today's special...i mean today's question:

can you name four Summer Olympic sports that begin with T?

what I have learned today...

1. that music from the past isn't all bad...i reminisced today while listening to my boss's mp3 player...they don't make music like Janis Joplin's ('road block), or Simon & Garfunkel's, the Human Beinz ('Nobody but me'), or the Strangelove's anymore!
2. that most things aren't as bad as you may think they will be!
3. that I've got the best guy around, especially because he makes me fresh perculated coffee in the mornings!
4. that the nicest place to work is in a flower shop becuase nobody is upset around flowers.
5. that there is nothing more enthralling or exciting than a really good book.
6. there is no other website out there that makes me feel like crying and laughing more in one shot than this one.
7. that long weekends are the best weekends!

have a good one!

ah, back in the day...

ok - I know we've talked about these recently, and they're really gross, but I had to post this website!


"All your life you are told the things you cannot do. All your life they will say you're not good enough or strong enough or talented enough; they will say you're the wrong height or the wrong weight or the wrong type to play this or be this or achieve this. THEY WILL TELL YOU NO, a thousand times no, until all the no's become meaningless. All your life they will tell you no, quite firmly and very quickly.
- Nike ad

wednesday morning...

a little late I know, and I apologize for the lacking effort from me in the past few days. the tiredness is finally setting in! and i'm at the flower shop tonight, just to top things off. you know what one of my biggest pet peeves is? people who seem to make an honest effort to be grumpy and bitchy! sal and I caught the new Batman flick last night...really good, although I didn't cry like tracey did! wedding plans are still SLOWLY coming along. to the robertsons: I finally got pics developed from the dinner, so I'll get them to you next time we see you!
ciao all, cb!
p.s. has anyone else (of the 20-something age group) noticed that everyone is talking like Napolean Dynamite? ...or maybe it's just sal...

a tired, tired monday

so we have returned after a nasty ride home last night through the mountains! it rained all the way from hinton, with a bonus of nice fog which made it even harder for sal to see! we saw a lot of stuff in the past couple of days, and did a nice drive from calgary to banff to lake louise to jasper! sal's sister even got to climb a glacier! lots of pictures to show (I took so much film, finally!) and I can't wait to get them developed! hope everyone had a good quote today cause I'm too tired and smelly like campfire!

question of the day...

why do your farts always smell worse after you've been drinking?

early saturday morning...

this comes all the way from down south today - spent the night in calgary last night and partied with sal's sister and my cousin...little lush! oh - I hope mel isn't reading this! i mean...we stayed in and watched SpongeBob Squarepants! today the plan is to drive to banff and lake louise and do a little sight-seeing. then I think we're spending the night camping in lake louise and then we're driving to jasper tomorrow morning, camping at our fave site, and then driving home monday morning! things are going well...I think carlota was bored by the beautiful 'hills' and 'valleys' of alberta's farmland. "so this is what the richest province looks like?!?"...b.c. snob...just kidding she's right here! so that's the weekend plan...hope everyone is having a good one in the rain! -cb

LOTR quiz

yeah that's right...for those of you (and I mean tracey!) who think you know everything about Lord of the Rings trivia, take this quiz and see how much you REALLY know!


so as today is my last day at work until wednesday next week...I think this calls for some ceblebratory words:
"Joy is not in things; it is in us." - Richard Wagner

wednesday's quote

i've decided I'm either going to do a question or quote of the day. Today is a quote:
'Try not to become a man of success but rather to become a man of value'- Albert Einstein

check this out for a laugh...

my boss showed us this website...not the most politically correct one out there, but still pretty freaking hilarious! when translations go wrong...

sick and wrong...and what's coming up!

so we had our staff bar-b-q at work monday and my dad showed up for a little bit to visit and such...a lady came up to me today asking me if he was my fiance - not really sure if I should tell dad or not, as mom thinks he'll take it as a compliment more than anything! marlena (the woman) said she wasn't quite sure how to bring it up and tell me that he's too old for me! good time at the archives...sal and I have been doing a lot of biking, and I'm so proud of us as we hardly get off our bikes to walk up the hills anymore! well...he doesn't get off the bike anymore - I'm still a bit of a suck and give up quite easily! we've been all the way up to the university and over to the Argyll velodrome watching the kids race their little bikes! so cute!! one more day til sal's sister is all thought I was sarcastic-wait til Ms. Carlota shows up!


ok, so I know it might be a bit dull, but I think it's fitting. What do you really think about insurance companies not covering flood damage in houses/apartments, etc.? from all sides of the argument...


so as much as I enjoy my job, I must say that on days like today the last place I want to be is inside. and we've got two new people upstairs sharing our space so it's going to get crowded FAST!!! if that's my bitching about work I think that's pretty good! anyway...must go...will think of questions!


wow...I'm really impressed with the amount of people who have come on so far! thanks everyone. so jeff needs a daily question...I'll try to have one in the next hour or so for you! really really looking forward to today, as it's going to be one of the nicest ones yet. i get a little sicky feeling in my tummy when sal and I drive over the low-level bridge every day and see how high the water is - there are even some trees being covered. luckily, though, we have been more fortunate so far, and I'm always thinking of those down south.
sal's sister is coming for a visit thursday - couldn't be more excited. will have loads to do with her and hopefully she can meet some of you!


this is a fun little website I can create your own dresses (ok so it's for bridesmaids dresses and yes, I've already made my bridesmaids go onto it!) make up a wedding date and try it out!


Is anyone else REALLY TIRED after the weekend? I always say I want to have a nice relaxing weekend, but always end up staying up way too late. But I suppose that's the life of a photo technician...just kidding! I'm a bit worried about the state of our province during this wet month, especially for those down south. Who would have thought the beautiful brown rivers of Alberta would cause so much destruction?!?


I've been listening to Sonic 102.9 lately, and am really happy they've been playing a nice variety of music. My favourites so far: 'Neighbourhood 3' by the Arcade Fire, 'maps' by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, 'close to me' by the Cure, 'e-pro' by Beck, 'middle of nowhere' by Hot Hot Heat, plus anything by keane and snow patrol. what is everyone else listening to lately? -cb

reason #328

why we want to move out of our neighbourhood: despite the fact that the cops are at the grocery store I work at easily on a weekly basis, we were woken up at 3:30am last night by a bunch of kids who decided to throw their own block party with the music cranked as loud as it could go. after sal called the cops (and gave them the wrong address) he went out and got them to leave...which they did in a very drunk manner - especially the drivers! man...I can't wait to move back to suburbia!


Some of my stuff is on a website as a client for some company:
click here to check it out!


just spent my coffee break talking (again)about old tv shows...remember Punky Brewster? My-so-called-life? Astroboy? you can check out and look up your old faves.

still setting up...

i guess I should start sending out email addresses for you to come check this out.
if you have websites we should check out, let me know - I'll pass it on.
i'm going to have to start personalizing this bad boy too...maybe during the afternoon sometime...
Hardest part so far?

Thinking of stuff to write!

number one

ok, so hopefully my friends (yes, you!) will visit this often enough to make it worth me writing on.
I suppose this will be a record of thoughts, but mostly me bitching about my life and the people that get on my nerves in my life. Feel free to reply and bitch back. take care all - cb.