEY! i know jeaninne that you don't care but i have to post today because that was freaking awesome last night!! we are going to be playing for the stanley cup finals on monday!! can you believe it!! i am pumped!! hope everyone enjoyed it...and remember don't break the superstitions!!


I Am the Only Person in Edmonton Who Doesn't Care About Hockey

Ok, I seriously think I am the only person who doesn't' really care about watching the games. I can't freaking wait for them to be over because all anyone talks about is the Oilers, and I have nothing to add to the conversation since I don't' know anything about them! Don't get me wrong it would be totally exciting if the Oilers won but as I said I don't' really care either way - It will change nothing in my life.

So I saw X-Men 3 on Tuesday. It was definitely not what I expected but it was worth a watch. There is some secret footage after the credits so we waited and waited for all the credits to be over to see this BIG secret and it was about 30 seconds long!

Went to Kingsway on my lunch break today and Lulu Lemon is officially open. It is smaller the WEM and Whyte but they have stock in everything for once so now is the time to go. Except they didn't even have the sweats I wanted.

Well, I will be spending my last day of freedom without DJ at home doing laundry and packing tonight. Then tomorrow it is off to Lac La Biche for the weekend.


sick...and incredible!!!

So I'm home today with what my doctor thinks is a touch of bronchitis - so I'm going to be steaming my head and stocking up on codeine-infused cough syrup, while thinking about...


How do you feel now, all those doubters? Trace, has your mom jumped back onto the bandwagon? I'm going to be back at Rexall saturday night for the game and I'll make sure to get some pics taken...so so good.

Anyway, that's it for me...I'm off...talk to you all soon!



finally...hump day...

Finally got back to my workout regimen after missing my class last week and boy does missing a class make a difference! I went up three pounds in my hand weights and I'm so sore today!

So Tracey, you don't have to worry about your Oilers superstition - I'm off to watch the game at Lynette's tonight and cheer them on! And then at one point this week I'm going to have to hit the medical clinic because my chest and cough hasn't gotten any better - Sal thinks it's because of all the beer I drank this weekend combined with the lack of a good sleep! But I should be able to get there tomorrow for sure!

My whole week has been thrown off because of the game - I feel like I haven't talked to you girls in AGES!! After tonight I'll know a little more about my schedule and hopefully we'll be able to hook up again soon! Until then, keep yourself busy with these sites I've found:

~Barbie Martini - another fun celebrity website!

~A music website that lets you download and listen to new indie bands for free!

~Dooce! A very cool mom with a pretty cool site!

J9 Has Arrived

Hello Darlings,

Well, here I am making my first post on the blog! I have to agree with Casey and Tracey, it is somewhat harder than I thought to come up with a topic to write about.

I browsed a few other blogs for inspiration and I have decided ours is pretty awesome. I know we don't talk about anything amazing but it always makes me happy when I see a new post.
I know it will make everyone a hundred times happier now that they see my posts!

Since this week is pretty dull for me, I am going to leave it at that for today and hopefully something exciting will happen soon! I had a laugh about today's Savage Chicken cartoon which I have posted below for your viewing pleasure.

Jeaninne xo

PS: The spell check keeps trying to replace my name with canine! Stupido!


what a night!!! I think that every hockey fan should get a chance to attend a playoff game, whether you are hardcore or not! I got goosebumps last night during both of the anthems as the crowd was singing along to both songs, and then again when the whole stadium began to chant "Let's go Oilers let's go!" It was a pretty cool night - my job/crew is known as the 'vacation gig' as we get to watch the game, and then do a one minute long interview after the first and second periods. That's it! Freaking awesome!

So tomorrow we'll be back at Rexall for the game, and then on Saturday for game 6 (and don't even say 'if'!) So I'll have to find somewhere to go wednesday night to watch the game since I've been banned from watching it with Tracey since we're allegedly bad luck together! CBC has been coming in colour lately so I'll probably just watch it in my Pjs here!

That's all for me - no post again until probably tuesday - until then,



oh man,

do my legs ever hurt!!!

spent the day at Rexall place starting to set up cable for the big game - it's really exciting seeing everything get set up and put into place and doing it all behind the scenes in front of the dressing rooms and the exit onto the ice! It's very very cool standing down where the zamboni comes out - kind of sends goose bumps throughout my body!

saw the oilers and hurricanes being interviewed up and close today when they came into the coliseum. For some reason they really do look different up close! Man, is Cam Ward so young! And Pronger is so tall! And they're all so hairy right now! I love this job, but I don't think I could do it full time. It's really hard on my knees and upper back - holy does that ever make me feel old!

so now I'm relaxing with a glass of wine, trying to wind down until tomorrow morning when it all starts again. And then it's game day! And then a day off, and then game day again!!!! SO exciting...

Anyway, have a great friday...I'll be thinking of you while watching my players practice!



ok, so maybe I'm not banned from blogger after all, and it was just down with technical difficulties. But how am I supposed to know? Although, it still might be blocked from my computers at work but I'll have to wait to see because I'M GOING TO BE WORKING THE NHL GAMES HERE IN EDMONTON!!!!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!!!

...although after tonight's performance I can only hope they'll still be exciting games! I highly recommend checking out the message boards at www.edmontonoilers.com to see what people did or didn't do that made them lose. It is sooooo funny, and a little bit pathethic, but mostly funny.

that's it for tonight...must get my beauty rest so I will look fresh and perky for the Oilers tomorrow.


la la la la

hello everybody!!

how are all of you doing? i am fantastic....although i am kind of wired for someone that has been up since 6:30am and as you have guessed, i didn't get called into work today. so i have been doing some training for telus in the latest systems that we have and i think i will go for a run though after this....fun fun fun

didn't do a heck of a lot this weekend...i had a staff bbq in leduc...and SURPRISE...got lost on the way...but it was like the amazing race as a guy told me i could follow him as he was going to a similar area...got there, quaded a bit, ate, was merry! :)

(side note) i am listening to "my hips don't lie: by sharkira...i must say i really like that song...i am dancing in my chair as you read this! :) ooo and “promiscuous” by nelly furtado…atleast those are the top forty type of songs i am listening to right now!

congratulations to casey for having this blog for close to a year now!! who knew it would last this long…but i suppose if we got rid of scronkmenow something new was eventually was going to come about!

did anyone watch the hockey game last nite…i didn’t get a chance because i was working but it sounded pretty brutal…our cute little mall announcer had a mini radio tv in his lotto booth and was announcing the score for all of us…and i laughed so hard when i heard gary from gary and audie got arrested for throwing alberta beef onto the rink…craziness…it does suck about our goalie though…but carolina’s goalie, cam ward, being from sherwood park…that is kind of cool!

well that is it for now guys!! sorry for the rambling blog...so much in my head to say! :)

ho hum

so it's thursday already (and finally!) woke up this morning and realized I was able to get a free coffee from starbucks (yayyy!!) but I think I've got allergies (boo!!) but I am awfully excited about the weather...I love the sun and my favourite part of the day is taking my lunch and eating outside with my book. and of course, today I'm going to be in the darkroom printing so it will be even better when i finally get outside!

went shopping for a dress last night with mom for sal's graduation - I was so excited when i bought it, but then when I got home and tried it on again I didn't like it anymore. I hate it when that happens! so I'm off to Kinsgway tonight to find something else...*sigh*...not much going on this weekend - megan is playing softball in the Corporate Challenge so i think we might head out to watch some of that action, and that's about it for plans!

have a good one, all!

p.s. Jeaninne, I'm thinking of you today!