shuffle me timbers...'s friday and I couldn't be happier (or's lunch time alreday too!) saw this idea on a website and thought it would be kind of fun. so this is what you do:
-take your ipod/music player/whatever...
-go to shuffle songs, and write down what the first 10 songs that play - now be honest and don't skip any because you think they're embarassing. here are mine:

1. Jump by the Pointer Sisters
2. Elevator Love Letter by Stars
3. Over and Over Again by Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
4. Proud Mary by Ike and Tina Turner
5. SexyBack by JT
6. Creep by Radiohead
7. Another Lonely Day by Ben Harper
8. Good Vibrations by Marky Mark (that must have been in honour of Lynette!)
9. Honkey Tonk Woman by the Rolling Stones
10. Return to Paradise by Shirley Horn

OK - that wasn't as bad as it could have been as I have some really bad songs!
Have a great weekend!

officially spring

so i know it has been awhile since i have written on this lovely thing so here is the scoop:
  • i am officially addicted to facebook. i have a love/hate relationship with it but it is oddly fun. i now understand the whole myspace thing now.
  • went to christina aguilera last week. fantastic singer/show but have never felt so old in my life, ugh. the best was jeaninne wondering why all the cell phones were in the air (in my day they used lighters). i think i am finally done with that scene (mainstream singers, i mean) i will stick with more rock artists or a bit more low key venues.
  • i have officially applied for school...again...but this time it is done, finito, i am not going to think about it, it is out of sight until the results come back and even then i cannot do anything about the results so i will not think about it
  • work is the same ol' having fun...i recently started a baking like club at work to get some of my clients involved. today we made marshmellow cookies...not a fan...i don't think cookies and marshmellows mix...
  • and finally i have a new obsession, chocolate peanut butter with graham crackers. disgusting yet so good at the same time

ooo commercial is over...must go watch greys...might go skiing easter long weekend (crossing my fingers)...have a good weekend and enjoy the marvelous weather!

hump day hump day!

I love wednesdays for a number of means I get to sew all night without guilt. It means there's only two more days until the weekend. It means I get to hate LOST all over again. In honour of this particular wednesday, enjoy the new trailer for Pirates of the Caribbean. I'm going to have to watch the second one again because I hardly remember it!

until later...

look what sal found!

so we found this great photo slide show that was accompanied by a great song from the early eighties, and sal found the super awesome music video. I don't think I've seen anything so cheesy in my life - the version of the song we heard is way better and if I think of it i'll post the slideshow here. but until then, enjoy this little ditty.

with love,
casey and sal.

lundi nuit

good evening all...once again, just sitting in front of the tv, writing on the laptop. I'm in love, and I'm calling him Stan! hope you had a nice weekend and were able to enjoy the beautiful weather! friday night sal and I stayed in and watched CARS and STRANGER THAN FICTION - I know lots of you weren't crazy about that second one, but Sal and I really liked it! I really do love Will Ferrell, especially in this role! Then we went to the Italian Centre downtown for the first time, and it has quickly become our favourite grocery store. Seriously - if you're downtown, or by the one on the south side, you should check it out. The produce is so cheap (for some stuff).

If you're interested in a super action flick, check out '300' sometime. we went with my sister on saturday night and it was so cool. besides these dorks behind us who talked so loud all through the previews (Sal is convinced they don't have girlfriends, especially since all they talked about was downloading movies and playing vids!) So that was our weekend! Nice and relaxing...

Sal started his practicum today and has fallen in love with working in an ambulance! I'll keep you posted with what is going on with him and where he ends up going. So that's it for now...I'm off to bed with what I hope will be a good book.

talk to you soon,

me and my lazy a**

i'm sitting here at home in front of the tv and writing a post. you know what this means? i'm never going to have to get up again! i can watch tv and surf the net all at the same time. now I know why sal was so excited to get this silly little thing. remember how I said I wanted to share some funny pics with you? I hope you get as much of a laugh out of these as I did!

I can't even look at the second one of Sal without laughing so hard I cry. obviously you recognize the first two people, but believe it or not, that last picture is of our very own Tracey. so strange...and creepy.

have a good one!

good afternoon.

sitting here in the very quiet computer lab, listening to what sounds like a mix of Gwen Stefani, Stomp, and Moby - hope everyone is having a good week so far! Sal is back safe and sound (yes, with the new laptop in tow!) which means no more lazy night of not cleaning for Casey! He should be finding out soon where he is going to be shipped off to for his practicum!

I am very proud of myself lately - I haven't bought anything online in such a long time (and by long time I mean a few weeks - and that was until today!) I purchased the two cutest prints for my little sewing corner which I cannot wait to receive! It is so hard stopping myself from going fabric-crazy! I really should start leaving my credit cards at home...

Had a pretty low-key weekend...saw Children of Men on friday night, then went fabric shopping on saturday (oh yeah- I forgot about that!) and then just relaxed on sunday. I've really been digging my new haircut...people at work say that it makes me look younger, "but not like a kid, Casey!" And with it being shorter now I hardly have to do anything to it. Yayy me...and Lindsay for doing it!

So that's it for trying to find stuff to post on here for entertainment purposes...we'll see...until then dearies...

p.s. I have the FUNNIEST pictures to show you from the laptop...I love MACS!


so I'm writing here now before I start printing so I will actually do it! Things have been crazy busy lately, what with things going on almost every night this week, and Dennis officially retired as of yesterday, I don't know what to do with myself! I'm sitting at what I call my new desk - I know I won't be spending much time here and will only have it until they hire some new guy, but it's mine for now. I figure if I put up a huge picture of Sal half-naked or something they won't want the desk!
So yes, Dennis is gone, and no, I'm not taking his job or pay or position. I don't know what is going to be happening to me here, but I do know that I'm not losing my job!

So that's work for now - it's certainly going to be lonely up here. I'm probably going to start talking to myself since there's hardly another person around (and it's a big space!) If I start going crazy, please start an intervention! I can't believe it's the weekend tomorrow! This week seems to have flown by.

You will all be proud of me - Megan and I watched Marie Antoinette last weekend, and I really really liked it! And what's even more insane, I really liked Kirsten Dunst in it. I mean, I liked her a lot!! I don't think I would say that I'm a fan now, but I thought she was great in the movie (except in the parts with the girl that played her daughter - I found that really cheesy and badly acted!) So how do you like that? I'm growing!

So that's it for now - March 1st already, hey? 2007 so far is just cruising by!
Have a good one...Casey.