It was a lovely day here in Edmonton yesterday - so warm, which seems out of the ordinary now that we've seem some pretty chilly days! It's hard getting this family up and about before 10am, especially since G has his first really long nap in the morning, and because he's been waking up at 6:00am the past few days, he (and I!) really need that quiet time...

But we did get out to the grocery store and for a walk which was better than nothing. I love shopping at this time of year because I love Halloween and decorating for fall. I'm not so inspired to actually get my house in the season, but I sure love looking, and for us it's more about the food of fall. We start gettting the slow cooker out more for stews, soups, and chicken dishes, and yesterday I made my first apple Brown Betty of the season. It was delicious, and I got to use the apple peeler/slicer I got for Christmas last year. You need to get one, especially if you do any kind of baking with apples (and if you have kids - Hailey got a kick out of turning the handle and watching the peel come right off!)

I have found a recipe for pumpkin scones which I'm going to try next - if you have not tried the ones at Cobs bakery yet, get there now. They are definitely a guilty pleasure this time of year. I also found a little recipe to make a pumpkin spice infused coffee. The recipe was written and made for what looks like a French press coffee maker, but I've made it a few times in my regular drip coffee maker, and it has been such a treat, especially in the afternoon when I need a pick-me-up. And to tell you the truth, I almost prefer this to a Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte...don't tell anyone. You can use the regular premade pumpkin spice, but I just made some up using these measurements:

1/2 tsp ground cloves
1/2 tsp ground allspice
1 tsp freshly grated nutmeg (I have store bought...)
1 tbsp ground ginger
3 tbsp cinnamon

This makes way more than you actually need for your coffee so keep the extra in a small mason jar. I put about one teaspoon of the mix right in my filter and stir my grounds up with it.'s a treat.

I made these sweet potato fries a few weeks ago, and they were so good! You would think the cinnamon would make them more of a sweet treat, but there's no sugar added to them so they just have a delicious flavor.

Here's a question to you: what do you make for lunch? Or do you even have lunch? This is my most challenging meal - I get stuck in ruts and have a hard time thinking of new foods my picky kids will eat.

 Thanks! Happy Sunday...and happy baking...

They have to be standing on the same chair at the same time now...

2 Response to "autumn"

  1. Laura Bollinger Says:

    I get stuck in lunch ruts too... I like having whole wheat tortillas on hand because almost anything can go into a quesadilla and tastes better! I like putting grated cheese, small chunks of leftover chicken, or a ripped up piece of deli meat, with tiny bits of diced tomato or peppers or other veggies I can sneak in. My kids eat it with a bit of salsa and topped with some plain greek yogurt for "dip." I just spread everything onto a tortilla and slap another one on top, heat up each side until a bit crispy in an oil spritzed frying pan. Most days it all gets eaten up.

  2. Sarah Says:

    My favourite lunch ideas come from here:

    And Amaryah loves this crustless quiche made in a muffin tin:

    I make stuff ahead of time, freeze it, and then pull it out the night before. Otherwise we just end up eating peanut butter toast. Boring :)

    And thanks for the pumpkin spice coffee recipe!!!