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so it's tuesday morning already (well, actually closer to the afternoon) and my two coffees haven't kicked in yet - and it's almost lunchtime, and I just realized that I forgot to put my lunch in the fridge downstairs so my yogurt is going to be warm. AND I spilled coffee all over my passenger floor in my car so it's going to stink once the sun starts hitting that side of my car! What a perfect day so far! And tonight is part 3 of boot camp. GREAT!!!

hope your week is going better than mine so far. The 'almost-riot' on whyte ave. over the weekend has been quite the topic around the water cooler here at work and I'm curious about your thoughts. What can be done to prevent another scene like the one that happened saturday night? my thoughts?? I'm thinking that maybe they should let the cars through again - it will increase the traffic on the sidewalks, but will certainly disperse the mob-like crowd in the streets! And that way the police will be able to patrol the whole area instead of sitting on the side streets blocking traffic! I've got to say it's pretty embarassing watching the shit that went on down there...the fireworks were kind of neat, but what possesses somebody to kick in a window or knock down a phone booth?

it's the rednecks, I swear!
what are your thoughts?

GO OILERS GO!!!! (and go sabres too!)



live it up!!
love you!!

back to the grind...

it's amazing how a long weekend can totally refresh you and help you get geared up for the upcoming week!

I can't believe it hasn't been mentioned on here yet, but holy shit can you believe the Edmonton Oilers? It's like what Calgary went through last year, minus the 'Red Mile' and trashy girls showing off their boobs! I heard that some people were trying to rename Whyte Ave. 'Copperhead Alley'. What's with that? Probably one of the lamest attempts at a cool slang name for a street that already has a slang name. I was really pulling for 'Whyte and Blue Mile' but you can't win 'em all (Sammy!)
So tonight I'm back to the boot camp and then will head home to watch the rest of the game in black & white. It actually makes it more exciting as you have to work WAY harder to keep track of the puck, which in turn makes the whole viewing experience that much more intense!

courtesy: www.edmontonoilers.com

so this weekend should end up being a bit of a party with sal's big birthday. the big 3-0, I can't believe it! Last night we were out for dinner with a girlfriend who's got one baby and another on the way, and it amazes me when I watch how good Sal is with kids! He makes all of the cutsey sounds and noises and really keeps them interested. But I think it will still be a while before that enters my life - I've got enough friends with kids to keep me satisfied!

so that's it for now...go oilers go...don't forget to watch the games!

it was darling

Tuesday, May 23, 2006 by Tracey Robertson 1 comments
okay guys,

i know nikki recommended this movie wayback to me and i don't know if any of you have seen it but if not check out "my date with drew"...it is seriously one of the sweetest movies!! you cheer...tear up....oo the excitement and drama!

very good!


so after reeling all morning after still thinking about my favourite tv show, I've decided that the only people I can talk about it with are you, my dearest friends. Dennis thinks Meredith is a slut and that this is all her fault...grrrrr men...but now we just have to wait until the fall. *sigh*

last night I went for my first-ever aquasize class, and much to my disbelief, it's not all seniors that take the class! In fact, most of the people there were middle-aged women! Holy cow was it ever a good workout! You know you're working hard when you're sweating in the pool - so I'm going to try and go three times a week, except on the day when I'm taking my 'Bridal Boot Camp' class. Yup - you heard right. If you don't hear from me within the next few days it's because I've been knocked flat on my back from skipping, weights, push-ups and sit-ups. I'll let you know how it goes!

So on that note, I'm off...should start work sometime today.

p.s. did you know they're opening a lulu lemon in Kingsway?


have to write quickly - the finale of CSI Miami is on, even though it's so freaking cheesy! I swear I was crying during the last 5 minutes of Grey's tonight. Man, I hate when my predictions are right! Who is she going to choose? And what was up with Cristina? I love this show and I'm back in love with McDreamy - I can't help it! Besides, I think Chris O'Donnell is balding a bit.

ok gotta go...


Monday, May 15, 2006 by Tracey Robertson 4 comments
...i don't even know what to say after last nite's ep....ahhhhhhhhhhhh! i don't think i can handle tonite's season finale if it is going to end like last nite!

sunday may 14


love, your daughters and sons.

thursday, may 11

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Bruce Becker (aka DAD!)
Happy Birthday to you (insert high pitched solo note here~)

Love ya dad!

hello strangers...

It's already tuesday, and although the weather is rainy and cold, I couldn't be happier! I actually enjoy this weather because I know that it's finally spring and there will (probably!) be no more snow! And just think of how good the rain is for the poor farmers that got no snow over the winter! I also like days like this when I'm going to be printing in the dark room because I know I'm not missing beautiful sunny weather while being stuck in the dark!

Not much has been going on with me...work is going really well, and I might learn how to do hand colouring on black and white photos. I'm not talking making the roses you're holding look bright red while the rest is not coloured (I hate that look!) I'm talking making skin look skin-coloured and slightly rosy cheeks - like what they used to do back in the 40s! I'm excited. Actually, just like this beautiful photo of my grandma:

So no plans for me for the week...maybe I'll watch the game tomorrow night if the Oilers can pick up some of that momentum they're so famous for! But only if it doesn't conflict with Lost! I love that show again, although I'm sick of always guessing what is going on (Tracey, don't go on one of your tangents here!) So I'm off into the dark now...here's a list of songs I'll be listening to:

'You are my joy' by Reindeer Section
'Black Horse and a cherry tree' by K.T. Tunstall
'Wore me Down' by Rachel Yamagata
'Vampires in Blue Dresses' by Margot and the Neutral So and So's (it's really a cool song!)
'I turn My camera on' by Spoon
'Lollipop' by Ben Kweller

So you know that I put these on here for you to check out, right? Let me know what you think of them if you do end up listening to them!

have a good one...casey

ewww...so nasty out

okay guys,

the lack of news is so not worthy of posting...i spent my sunday night watching television....it was sooo NICE!!...that is rite, on the list of tv shows is 7th heaven series finale...jeaninne you will be sad you missed it! it was a joyous occassion of non-marriage and 3 sets of twins on the way....

but what made me very angry...that i wanted to throw something at the tv set was mcdreamy who i now call mcidiot, mcstupid, mc$%##!....ARGH...he made me soo mad...and telling meredith it's over!!!! nice "friend"...pah!

what are your thoughts?


hey guys....here is a fun reincarnation test to take....

i was a freaking alligator! :) lol