My friends are going to hate me

...especially Tracey!

I got an email a few days ago saying that the Posterous website was closing down, thus closing down my blog. So here I am, back to where it all began. Back at the space where Jeaninne, Tracey and I shared this funny blog...I don't know why I like the idea of having one, especially since I hardly ever post. I mean, I could post photos and stories about being at home all day, but who wants to read that?

I've been stressing out a bit over the past few days as I got a letter in the mail from the damn guv'ment, saying that I have received my last EI maternity leave payment, despite the fact that I've still got over a month to go on my leave. Apparently, this is nothing new when it comes to the EI department. Have you had issues with them? Anyway, I'm still waiting for my promised phone call, although I'm not going to hold my breath. In the meantime, I'm going to start applying for new positions that are not full time, and hopefully something pans out. I still cannot imagine being away from these two little ones...

Sal is (finally!!!) done school for the summer. I can't wait to have a normal life once again, and now that the weather is nice I'm really looking forward to busting out our new trailer. He's already promised a daddy-daughter trip with Hailey which will be fantastic!!

So not much going on here - things are good, especially now that spring has finally come. For some reason this year I feel like I have finally come out of hibernation. I cannot tell you how much I love not having to put on the winter boots, jackets, toques, and mitts.

Have a lovely hump day!


1 Response to "My friends are going to hate me"

  1. Tracey Robertson Says:

    I am very glad you are back. You should find a way to get your posts from your other blog on here to keep. Lots of little h ones!