So I was writing in the comments box....

Okay so I, like Mrs. Becker, was writing in the comments box saying I have nothing to say, but then it just go too long, so I thought, just blog it!! (that is my new catch phrase by the way, "blog it"! )...because apparently I do have some things to say!:)
I have taken my first test of the year on Monday. It went fine, although I don't know what I got. But as I was looking over my schedule I noticed that I have either a test/midterm/essay atleast once a week till december 12, then I have finals. So this means I will see you all next year! :) ha ha!
Also, as class ended early last nite, I thought, "YEAH, I can go home early!" So I ran to go catch the bus, but I had just missed it. I literally saw it leave (sob)! And because I already mooched a ride from my brother on Monday, I couldn't call my house. SOOOOO I called Casey! :) ha ha...I went down to Timmy's had a sandwhich and Casey came down for a couple of minutes to say hi!!! Oh what fun!! She asked me where I catch the bus, and I told her it was a 10 min. walk away rite by the campus but across the street. And an exact quote from Casey, "You're brave". Well Case, I will have you know, there are very interesting people out at nite!! (warning to moms you may not like what I am about to write)
As I am walking the five blocks back, I see people staggering around on the sidewalks/roads (which I thought was quite weird since the ADAC meeting just got out), and then an older man with a huge flourescent light and radio on his bike stopped at the lights and was telling me how cool his light was and how far it could project!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH, downtown......gotta love it!
Good luck ladies for the walk/run for the cure. I will be thinking about you while I either work/study (I don't know when I am working yet, so I will see) And maybe I will see you all on Friday!
being at work and knowing that your job may possibly be ending is a bit depressing, and makes it very hard to get motivated. luckily it isn't too busy this week so no one's getting stressed out at all!

so - Friday night - looks like Jeaninne and Christine are in. J9: no worries! there is going to be a lot of dancing and drinking, as well as some debauchery mixed in. I'm pretty sure we're going to go to Hudson's as I had a lot of fun there last time (I mean before sal got kicked out - remember that???) He still swears they're going to recognize him and not let him in.

besides the news you already know, not much is going on. I guess megan is sick with a cold and a bit of the stomach flu. mom said it's not a very good time to have a puppy so they're putting Buddy up for adoption til she's feeling better! (just kidding megan!) so I'll keep you all posted about friday. til then...

~cb I'm feeling a bit better now - still just a little stuffy. but now I've got a nice little chest, not a little chest...hahahaha...I must be feeling better now that I can joke around a bit!

For all of you that are interested, I'm going to go out friday night to celebrate my unemployment as of friday afternoon (I'll explain more later - the job is still in lieu!) So I'm going to ease my depression by getting into a ridiculous and drunken stupor! Hopefully some dancing will ensue, so I'm thinking Hudsons?!? Let me know if you're up for it! Jeaninne, maybe you'll be able to ease some of your pain too!

So besides my sickness, not a whole bunch is new. I had a fantastic dream about Brad Pitt last night ~ maybe that means I'm going to really see him soon...ah, *sigh*
Thanks for keeping this up Tracey!



hey guys...just a little excitement before i go back to my readings...casey's blog has been visited 808 times!!! yeah, congrats!!! i say we have a party when it reaches 1000! :)
so I stay in all weekend so I can get better, just to feel worse the day I have to go back to work! Sore throat, coughing, sore chest. I'm a mess! And to top off the weekend, we watched one of the most awful movies made in the past 20 years - easily!!! Stupid 'Alexander' with stupid Colin Farrell, trying to be greek, performing the worst acting job ever! Man, it was sooo bad!

So that's it. I wish I had more to say but my weekend was really uneventful. Here's a short breakdown:
Friday - stayed at the parent's place and watched t.v.
Saturday - went for breakfast with Sal and stayed home all day watching movies and sewing (yes, sewing ~ don't call me a grandma!)
Sunday - worked at Save-On, then watched some more t.v. at mom & dad's then went to bed.

How do you still get sick after all that lazing around? Only I would, I suppose...
I'll be thinking of you while I'm coughing up my lung!

lessons (pretty much courtesy of CNN)

I found this on the internet today and thought it was quite funny/true-to-life in one degree or another!

warning: sarcastic and politically-incorrect humour/opinion ahead.


1. New Orleans was devastated and no other city or town was affected by the hurricane.
2. The hurricane only hit black families' property.
3. Mississippi is reported to have a tree blown down.
4. New Orleans has no white people.
5. The hurricane blew a limb off a tree in the yard of an Alabama resident.
6. When you are hungry after a hurricane, steal a big screen TV.
7. The hurricane did 23 billion dollars in improvements to New Orleans. Now the city is welfare-, looter-, gang-, and prisoner-free... and they are all now in your city...and you are paying them.
8. White folks don't make good news stories.
9. Don't give thanks to the thousands that came to help rescue you, instead bitch because the government hasn't given you a debit card yet
10. Only black family members got separated in the hurricane rescue efforts.
11. Ignore warnings to evacuate and the white folks will come get you and give you money for being bleepin' stupid.
12. Your governor wouldn't let the feds in for four days, but somehow, it's all George Bush's fault.

Author Unknown



I wish I was feeling better, this being my first day back! I had a fantastic time in the Jaw, and I did watch as much tv as you had probably expected. I forgot how much I love the food network! And I don't think I've ever watched so much CNN in my life. Me and Wolf are tight now! Please don't think any less of me, but I really think I easily ate three-quarters of my grandma's strawberry-rhubarb pie. I couldn't help it! Ask mom: she make you feel guilty and practically FORCES the food down your throat. I also think I inhaled the equivalent of a pack of smokes a day!

On the flip side, getting home last night was hilarious! Sal and mom greeted me with a sign saying MAIL ORDER BRIDE: C.A. BECKER. It was so funny...but I came in a different entrance than where they were waiting and I ruined the surprise. He was even going to hold the sign a certain way! But it was really cute. I went on to have one of the WORST sleeps of my life. I'm all plugged up and couldn't get comfortable. I got maybe two hours of sleep, then it was back to work. woohoo!!!!!

Tracey, thanks for filling in, but you don't have to leave. we can both contribute and bitch at each other! Or just be nice friends. So that's about all that's going on here - hopefully it will be a low-key weekend so I can start feeling better. It's either allergies or a cold coming on! But I should go - I have to go read up on all of the tv shows I missed and I still have to watch the newest Harry Potter trailer.

talk to you soon (and it's good to be back!)

Farewell Dear Friends!

Well...I think this may be my last blog as Casey is coming home tonite....try not to cry or shed a tear (well, maybe a little tear)! I may be depends if Casey yanks me off the contributer list! :) ha ha....I am sure she will have lots of stories to tell...if not she will have lots of tv to tell you about and all the pies that she has eaten! :)
Speaking of shows...did anyone see Lost? That show drives me crazy, it is so good but I don't think I will ever figure anything out!! Grrr!
OOO, and UPDATE on the study spot...I found one! :) It is in Hub Mall and they have tables and just the right amount of noise for me to work! I LOVE IT! and I can eat there too! :)
Also in news, (ha ha I feel like Barbra Walters, only prettier!) did you guys check out the front page of the journal? Brad Pitt AND Angelina Jolie (with kids in tow) have gone to Galaxyland! Yes, folks, they are both in Edmonton. I kind of feel sorry for them, I guess there were people everywhere, and some guys interviewed in the journal even said they want pictures because they will beable to sell them to some entertainment magazine. I mean, I know, he is Brad Pitt, but at the same time, you feel sorry for the kids. But, who am I kidding, if I saw Brad Pitt, I probably would have accosted him! :) lol!
Time to go!! I will see you all back in the comments section, and I may write once and awhile too! :) LOVE YA!

Stars and other things

I just have to say that my favorite time of day is nite when the sky is clear and you can see the stars!! It is so pretty! It reminds me of the time when we all used to do "traditions" (seriously we could have come up with a better name). When we would take a blanket outside and go to a park and stare at the stars and probably be idiots. Good times! And that one time when some guys from the park came running up to us and screamed...and literally scared the you-know-what out of us (I don't think I can bring myself to swear on Case's blog) because they thought that we were their friends, when we weren't and weren't going to be after that! Ahhhhh, memories! :)
Not much since yesterday, I did see a girl in my sociology class writing on a scrap piece of paper, Rob, with hearts around the name which I thought was funny! Cute-funny, I mean. Ahhhhh!
OOOO, and I did hear from Case, via text messaging, she saw Lords of War. I wonder if she liked it? My parent's saw it and didn't, but who knows?
That's it for today folks! See you later!

Today is going to be a long day...

Isn't it pretty out today? There is no rain and all the leaves are yellow and orange. I love fall! It is a little cool, but nice enough to walk around the campus...ahhhh
Today is my long day at school as i start at 9:30am and end at 9pm....and I have a bunch of spares in between all my classes. That isn't such a big deal because I can do readings but I haven't found my ideal study spot yet....(sigh)...wish me luck! :)
SO...did anyone watch Degrassi last nite...very good! Although I wonder about the realities of a 16 year old getting plastic surgery. I guess it is plausible as it has been 10 years since I have been 16. Next week looks even better! I also taped Oprah, although she is my idol, I must say she is a little obsessed with dogs. Oh well, to each his own, I guess.
I would also like to thank Jeaninne for the lovely side note to my introduction, really appreciated it! It actually made me laugh out loud. You are such a dork, and I would get even, yet I can't think of anything right now. That is by no means implying that you are perfect, so don't get any ideas in the comments section of saying so!!
By the way good luck with your wisdom teeth surgery tomrrow. You will do fine!! T3 is a wonderful thing, baby! :) The greatest thing about it, is that you are completely out of the world when it is being done.
Side note about Casey and wisdom teeth...when I got mine out it was her birthday, and she got hers out on her birthday the next year, then the year after that I lived in Jasper for her birthday, and the following year she was in Toronto for her birthday. I don't know why I thought of that...whatever, just thought you should all know!
Well I better get back to school work now! But before I go, I think I am going to go get a Kitkat bar...which poses the question if you feel like answering...what is your fav. chocolate bar or junkfood??
See ya!

So what did you do this weekend?

I am back! Omigoodness I think I am going to run out of things to say....good thing I am only doing this for a week!
So just thought I would ask....what were you guys up to this weekend? Me, not much. I hung out with my peeps...kidding (well I did hang out with friends but they are not my peeps). OOOO and I had panago pizza which brings up this topic....What do they put in that pizza? It is too addicting, I mean the jalopeno ranch sauce, come on!! YUM!! I want some rite now!
And of know if I am writing on this blog I will bring it up, I watched the harry potter trailer about half a dozen times! IT IS SOO GOOD! Click here if you want to see it! :)
Well this is going to be a short one as I have to go study homestasis and the citric acid cycle!! My life never runs out of fun things to do! ha ha...Don't forget Jeaninne, Degrassi season premiere is on today!! I am soo excited! Mannie is going for plastic surgery!
Talk to you later! :)

I Can't Believe Casey Gave Me Control....;)

Hey Guys,
It is me, Tracey....yes very close to Casey, except for the addition of the Tr...and the taking away of the C....oooo and I don't have a s in my name....whatever! I am one of Casey's dearest and beloved friends...and if I wasn't I am now...because I say I am, ha ha! :)
I have known Casey for 12 years but apparently I never made a big impression as she never remembered me in our years of grade 7 or when we were both in grade 9 and in CGIT (that is the fabulous, Canadian Girls In Training...that's right, I was in it and I am not ashamed!) So I guess I have known Casey for 12 years and she has only known me for 9!
Well I guess, I will tell you all a little about myself. I am a student going on FOREVER as I have been in school for 18 years now...(if you count the year i repeated grade 2, then I guess 19). I have a BSc degree in psychology (I think its funny when I say i have a degree in BS) and I am hoping to get into Occupational Therapy which is another 2 years!! That is right folks, 20 years of school! fun fun fun!
I have also travelled a bit, and hope to do more in the future....and I love spending time with my friends! :)
Well that is it for now! I have to go eat! but I will talk more this week! :) See ya!
Ok ok ok!!! There is to be no fighting on here, especially now that I (the headmaster!) am leaving tomorrow. Someone has graciously volunteered to keep this thing running, so anonymous: SHAPE UP!!! (or you might not get any help moving!)

Have a really really great weekend and week ahead - I'll be thinking of you while I'm snoozing on grandma-ma's couch eating platefuls of pie! I'll have my phone if anyone needs to chat.

Have a good one and I'll call you when I get home!

p.s. if anyone talks to Nikki, could you tell her I just didn't get a chance to get the pictures to her? actually, Tracey: could you email the rafting photos to her?

movie quiz...maybe?!?

I'm going to try and put the quiz up here. Bear with me!

Try clicking here to take the quiz!
Go down to the first link named Movie Clip Trivia.xls.
Type the answer in the space and hit enter to see if you're right or not!
This particular quiz has different and more pictures than the one Nikki sent.

Good luck!


hey, hey hey hey

hey stupid! that's a song, you know. So did anybody take that quiz from Nikki yet? I got 30 - I wish they'd tell you the right answer! So I'm leaving saturday morning now which I'm quite excited about. A week of eating and watching t.v. with my grandma...nothing could make me happier! I guess this blog can get a bit boring when nothing is going on in my life. I wonder where jeaninne is, since she never comments but still gets mad when I don't write...hmmmm....very questionable :)

Tracey, if you still want to take over the duties of posting on here when I'm gone, let me know. I've got to show you all the tricks of the trade. It is very challenging sometimes! - no really it's really easy. It's my sister's birthday tomorrow. I can't belive she's 23 already. I think she's having a bar-b-q at the house saturday night if anyone wants to swing by. Have a few drinkies for me! And take care of Sal when I'm gone. Maybe call him every couple of days as he becomes a bit of a slacker when he has to cook for himself - he usually won't eat if I'm not around. It's tough having someone depend on you like that, you know?!?

So I'll be on again tomorrow. I'll try to find fun stuff to keep you busy.
so my week has been pretty boring up until now, so there hasn't been much to tell! There was a study recently put out about blogs, and it turns out that the majority of those that start up disappear within a month because the authors get bored and give up! Look at me! Breaking the statistics! I'm leaving for Moose Jaw either friday or saturday next week, so I'm looking for someone (yes, one other person) to keep this up for me. Anyone interested...let me know!

Until then, I've got some news that might shake up your driving skills a little bit. Turns out that the police force have given up on the ridiculously obvious photo radar vans, and have turned to something a bit more inconspicuous: recycling and garbage bins!
Check out the photos, and watch out when you're out cruising around this week!

I know, I know.
I'm sorry...I've been really busy today. Hopefully these little sayings will make up for it. I can't help it! I love hearing the stupidity of George Dubya!
Check this out - numbers 14 and 17 are my faves!

  • something to ponder!?

    found this website yesterday; you can answers people's questions or ask your own questions! it's kind of neat if you need some braindead entertainment. check it out right here

    p.s. anybody watch the O.C. last night? it's going to be awfully boring now that everyone is dating each other again! and what was all that about them frolicking on the beach? it was something out of the 70s!


    ok this one is going to be short as I've got stuff to do this morning in the darkroom! I'm really excited about the game tonight! Even though it's going to be freezing! That makes it even more fun cause you have to huddle together, drinking your beer or baileys...good times! I need a night out now, especially since last night I cleaned like nobody's business! Holy, it's amazing how much crud can collect in your fridge! I keep saying I'm going to designate one day every few weeks for cleaning, but somehow it just never happens. Funny how that works!!

    So it's going to be an interesting day, and I'll fill you all in later. Until tonight, my sweets!
    Have a good one!



    I hate to admit it, but I think summer is almost officially over. Actually, I think it was over a couple of weeks ago! We can only hope to not get snow before October (or until Christine's cousin's wedding - man, I wouldn't want to be there if it did snow!)

    So until that happens, we can only fill our lives with what is going on right now! Go out and put a fleece jacket on and enjoy the fall weather! OK, maybe not til next week because it's going to be rainy all weekend! When you start raking the leaves, jump in the piles! RELIVE YOUR YOUTH!!!

    If you've been thinking of doing something for the Hurrican victims but haven't gotten a chance to get around to it, the radio station 96x is collecting stuffed animals which they're going to send down south sometime next week. Check out their website for more details. I know you can drop animals off at the station or any Smitty's restaurant, or even at the Canadian Tire in Sherwood Park. At least it will be doing something! I bought Mardi Gras beads at a restaurant last week and the money from that is going to the Red Cross...every little bit really does count!

    I'm going to be printing for the next couple of days so I won't be on here much. Happy Thursday! Talk to you soon!!!!!


    sorry already...

    ok, so I didn't write last night - I'm a jerk! I can't say enough about how much I love short weeks! I'm upstairs in the computer room at work listening to Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong singing 'Cheek to Cheek', just grooving along. Everyone should be able to listen to music at work. First song I heard this morning: 'Want you Back' by the Jackson 5...I mean, it doesn't get much better than that!

    So besides work, not much else is going on. I'm going to Moose Jaw next weekend with my Uncle Jack, which should be fun! Hey, all of my friends: just a reminder about donating money to me for my walk/run. Except Christine, of course, cause she already gave me money! Megan and I went for a walk last night down by the river and collected tons of leaves; Sal's got me on a mission to collect as many fall-coloured leaves for the wedding next year. So keep your eyes open! COLLECT AS MANY AS YOU CAN, IF YOU THINK OF IT! It would be really appreciated. I've also started delving into my own little library at home and am going to try and finish as many of my own books as I can before I start borriowing again. First up: 'The Great Gatsby'...So besides that, not much else is going on! Heading out to the flower shop after work tonight...woohoo! I'm also getting excited about the football game - hopefully we'll get tickets, seeing as how it's the second biggest game of the year!

    Have a good one!


    I'm sorry it's taken me so long - I worked at Save-On all day yesterday, then today I went to the dentist (no cavities, and teeth looked great thank you very much!) then I was busy all afternoon at work in the vault - I didn't get a chance to update and I apologize! I know I'm not going to hear the end of this til I comment so here it is! I promise I'll write more tonight after Oprah - it's about New Orleans.




    It contains some predictions, tries to answer some questions, and just makes you think a little bit more about the latest book: click HERE

    thank god....

    it's friday!! It seems like it's been the longest so far this summer. Maybe it's because my boss is gone and we've had to fend for ourselves among the wolves that are archivists! Went and saw the fireworks last night down at the legislature; Christine, Sal and myself actually rode our bikes down there from our apartment - it was a much better workout than anticipated! Did you guys get there on time, Jeaninne? It was fun...I'm going to try and go see fireworks as much as I can from now on, as I have realized that I love watching them!

    So no real plans for the weekend - just some work at Save-On, then just some general 'hanging' out! Hope everyone has a good long weekend!


    Happy Alberta Day!!

    Ok, so I'm glad I got all of that ranting out of me. I still can't believe the situation down in New Orleans. Now the looting has begun and the police have been ordered to stop the 'search and rescue' part of their job, in order to get the looters under control. How do those people live with themselves? How can you go into somebody's home knowing full well that the houses have been destroyed, and then steal stuff from them? I don't get it...

    So onto other goings-on...the centennial doesn't really seem like much of a big deal, but is actually pretty interesting! I mean, on this exact day, one hundred years ago, Alberta was officially declared to be a part of Canada and became its own province. Apparently there are going to be massive fireworks tonight in 10 different cities across the province, and the government is trying to set it up so that the satellites will take aerial images while the explosions are happening. So go check them out if you can!

    So that's about it for now - nothing much is going on in my little life right now...have a great day, and think: it's only one and a half days to the long weekend!