feeling a little sore

so me and casey did it once again...we relived our tabboganing days at millcreek ravine. i think the last time we did it was when we were 22-23...all i can say now is i think i got a concussion, pulled every muscle in my back and have bruises up and down my legs...our old 26-27 year old bodies cannot take it like they used to...and casey totally kicked my a%$ on the hill as she was WAY more adventurous than me going down the bumps while i freaked out everytime i went over a bump and let go of the crazy carpet!! :)

hey everyone!

it has been another busy week at work, so once again, my apologies for the lack of a post. Not much is new around here...just trying to get orders done within the time period!
Oh - big news for those of you that care about my new crafty side. I finally got my first Japanese craft book, and I love it. The pictures give all the details on the sizes, and with my infinite knowledge on sewing (yeah right!) it shouldn't be too tough to piece the rest together. I can't wait to get started!
Did you watch grey's last night? What did you think? I've got to say it wasn't my favourite episode, as I though it was kind of cheesy! But it's been so nice seeing Denny and cute bomb-guy! And I don't know why, but I just haven't been able to stay awake to finish watching CSI for the last few weeks. I seem to crash 15 minutes before the stupid show is done. I really am an old-lady-homebody!

So that's it for me for now. I've loved this song by Christina Aguilera since I heard it a number of months ago, and the video it finally out! Hope you like it too...and let me know what you think of it!

have a great weekend!

travel blog

okay guys....so remember when casey first opened up her blog and i think all of us opened our own blogs so that we could comment on hers? or atleast that is why i opened an account. well i was saying to casey how i can't believe how hers is still going on after this many years...craziness! well i have finally decided to "launch" my blog as of today (with casey's permission)!! YEAH! really mine is only going to be written in once a month if that...but i thought it would be fun to record my travels (and anyone else's if they are interested?) you could write about a picture, an experience or event? whatever you want, just let me know...and i am still going to be writing on this one all the time as mine is about travelling for now! :) talk to you later!

friday friday friday friday

I'm not sure what's been going on lately, but I've been waking up with these small headaches and nothing seems to be doing the trick! I drink water all day (OK - when I remember to!) and I try to relax (especially from my oh-so-stressful job...)
Hopefully it goes away soon...it could be the change in weather too.

So did you catch Grey's last night? What a good one...kind of made you tear up a little, hey Tracey? I thought it was a great episode! And then I was so excited about CSI right after it, but of course, I got way too comfortable on my couch and completely crashed half-way through the show so I had to read up online what happened! I'm going Lynette's place tonight so maybe I'll watch LOST again and see what I may have missed the first time around.

My biggest thrill of the day lately has been getting home to check for mail. I'm expecting 2 packages in the next days or weeks - my very first Japanese craft books! I know, I know - you're thinking "Casey, you don't even speak the language!" That may be so, but baby - I can see the pictures. The ones coming overseas are going to be SO CUTE! You're all going to want me to make you something, so get in line!

Anyway, happy long weekend everyone! (and happy crafting to me...)


so I have switched us over to the new version of blogger so hopefully we don't experience any problems!
Hopefully everyone had a nice little Valentine's Day! I sure did - we went to our favourite little restaurant and then just hung out at home all night. It was perfect. Sal surprised me at work yesterday with flowers, and then gave me a certificate for a pedicure. I definitely scored...can't wait to go get my feet scrubbed, pampered, and rubbed. Ooohh...I love the rubs!

So did everyone watch LOST last night? Man, was it ever a good one, although a bit confusing at time (that's a surprise, hey?) And then Grey's tonight! I love when all of the new shows are playing all at the same time.
Anyway, that's it for now. If we don't talk before, have a wonderful long weekend. I plan on staying in my pjs for at least half of the time!


random things

okay so of all the things i have done down here, one thing has not changed, grey's anatomy. but i must say, with all the hype from the preview, i really could not get that into it. agree? and you know the person in the "cliffhanger" ending is going to be okay because of the previews for next week.

i have had my molasses and brown bread and mom and i have had our lobsters. apparently grammie doesn't like lobsters so while we ate those, she had pizza (which again, she apparently doesn't like but she likes the cheese). and remember how i used to say that the lobster scream when they go in the pot, i got that tidbit from my grandma. my mom still denies that there is screaming, and i agree as our lobsters were rather quiet.

i have concluded that the game of scrabble is a horrible game meant to show off literary geniuses extraordinary vocabularies. i suck at it. my grandma said i didn't do too bad but when you have your mom and grandma helping you and you still lose...and really the opposing player giving you a hand??

and lastly my twang has come out. my mom was making fun of me just now! atleast my speech seems intact! :)

well i will see you all soon! i must go onto ebay and bid on a cigarette roller for grammie!!
I'm very excited today, as I have found the newest single from my favourite band, 'The Arcade Fire' online. If you are interested, check it out here and click on #4 (Black Mirror)!
Their music just blows me away...new album coming out March 6th-ish!
have a good one...

relaxing and a little drunk...

i love stanley. stanley is one of those extremely small towns where i think everyone knows everyone else.

yesterday i spent the day relaxing/reading and stayed in my pajamas till about 12:30. it was freaking awesome! first, there is a school down the hill from my grammie's house that woke me up by singing "o canada"(i love small towns!!!)...i watched a bit of the morning talkshows with mom and grammie until they turned on jerry springer...seriously people have you watched that lately? i remember back when i did....BUT NOW there is a bell that they ring as soon as the people start fighting (like in a wrestling match) and a live band plays (with trumpets, drums) while the fight goes on!! it is insane!!

me and mom went for a walk into town (which is 5 minutes away) and i was once again told i look 19 but i am partly blaming (sorry jeaninne) the bunny toque, i love it, but i think i have a more youthful look when i am wearing it! :) lol...or maybe i just look 19, whatever.

more people came to visit...my mom's cousins came and left. then grammie's good friend doris, her boyfriend marty (mom's age) and freda (her daughter used to babysit me) came over so i decided to have some beers with them...and 4 beers later i was a little drunk. lol. and that is all i am going to say on that! actually no, i will tell you that a police radio was brought out and conversations occured that i wouldn't dream of eg. how suddam is not dead.

ahhh that is it for now guys, here is a little trivia for you to ponder: an elephants is the only animal that has four knees!

My Grammie

okay...frankly my grandmother cracks me up and i think its because i never know what is going to be coming out of her mouth. it has actually been quite interesting looking at the family dynamic with my mom and grammie as i am seeing way to many deja vu moments (its my future, or my present???...ahhhh)

anyways some funny (cute) tidbits about my grandmother:
1. she likes mean girls so she bought the dvd

2. she has a stuffed moose but insists it is a begal with antlers

3. she got a really cute stuffed hippo for her bday but she will not sleep with it because it is a girl and my grandma does not sleep with girls

4. and watching the notebook with her i never realized what a comedy that movie was, instances:
-apparently alley was asking for trouble when she went walking with noah alone at night on their first date, but then it was alrite b/c she was being coy, and it looked like a nice "courtship"
-cut to the "seduction scene" (as she put it) and how disgusted she was as alley is going to get pregnant and ruin everything.
-noah is apparently doing it all wrong b/c he was suppose to take off alley's clothes (i seriously was laughing way too hard at this point)
-ooooo and when alley started talking to noah during the great seduction, grammie was shouting at the tv, "don't believe anything he says, they will tell you anything when your in that position, damn fool"

ahhh grammie...i love her! :)

hmmm, embaress yourself

okay so casey asked about embaressing moments last week and i noticed no one replied (come on people step up to the plate!) i don't think anyone can top casey's because it is freaking brillant and i laughed so hard when i read it. i did have one...but i was advised by my family not to post it as it may have a direct effect in getting a future job or getting into school (i guess i appear pretty irresponsible~blah) i think most of you have heard it though as it involves a hotel lobby! :)

well as far as moments, like i said before, i usually tell people right after but here are a few...i don't think they are really embaressing just cute:

1. this one is kind of lame but when i was working at complete we always had the radio on, and i was singing to, i think, sexyback by justin timberlake, and of course if i am singing to that song, the "yeah" parts are getting some really good shouting action! anyway i was out in the front and singing away and i didn't hear the buzzer and i looked out of the corner of my eye and there was a guy at the counter...i kind of looked a little shocked, turned red and started laughing and then the customer asked for an encore!

2. actually this one happened last week when casey was hemming my pants. she had finished hemming them and asked me to try them on. so i changed them right there in the living room and then realized when i looked to my left that that damn bay window was still there overlooking the neighbourhood...

3. i know one of you (you shall remain nameless until you come forward) has had this happen to you. when i was in oz, we stayed at a resort for 3 days. so we kind of lounged by the pool instead of swimming in the ocean. i had a new bathing suit (shocker) and i was wearing it wrong (brillant). and i guess if you do wear it wrong, it effects the way it stays on, and that thing did not stay on when i jumped into the pool.

have a good day guys!!

3 Hours Ahead

hello everyone!!!

well i am finally in new brunswick! i flew in on friday and had a cool moment as i was flying into the sunset (geek moment right now) and you could watch the sky around the moon go darker and darker by the second...(geek moment over).

also had a layover in montreal (thank goodness i had jeaninne's dvd player and "how to lose a guy in 10 days"~sidenote~freaking hilarious movie). my flight was delayed in montreal because i guess the plane hadn't arrived yet and then when i got on the plane they de-iced it...that has never happened to me before so i was worried that the plane may freeze in the air but many people have assured me i was fine and it isn't straight water they put on the plane and yeah i am still alive!!

the party was at my aunt beth (mom's sister) and uncle rino's house. my grammie was surprised, shocked, and i think a little confused as she at first thought i was heidi (my cousin). then proceded to tell us that we were stupid miserable good-for-nothing stinkers (something like that) for keeping secrets. ahhhh grammie, i love her!! i think she had a lot of fun. it was actually cute because two of her friends that she went to university with were there so there was some unb alumni from the class of 1949.

after the party, my cousins, mom, aunt, and i played the longest game of trivia pursuit in my life (4 hours of never-ending trivia)!! and it was the kind i have played before (pop culture dvd edition) dear gosh i think i now know how jeaninne feels playing that game...lol!

another side-note heidi has a long haired cat named lucy that likes and it even slept with me at night!!...the second cat in my lifetime to like me!!!

well i do not want to get too long with this post but in other news i spent the night with my nan and we celebrated her birthday with my dad's brothers, their wives. i finally met my little cousin ewan and of course hannah. apparently i say hannah's name wrong as i don't "twang" it with my western accent (see i am western after all). and in some slightly distressing not so distressing news...when ewan is 25, i will be freaking 50!!! AHHHHHH.....

i will blog another post later....i miss you all! luv ya!

obviously i'm busy!

I don't know if you've seen this yet, but it's the commercial that Kevin Federline is in that is supposed to be showing during the superbowl. It makes me giggle everytime I see it!

embarassed already?

So I've been meaning to share something that happened to me recently, but decided to post it on here so we could all share stories and have a laugh at each other.

So here's my question:


I was at work a few weeks ago and I went into the bathroom and noticed that the plastic toilet seat lid was broken. No big deal - I can still sit and pee, right? Right! Until I had to reach for the toilet paper and I literally fell off of the toilet. It was so embarassing but so funny at the same time - I'm pretty sure I laughed right out loud at myself. I mean, I was on the floor with my pants down! It really was one of those times when if someone else was there, I'm pretty sure they would be peeing from laughing so hard.

I shared mine...

i love the weekend!

Hey everyone...

I'm gonna say that my lack of posting just means that my life is pretty boring right now. Yeah...that's it. Jane, hopefully you're having a nice little vacation with Grammie!


Did everyone catch Grey's Anatomy? I can't mention much about it because I don't know if Tracey has watched it yet, but it was such a good one! I especially laughed out loud when Alex said "now you're Callie *beep*!" Do you know what I'm talking about? Tracey, did you watch it yet?
Anyway, I saw this trailer for a new movie with Katherine Heigl in it, and it's by the same guys that did '40-year old Virgin' so you know it's going to be one of those dumb movies, but the trailer is really funny!


Enjoy...talk to you later!