So my friend posted a link to this article on Facebook yesterday, and I cannot tell you how it completely hit home for me (plus, it made me laugh out loud the entire time I was reading it). Hailey is a pretty good kid most days, but at least once a day she's on a timeout. It usually happens because she is just so rough with her brother, or because she completely ignored what I say. I know it's just a phase and that every kid goes through it, but some days it feels like I am the only person in the world at that moment who is dealing with a toddler.

She starts preschool in September, and I am so pumped for her. She already mentions school all the time and gets so excited when we walk by it. I'm so interested in finding out how she deals with sharing toys and other things with kids because that is something we fight about at home. She takes everything out of Gavin's hands: toys, food, diapers, soothers, and more toys...(don't ask me why he would be holding a diaper...)

With that all said, I love her, and she has made my life so much fun. Especially now that she is in major pretend stage. She wants to cook for me, and go to Africa, and take a train, and play with all of her little Fisher Price people in her dollhouse. It's a pretty good time.

I'm off - have a lovely weekend. Here's what I'm looking forward to:
  • seeing a long lost friend
  • attending a margarita party and having a night off without the kids (thanks mom & dad!)
  • days outside in the beautiful weather
  • taking Hailey to her first soccer team meeting!!
  • watching a movie with my sister
  • seeing how many dresses Hailey picks out to wear
Have a good one!


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