Ok - it's official.

I am no longer going to post on this website, although it will still be around so we can check out all of the old pics!

See me at my new site!


change is gonna come...

So I have created a new website that I am testing out - I like it because it is simple and easy to use (I write my posts and email them in) and I really like the way photos get set up. Check it out and let me know what you think.

happy turkey day...

I was supposed to have made a lactose-free pumpkin pie by now, but somebody threw out my chilled dough. Seriously!! For those of you that may have just cringed after reading "lactose-free", I have been assured that the pie tastes just as good as the real stuff (the only difference is that rice milk is used instead of the evaporated kind.) I don't like making pumpkin pie because it is one of the few desserts that I do not like. And who likes making something they can't/won't eat? So I am going to have to improvise.

I promised myself that once I got a job I was going to start going to the gym again. I am actually really excited at this prospect. I think I am going to try Millennium Place in Sherwood Park, only because they have childcare (for those days when I've got to drag the little one around!) Now I just need to figure out a workout routine. Any suggestions? Maybe the facility has trainers I can work with...

Anyway, I hope you enjoy/enjoyed your long weekend and got to eat as much as you could stuff in your belly! We are off to mom's tonight for turkey. So excited for that post-turkey sleepy feeling...

Here's a little video to brighten your day:



thursday...third day?

I really mean to post on here more often than I do - really! Things around my place have been nuts this week! I have been doing orientation at the hospital, which has been, umm, slow. Yep, that's right - I finally found a job! Working on a stroke unit here in the city, as well as on a women's surgical unit. It is going to be a busy next few weeks as I navigate my way through these new places. And if I wasn't busy enough with a new job, a 10 month old baby who is cruising around like crazy, and a husband who has torn out our upstairs bedroom, I also have another job interview at an IV clinic. Yes, I am crazy. Actually, not really. I just want to become an expert in sticking people with needles!

Speaking of renovations, Sal has indeed torn apart our upstairs bedroom/open area. He has also taken the bathroom wall down, as well as the closet, which means the end result will be a huge bedroom with beautiful light coming in, and a brand new bathroom vanity! I cannot wait. Our current bedroom has become quite snug as we have had to move Hailey's crib in it - I love it. It's just like when she was a newborn and slept in the bassinette right beside me. There's nothing wrong with her sleeping in our bedroom until she is six years old, right?

Sal and I have been watching lots of movies lately, which has been a nice change. This week we finally watched 'Date Night', which I loved. Tracey, you were so right - it was hilarious! I think Steve Carrell is so, so funny. Also watched 'Salt' which was ok. Nothing to write home about. I would love to go and see a really good movie in the theater - have you seen anything good lately that you think I should go see?

an open letter fo my friend...

Dear Tiffany,

I have been thinking lots lately about the regular posting I was going to put on my blog in honour of you and your former neighbourhood: "Happenings in the Hood." Now that you don't live there, there seems to be a lack in my crazy inner city sightings! Now that I am working in the hospital, I will surely see and experience a new side of these folks - maybe I will call it "Happenings in the Hospital". I am going to keep my eye out for people like the man in the wheelchair who beat up his friend (not in a wheelchair!). Whenever I drive past 'our corner' at 97 street and 107 avenue, I will think of you fondly.

With regards,
Your friend Casey (the one who lives on the good side of the tracks!)

...for those of you that don't know Tiffany, she is a good friend (I almost said was - ha!) who recently moved away - far, far away to a land called New York. She's doing her Masters in Media Studies in a school in Manhattan, which is a bit further away from Edmonton...I miss her and her husband and her cats. Well, I miss Kitty...