last post for the month of august

hey everybody!!

nobody has actually written on here in awhile so i thought i would fill in on the scoop of me. i, (sigh) unfortunately, (cry) did not get into the ot program again this year....but, alas, i will keep trying. however, i have officially given my notice at the phone store and will be done as of september 30. i will no longer be dealing with cell phones....they will cease to exist in my revoir, finito, gone! so excited!

i will be working at elves fulltime (helping santa make the toys~kidding)....i officially start my fulltime work tomorrow in my new room...hope all is well! :) my last day of relief was today and i got to go to the valley zoo, which i must say has improved a heck of a lot since i had last been there (8 years ago selling ice cream). saw red pandas, my fav the zebras, and the ever cool sea lions.....the calgary zoo does still kick though

ooo and sad fish has finally past on after 8 glorious years living in my aquarium...i know we had our problems in the end (and actually the beginning when he ate all my fish) but the middle was really fab! he unfortunately was having a little bit of problems after sal and case's wedding when he lost the will to swim properly and started swimming upside down...i know, you are probably saying why you didn't flush him then, but it seemed he had the will to live as he splashed around when my dad attempted. but today was the day he passed on to fishy heaven...thanks to my bro for flushing him!

on a sidenote...although it was pretty nice out did it not feel like fall is coming...the air is getting crispy!!! soo
in the audience participation portion of this blog....what are you most looking forward to in the fall?

it's ron weasley!

guys this movie looks pretty damn funny!! :)

i told you they were coming...

what a smart looking couple!! :)

thanks helena for the fabulous pictures that she took!!!!!



(i am sure there are pictures to come as we can collect them)


so i figured it has been awhile and i figured atleast one of us should post this you are stuck with me baby!!

just got back from a fabulous weekend of music at the folk festival. loved it and am now a huge fan of hawksley workman and beolach, whom i had never heard of till this. very cool music, freak hail storms, rain, spitting, wind, sun and cheesecake on a stick...the perfect folkfest weekend.

also another fav. song that goes with the pop/mainstream...sexyback by justin timberlake. i know i am sorry guys but i cannot help it...i love that song!! :)

well i must go workout and make some squares...short and brief post today...just babbling...have a good week!


yup - that's right...this is post #326. I can't believe it's been that many already! so I think I'm obsessed with Grey's Anatomy (and I hope Sal doesn't read this!) I just pre-ordered the second season on DVD off of - it's way cheaper to buy it off of the americans than it is to buy it from!! I was shocked. Anyway, just thought I'd let you know - it isn't released until the middle of september which means I'll forget about it and I'll have a wonderful surprise between September 21 and 26!!

that's it...must ready myself for another night in the rain. but it's so lovely on the hill!
this one's for sal.

hey everyone...

so I'm going to be gone for the next couple of weeks for obvious reasons, but if I'm able to I'll do the odd post. tonight marks the first day of the folk festival which I haven't been to in probably five years so I'm excited. I think the weather is going to be a bit iffy tonight and tomorrow but it looks like sun for the rest of the weekend. maybe I'll get to wear my infamous tube top at some point!!
hope all is well with everyone else - today at work we're having a nice luncheon for the three of us that are getting hitched this summer. Sweet homemade spaghetti...(insert Homer Simpson drooling here...)
mmm...I think that's going to do it for me. see all of you in about a week or so and until then, have a good one!

I know, I know. I have no excuse, except that my life has been extremely chaotic and full of havoc lately. I'm missing doctor's appointments, leaving work early, breaking things - it's just getting ridiculous. Can you believe it's only 18 days away now? What was I thinking? There's still so much to do! I'm so busy I haven't even listened to my ipod in AGES!!! And when did it suddenly become august? Where did July go? I'm ready for the hot weather again as I miss not wearing my sandals.

Have watched some good movies lately ~
Liked: Pirates of the Caribbean 2 - actually, I found it a bit slow throughout but then loved the ending!
The Matador - with Pierce Brosnan - a little B-flick that was really funny!
The New World - Terrence Malick movies really have to be watched with an open mind. If you didn't like 'The Thin Red Line' you probably won't like this one. I really really enjoyed it and really loved Colin Farrell.

Didn't like:
The Benchwarmers - yeah, it had funny parts but I'm pretty sure Jon Heder will never find a role that won't somehow bring out the Napolean in him!
Ultraviolet - All I have to say is: stop taking movie roles, Milla Jovovich! You stink!

I've also realized, after spending a day or so in Wainwright that I will never be able to leave the big city and live in a small town. I miss the shopping and different food too much. The only stores they have there for women are the Saan store and Mark's Work Wearhouse! Really! Although I did get a great pair of Mexx capri pants from the golf course for super cheap - if I ever decide to take up the game I now have a place to stash my tees! Have a good one..I know I've said I'm busy but...

...I did have time to do this today!! (I can't help it - I'm addicted to them!)

Casey's Aliases

Your movie star name: Chips Orville

Your fashion designer name is Casey Seville

Your socialite name is Lacey Toronto

Your fly girl / guy name is C Bec

Your detective name is Bear Salisbury

Your barfly name is Popsicle Gin

Your soap opera name is Allison Bowwood

Your rock star name is Sour Soothers Wind

Your Star Wars name is Casril Becsal

Your punk rock band name is The Happy Cube